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Tasty Tuesday | Vegetable Beef Stew

Hi, everyone!

So, I’m cooped up in this house and it’s “down season” for photographers.  As a result, my need to blog and talk….and talk some more is coming out!!  Those who know me understand!! I talk…a lot!  So, now I’m going to blog fun stuff to fill in the gaps!  Anyway, I was cooking yesterday and thought I’d start something new! “Tasty Tuesday” is going to be a thing this winter and hopefully I’ll have time to continue it for the rest of the year.  It might not be every Tuesday, but I’ll do my BEST!  I promise!

I created this “recipe” years ago.  There’s really no thought to this.  It’s easy.  You can use “junk” meat.  You can use any and all vegetables you have in your house and even ones that have lived in your freezer a bit too long!  Every time I make it, something changes depending on what I have available.  It drives my husband crazy though because I have a major portion control issue when I make this!  I end up with an 8 quart stock pot full because I just keep pouring…and dumping…and pouring some more.  Next thing I know, it’s full to the top!! BUT…it can be frozen.  It can also be given to friends, family and neighbors!


Vegetable Beef Stew

**This, of course, can be amended for my vegetarian viewers.  Just omit the meat!**

My ingredients:

 – Beef (Any kind or cut.  I’ve used stew beef, round steak, freezer burned t-bones, etc.)

– Butter or Margarine

 – Cans of tomato sauce (I can’t give an exact amount because it just depends on how thick you want it and how many other ingredients you dump in.  Use your own judgement.  I used two large cans of Kroger tomato sauce.  Nothing fancy.)

– Water (optional) Add this if you’d like it to be less like stew and more like soup.  I did not use any.

– Vegetables (You can even use freezer burned vegetables!  The taste amazingly goes away though the quality of the veggies is decreased.  I used frozen mixed peas and carrots, frozen Fordhook lima beans, frozen green beans, fresh potatoes, & fresh cabbage.)

 – Salt and Pepper to taste (I don’t add much.  I let my guests add the salt.  Plus, the tomato sauce usually has salt in it.)


1) Melt butter in large skillet.  Cube meat.  Cook meat in skillet with butter until browned nicely.  Set to side.

2) Add tomato sauce to large stock pot.  I start with just one can and then add, as needed. 

3) Add frozen vegetables to sauce.  I do NOT add the fresh/non-frozen vegetables as they will get very soggy.  I held my potatoes and cabbage for later.

4) Add meat (including butter and juices from skillet.  Just dump everything in!)

5)  Cook on low.  That”s the trick for tender meat and tasty veggies.  Simmer on low (real low…just enough to bubble) for 2-3 hours.  Even if you’ve used junk meat like round steak, it will come out so tender if you slow cook it in the sauce for this amount of time.  *Don’t forget to stir occasionally!  There shouldn’t be a risk of burning the bottom since you’re cooking at such a low heat setting, but it can happen.  Stir to prevent this.)

6) After you’ve simmered for a couple of hours and about one hour before you intend to serve, add potatoes and cabbage (or any other fresh ingredients).  Continue to simmer and stir occasionally.

7) Done!

 Vegetable Beef Stew

I’d love to be able to say I made these rolls from scratch but I’m a tired mom and a busy photographer.  I bought frozen rolls from Kroger.  I even did the quick rise method (because I can never remember to do this ahead of time).  Follow the bag’s instructions.  For these particular rolls, I sprayed a dish, placed the rolls in the pan, and then placed them in a preheated oven (now turned off) with a side pan of hot water.  After they were ready, I baked them per the instructions!

 Vegetable Beef Stew

In an effort to do more things myself, I’m starting a compost pile to use in my garden this year.  Ironically, these scraps came up missing.  I think my husband threw them outside for the animals! HA! OOo well, at least someone will enjoy them!  No waste!

 Vegetable Beef Stew

Viola!  It’s easy.  Don’t let the cook time scare you!!  I started mine at noon and stirred it every once in a while when I passed through the kitchen.  It simmered on low from noon to 3 pm.  At 3 pm, I added the cabbage and potatoes.  It was done by 4 pm and we ate at 4:30 pm!

 Vegetable Beef Stew

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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