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Laura & Bryan’s Engagement Session | WV Wedding Photography | Hannah Barlow Photography


Hey Hey!  It’s been a while since I’ve introduced a new couple!  It’s been crazy busy during this wedding season so I’m SO excited to introduce you to Laura and Bryan…the future Mr. & Mrs. Ray!

As soon as I jumped out of my car and grabbed Laura for a big hug (yes…I’m a hugger.  I do that to people I have just met), I knew we were all going to get along great!  They are a very warm couple and up for anything when it comes to photos!  About a week ago, we decided on Friendship Park in Ohio for their engagement photos and I couldn’t have been more thrilled because I had only done one other session there and it was in the Fall not the Spring! YAY!

Laura and Bryan’s engagement was a long time coming!  They had known each other since high school before starting to date and then had been together for ten years before Bryan popped the question!  They were engaged a year ago in Disney!  Bryan found the perfect bridge at the resort. This bridge was private and had a seat available for Laura!  Apparently, he knew she was going to need it! 🙂 He popped the question…she said “YES!”…and the rest will now be history on my blog!

So, let’s meet Laura and Bryan!


I love their outfit choices for this session!! The colors just WORK with this location! AHHH! Loving this!  Good picks, you two! Good picks!

 Friendship Park, OH Engagement Photos.jpg

Friendship Park, OH Engagement Photos.jpg

I found this little spot of heaven when I was scouting out locations prior to their arrival.  It’s right on the edge of a huge, gravel, parking lot.  I’m so thankful my couples don’t think I’m a crazy person when I suggest random spots because I just love this location and the way these photos turned out!

Of course, my couples had to walk…and snuggle…and walk some more!  These two couldn’t stop giggling which was AWESOME because their smiles radiate the joy between the two of them!  I let Bryan slide when he hid his face behind her head because whatever he was doing or saying was making her smile bright!

We moved over to another location and I made them “walk-snuggle-walk” again!  Laura has a phenomenal smile and her laughter is infectious.  I couldn’t stop giggling myself while they were doing this!  Check them out!  You’ll see in the bottom one that Bryan just kept making  random comments and she just kept on laughing!

Then, we moved down to the water!  Check out her side profile! She’s going to be a stunning bride and I already have lots of ideas in my head for the two of them on their wedding day!

….and then there was dancing!  I made them practice for their wedding day so I can nail another fabulous first dance photo! YAY!

So, I spotted the light and dragged them through this field.  It wasn’t until I had them posed that Bryan decided to announce how allergic Laura is to grass!! Jeesh!! Talk about a cooperative pair….they never EVER protested when I suggested we start tromping through this field! HA! Laura…I hope your legs survived!

I played with the light a bit for these dreamy photos!

Last but certainly not least, meet Carly!  They didn’t expect her to pose but she did SO GREAT!  I was proud of her and I think her parents were proud too!!  

We also took one photo with this very important sign (let my WV friends riot 😉 )! They admitted they aren’t typically “sign people” but this one holds a very special place in their hearts so we had to include it in some photos!

I hope you enjoyed this post!! Laura and Brian will be married on November 11th of this year so be sure to check back to see their fabulous wedding photos!!!

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

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