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Chelsea & Kevan’s Engagement Session | Tomlinson Run State Park | New Manchester, WV


Good evening, everyone!! Meet Chelsea and Kevan!! They hired me to be their photographer and will be getting married next October in Weirton, WV!  Just wait until you hear their story and see these pictures!! These two have been best friends since 7th grade and will soon be husband and wife!  They are just so darn cute in every way I can’t stand it! 🙂

Do you recognize Kevan’s outfit?  Some of you might!! I definitely didn’t and Sheldon Cooper would be appalled!  Chelsea and Kevan are big fans of Doctor Who.  They don’t just watch the show, they also go to Comic Con and dress the part!  Kevan is dressed as the Eleventh Doctor.  Apparently, this doctor always has a companion and Chelsea fits the part as Kevan’s companion in life.  Sweet, right?! OoOO you just wait…there’s more!  You have to look at these pictures first and follow the story though! YAY!


 Tomlinson Run State Park Fall Engagement Photos

 Tomlinson Run State Park Fall Engagement Photos

So, I asked them to dance, of course!  Most couples resist a bit and 99% of the time the men positively hate this part.  Not this time!! Kevan grabbed her, proceeded to dance, AND he serenaded us!  Seriously, we’re going to have a ball at their wedding!  I’m thinking a Chelsea and Kevan playlist is in store!  Good dip too!  YAY!

 Tomlinson Run State Park Fall Engagement Photos

 Tomlinson Run State Park Fall Engagement Photos

Of course, there was walking too!  And now you get a little more of their story!  Doctor Who has a time machine called the Tardis.  Kevan searched for a ring box that looked like the Tardis.  That’s what he put her ring in when he proposed!  They also mentioned that he didn’t actually get down on one knee, so we did a mock proposal!  So fun! AND the inside of the box says, “for the girl who waited, you’ve waited long enough.”  I mean really….could he get any sweeter?!  Yes, yes he can!! Keep looking and reading!

I particularly love these photos below!  They are definitely some of my favorites!

 Tomlinson Run State Park Fall Engagement Photos

Check out her beautiful ring!! It was designed by Kevan himself with Doctor Who and Chelsea both in mind!  The sides are made of two sonic screwdrivers from the Eleventh Doctor and the blue sapphire represents the Tenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.  When he proposed, he was dressed as the Tenth Doctor!

 Tomlinson Run State Park Fall Engagement Photos

Check out the love!

 Tomlinson Run State Park Fall Engagement Photos

 Tomlinson Run State Park Fall Engagement Photos

They brought their games with them since this is something that really represents their personalities and lives together!! They also brought their sonic screwdrivers too!!  I called it a hammer! HA!  Oooo I had so much to learn!

 Tomlinson Run State Park Fall Engagement Photos

Last but not least, we did some dancing!!!

 Tomlinson Run State Park Fall Engagement Photos

Congrats to the two of you!! If this is what you come up with for a proposal and engagement pictures, I can’t begin to imagine what I’m in store for when it comes to the wedding!! I can’t wait!

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