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It’s Wedding Planning Season! | Bridal Shows & Booking Vendors

Good morning, brides and grooms!!

Well, it’s officially wedding planning season!  

What does that mean?  It means the busy engagement season is officially over.  If you didn’t know, November and December statistically have high numbers of engagements occur.    Now, the holiday craziness is gone but the engagement bliss is still in full force!  Now is the prime time for vendors to have a high influx of inquiries for their services. If you are a bride, groom, mother of the bride, etc., it’s time to start searching for vendors.  Do not wait!! I repeat….DO NOT WAIT!  I can’t tell you the number of inquires I’ve received for 6/3/17, 8/12/17, 9/16/17, and every weekend in October.  It’s craziness!! I’ve spoke with some of my photography friends and those seem to be the most requested days for all of us.  As a result, it seems couples for those dates are having to scramble to find available vendors at this point.  So, I’ll say it one more time….do NOT wait to search and book your vendors!  Even if you have a 2018 or 2019 wedding on the calendar, it’s never too early to book!! Do some Googling…find some vendors….inquire about package pricing and offers!  Do it!

There’s also another fun way to get information AND it gets you out of the house.

Bridal Shows!

Not only do you get free information, get to meet the vendors in person, but you also get to brush off some of that cabin fever!  It’s a win all the way around!

With that being said, you’ll find me in Wintersville, OH on 1/29/17 this year!  Here is the information below!

 Ad Clipped from the Brooke Scene

Ad Clipped from the Brooke Scene


Click here to register.  They make it so easy!

Don’t wait on this either!  I was at this show last year as a guest and it was a packed house.  Elbow room only (and sometimes there wasn’t even elbow room).

For my  Pittsburgh brides, I do believe there is a show coming up at the Wyndham Grand in downtown Pittsburgh!! 🙂

Happy Wedding Planning, everyone!



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