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Erinn & Andrew’s Vintage Irons Mill Wedding | PA & WV Wedding Photography | Hannah Barlow Photography

It’s official!!! Erinn and Andrew are now Mr. & Mrs. Kraus! WOOOOOOOOO!  Everyone reading this…please give the new, happy couple are HUGE congratulations!  Now, please read on to see the beauty that was this vintage themed wedding at Irons Mill Farmstead in New Wilmington, PA!

Let’s go back a bit, shall we?!  Erinn and I found each other online.  I had just done another barn wedding that past fall and was itching to do another. When she told me her vision for the wedding, I knew I had to convince her to hire me and I’m a lucky girl because she did! I knew we were going to get along great and once she started telling me even more details about her wedding, I just couldn’t wait to see the finished product!  Seriously, you’ll see it for yourself as soon as I stop rambling!

You probably all remember Erinn and Andrew.  We did their engagement photos in Pittsburgh, PA last year and that’s why they look familiar!  We started out on the bridge and then moved to Penn Station.  Despite the rain, we got some REALLY beautiful images.  Check them out!  You can see their engagement photos here if you’d like!

Moving along…Erinn and Andrew met years ago when they were both working at the Grove City outlets.  They had known each other for a year and a half before ERINN finally asked Andrew out on a date (and Hilary, her maid of honor, spilled the beans at the reception and admitted she had to push for this date). 🙂  Andrew’s brother was then in on their dreamy, winter proposal!  They’re definitely family oriented people and the love for their family and friends (and the desire to include them) was amazing to see the day of their wedding!

When I first met this couple, they seemed like a sweet, laid back pair!  It was obvious they were very much in love with each other.  Andrew was calm, cool and collected while being the perfect gentleman.  Erinn was funny, genuinely sweet (despite being stressed out about the rain that day) and didn’t get worked up about much of anything (seriously….it was pouring at one point DURING the engagement session)!  Ironically, (and he might kill me for this), Andrew described Erinn as “funny, lighthearted, easy to get along with, beautiful, and the best friend I’ve ever had…..”.  Seriously, could you get any sweeter?!  Where is the swoon emoji when I need it?! Erinn had also mentioned a few times during our conversations how compassionate Andrew is and how he’d do anything for anyone.  I definitely saw that unfold on his own wedding day.  He was constantly looking out for others.  To be honest, I wouldn’t have even known he was the groom because he was that involved with everyone else that day….making sure everyone had everything they needed…and making sure everything was exactly the way it needed to be!  Erinn put a lot of work and thought into this wedding, so I really don’t blame him either!  I’m not sure he ever took a minute to himself until he had to….when his bride walked down that aisle. 🙂  Time finally slowed down for a while!

So, let’s move on to the big day!

Kari, my second shooter/assistant extraordinaire, and I drove up to Grove City the night before so we’d be fresh and rested for this wedding in the morning!  On Friday, it was calling for rain from 3-5 pm (right when the ceremony was supposed to be) but I woke up that Saturday morning and the weather report was CLEAR! YAY!  Not one drop in the forecast!  It was perfect!  So, we packed up our gear (two car loads worth) and headed over to Nancy’s Hair Loft where all the girls were getting dolled up!  The women who work at this place MEAN BUSINESS!  Seriously, there were so many people in the salon and everything stayed organized and they never ran behind.  The girls were sipping drinks and it was really a lovely environment to enter.  Everyone welcomed us and were ready for their photo ops!  Check it out!


When Erinn originally told me her wedding colors were navy and blush pink with hints of gold glitter….I nearly jumped with joy.  She then added in a vintage theme and had my heart!  Check out this gorgeouness!

Normally, I like light and airy and bright white details BUT when you have your wedding at a beautiful barn, you MUST have your details photographed there, as well! Right?!

Cupcakes galore! Storybook Sweets did an amazing job!   It smelled lovely and I thought the little notes for each flavor were a nice touch!  Shout out to Kari for the close-up icing shots!  She’s my detail oriented girl who slows me down and calms me and makes me focus on the little things (or when things are generally just not looking their best)!

I don’t know if this bar is always there or if Erinn and Andrew brought it but it’s PERFECT for this barn venue.  Irons Mill definitely knows how to put rustic and class together with perfection! 

Erinn planned for a sparkler send off at the end of the night.  You’ll see those beauties later!

This couple didn’t leave any detail out…including all their family and friends.  Erinn had personalized glasses and mugs for each of her bridesmaids (the groomsmen had theirs too, of course).  Erinn also had a piece of her grandfather’s shirt sewn into her dress.  He wasn’t able to attend and it battling cancer but he was definitely there in heart so had to include the photo!  

Now, It’s almost time to get ready!! EEEKKKKK!  Irons Mill Farmstead has the BEST bridal suite!  It was built specifically for beautiful girls getting ready.  It’s amazing!

In true Hannah fashion, all getting ready shots of beautiful brides MUST be in black and white! Right?!

She’s just gorgeous and another shout out to the girls at Nancy’s Hair Loft for making her shine even more.  The hair and makeup was spot on and held all night! 

After all the getting ready craziness, Erinn finally had a moment to sit down and read a letter Andrew wrote for her.  Ironically, Irons Mill had left a beautiful box too.  We originally thought that particular box was from Andrew….and we all had a good laugh!  You’ll see more on that at the end of this year when I post outtakes.  It was a funny moment! Be sure to check back.  I wanted to include the REAL photos of her reading the letter from her soon to be husband, of course.  Here they are!

And now, ladies and gentleman, the groom…Mr. Andrew Kraus!  I’m sitting here reading their questionnaire they filled out for me and I had to giggle.  He specifically said he didn’t like getting his picture taken and it “has to be an important event for me to want my photo taken”.  Well, Andrew, this WAS an important event and I would have never guessed you didn’t like your photo taken!! You do it well! Check him out!! He’s snazzy (and a teacher and can tie a tie in a field with no mirror…no joke….HA!).

I’ll tell you over and over…I get to photograph the best bridal parties!  Kari and I have been blessed with and surrounded by great people who let us be bossy and take lots of pictures!  These guys did not disappoint!  We had a great time…no complaints…lots of smiles and laughs AND we had some “inside jokes” going on….”Dang it, Clyde!”……

…and now for the beautiful bide who DOES love having her photo taken!! It shows, doesn’t it?!

If I ever get to expand to that wedding planning business I’ve been wanting, I’m hiring Erinn whether she likes it or not to do some details!! She didn’t miss a thing and everything was done so well!  These flowers were wood and from Eco Flower.  I’ve never seen them before in person!  They’re pretty cool and photograph so well! 

Pretty girls….pretty smiles….lots of love!

Before the big ceremony, Erinn and Andrew took a few minutes to pray together (without seeing each other, of course).

Now, it’s time for the ceremony!!! YAY! Photo credit to Kari Searl for the groomsmen shot….she hung back with them while I went to the front and apparently they were keeping her entertained! HA!

Andrew sang to Erinn during the ceremony!

It’s nor official! Mr. & Mrs. Kraus!!

Meet Baker…he’s in the front, of course.  He can be the life of the party AND the most sweetly, emotional man I’ve met.  Sorry, Baker.  Your girlfriend agrees!  Erinn told me early on he should be my “go to” because he’s so organized too!  At one point, I cleaned his shoes….for real.  It’s a short story but I won’t slow us down now…I will, however, post those pictures later in the year! 

Sophia, the pretty, little, flower girl, was so focused on her duties, she didn’t get to throw all the petals! So, we let her throw the rest after the ceremony and we got these wonderful shots! 

Now, for my very favorite part of any wedding!! The bride and groom formal photos!  Disclaimer, it was SO wet in that grass (hence the reason I was cleaning Baker’s shoes earlier in the day) and although the guys trudged through it, we just couldn’t do it with the dresses.  So, I literally put this couple on the edge of a gravel driveway.  They trusted me, thank goodness, instead of thinking I was a total nut for wanting to take photographs in a random grassy (and dry) spot right next to the gravel and the reception hall….BUT check out these beauties!  The couple and that sky just make the whole image!

Now, let’s get ready to parrrrrrttttty!  Announcing…Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kraus!  Let’s get this party started!

Photos below are compliments of Kari Searl, my second shooter, assistant, ring runner (yep, we forgot the rings in the bridal suite), purse finder (yep…..I lost my purse too)…..I just can’t name all the great things she does for me…..extraordinaire!  Seriously, she’s never allowed to leave me!  She took these images below and she’s AWESOME at catching those little details….like when the mother of the bride and groomsmen can’t NOT cry during the first dance.  She snuck these photos!

The couple’s first dance as Mr. & Mrs.!  The natural window light was doing amazing things!

Nwo, let’s dance!! Let’s bust a move!

Photos below all taken by Kari Searl!

It was an early dinner and an early end to the night at Irons Mill Farmstead.  I’d never been to New Wilmington but now I really hope to go back!  The wonderful couple exited their barn reception with a fancy, sparkler send off!  It was a wonderful ending to the night and props to Kari for noticing the sparklers were still going and making the couple go back… which point they kissed and dipped and it was AMMMMMMMMAAAAAZING!

Congrats, to the two of you! Kari and I had a blast and we couldn’t have been more thankful to be surrounded by more wonderful people!  Clyde….I’m still waiting for our photo!  Kari and I finally ended up in a photo at the end of the night…per the guys’ request as we were packing up!  I want my copy! 🙂 I’ll add it to the blog! HA!


I hope you all enjoyed this blog!! Now, it’s on the to the next wedding this Saturday!  It’s a marathon for us, not a sprint!  I can’t wait!


This beautifully planned, vintage wedding was a result of lots of hard work from the couple and their families plus these wonderful vendors.  Click below for more information! 

Venue – Irons Mill Farmstead & Irons Mill Farmstead Weddings

Bridal Gown – Allure Bridal from Bling Bridal, Sharon, PA

Bridesmaid’s Dresses – For Her and For Him

Men’s Attire – VanHeusen, JCPenney

Rings – Zales (Bride) & Kay Jewelers (Groom)

Hair – Nancy’s Hair Loft (Katie Erdley)

Makeup – Nancy’s Hair Loft (Olivia Roxberry)

Florist – EcoFlower

Cake/Cupcakes – Storybook Sweets, St. Marys, PA

DJ – Steven Vance Entertainment (violin), Sundown Entertainment Pittsburgh (DJ)

Catering – Medure’s – New Castle, PA

Transportation – Watson’s Shuttle

Invitations –

Favors – Pittsburgh Popcorn Company

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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