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St. Clairsville, Ohio Wedding | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography

Hey Hey!!  I’m SO excited to show you this next wedding!!  This one is going to hurt a bit because I don’t want it to be over! WAHHHHHHHH!!  I always say these blog posts are bittersweet for me but this one really stings!  This was a highly anticipated wedding for me because the bride kept me posted on the WHOLE wedding process throughout the last year.  I think we spoke to one another at least every week?  Maybe more often?  I even talked to her the night before the wedding!  I felt like I was very much a part of this whole process and I just love this couple dearly!  

So, who got married?! Remember Jane and Zac?!  If not, you can find their beautiful, engagement session here BUT don’t forget to come back and see the BEAUTY that is this wedding! I mean….seriously…!

First, let’s do the usual history lesson, shall we?!  I met Jane around this time last year.  She requested a pre-booking wedding consultation and I was happy to oblige.  Let’s face it…I love to talk!! We immediately had a connection. She’s a nurse.  I’m a nurse (even though I don’t actively practice…once a nurse..ALWAYS a nurse..).  I was surprised she didn’t know a whole lot about weddings, but it worked out because I DO and I’m a bit obsessed anyway!  She booked me on the spot and we started talking….and planning…and chatting!  Seriously, I think I’ve texted this girl once a week for the last year and it’s been wonderful!  I’m soooooo going to miss her BUT she’s agreed to pose for some styled shoots in the future so she won’t be a stranger!  You’ll be seeing her again!

So, enough about that….let’s get to the wedding!  Jane and Zac were married on June 3, 2017 in St. Clairsville, Ohio.  The wedding had a vintage vibe while remaining light and airy.  So much of this wedding was thought out by Jane herself and she worked very hard to pick the perfect vendors to make her vision come to life!  It ended up being a beautiful, sunny day.  No rain in the forecast and it wasn’t too hot either!  Everything was just perfect!

Jane really has the sweetest, most gentle personality.  She’s also extremely humble.  Prior to her engagement session, she had never had one professional picture taken!!  Talk about pressure, right?!  I couldn’t have been more excited though!  She’s a beauty and her personality shines in photos!  

Not to sound storybook, but Zac seems to be her perfect match.  When I first met him, he was a man of few words and Jane once called him “Mr. Serious”.  He’s an extremely hard worker and a dedicated family man (the love for his family and especially the kids in his family shows). He also loves his new wife very, very much.  He softens up when it comes to Jane and I’m pretty sure he’d do just about anything for the girl!  The one characteristic I particularly like about him (and I saw it really shine on the wedding day) is his attention to detail and the effort he puts in to get things done.  Just wait!  Check out how beautiful they are together……as man and wife now!! EKKKKKKKKKKK!

Here are some shots of Jane’s vintage details!  Many of these pieces were her grandmothers’ heirlooms! 

I read once that only 13% of engagement diamonds are marquis cut!  Jane and I are both part of that 13%!

I could do black and white FOREVER with this girl!  The light loves her angles!

Shout out to Kari, my assistant and fast-learning second shooter!  She took these images below and is KILLING it! EEEKKKK!

This one below is one of my favorites from the gallery!  Forever Young Studio of Hair did a fabulous job on hair and makeup!

Now, let’s move on to the ceremony!  Jane and Zac were married at First Presbyterian Church in St. Clairsville, Ohio!  It’s a beautiful church AND they still have an old fashioned pipe organ!  Reverend Harden and I chatted about it after the ceremony for a bit when we had some down time!  I just love that Jane wore her veil over her face.  It was perfect for that vintage vibe and she looked stunning!

Shout out to Kari for this wide angle shot from above!  I have to admit, I get so nervous taking these shots!  I always think of that episode in Sex and the City where Carrie drops the bible from above and it makes that LOUD noise and everyone turns around and looks.  I swear…if I could tape everything to my body when I go up above…I totally would!  I was so happy to pass the torch to Kari and I made sure to tell her to “stay away from the edge”! HA!

Here is their first kiss as man and wife!! AHHHH!  Another thing I love and noticed about Zac right off the bat is that he means business when he is given a task.  From dips to dances…to kisses….he doesn’t mess around! He does it right AND makes it look good too! WIN!

They make the grand exit from the ceremony look great AND the Reverend rang the church bells!! It was perfect…..and that wink says it all!

Now, let’s check out this fabulous bridal party!

…..and because we had this beautiful church AND these beautiful doors AND this beautiful couple…..they HAD to dip!  I knew from the engagement session Zac has natural skills!  Again, when given a task, he nails it!

Remember Scout!?  He was having fun at Play N Stay Pet Camp in St. Clairsville, Ohio!  I’m bummed I didn’t get the name of the owners because this place was awesome!!  I’m providing a link at the end of this blog for anyone who needs doggy daycare or boarding!  I didn’t even know it existed!  Scout needed to see his parents all dolled up, of course.  He wasn’t quite sure what to think of his Momma all dressed up!  We made a pit stop and captured these before heading to the covered bridge for formal photos!

Then, we moved on to the “famous” covered bridge in St. Clairsville!  I’d never been there before but had heard about it many times!! Lots and lots of photogs take pictures here!  The bridal party continued to rock it!

These girls looked like they popped right out of a mgazine! So gorgeous!

Dionne Craig of Angel Vines Flower Shop did an amazing job!

Check out the guys killing this look!

…and now….for the good stuff!!! I told you!  These two are beautiful together inside and out!

Of course, there was walking……and dancing?  Did we dance?!  I don’t think we did!!! AHHHH!  I don’t think we needed to though.  They are so natural together!

…and more dipping!  These two could teach the dip…I mean really…look at them!

I’m not typically a fan of foliage in black and white but this one just worked!!!

This one below might be one of my very favorites!

Shoutout to Kari again who took this shot below while I was taking the above shots!

And now, ladies and gentleman, let’s see one of my very favorite reception shots EVER!  Shout out to Kyle of Smash Weddings for the lighting assist!  Usually, I use my off camera flash to get shots like this but I powered them down and worked with the lights this time! Perfection all the way around!

I had to share this sweet moment between father and daughter!! Can’t you just FEEL the emotions seeping out of this photo?!

Now, let’s get this PaRtY started!  Receptions are always fun but this one, in particular, was ROCKING!  This is a huge reception share for me but I just couldn’t narrow it down any more!

We had guests wanting to take selfies (note: taking a selfie with a full frame camera body with lens and flash attached is NOT easy).  We had groomsmen riding ties?  Is that what you call that move?! HA!  We had brother-in-laws dancing with the groom….it just went on and on.  Every place I looked SOMETHING was happening!

Then, the groom and the father of the bride got DOWN!  Check out these moves!  It was amazing!  I walked over at one point and asked Jane…”Is this normal for them?!”  She smiled and laughed and clapped and gave me a firm, but delighted…”No…this is NOT normal”! AHHHH!! I love when this stuff happens!

THEN, Mr. Serious got down and did the worm…not once…but TWICE!  I got both shots both times but these ones below I managed to lay down on the ground right along with him! HA!

This wasn’t a Jewish wedding and that’s not the groom but this happened anyway!! I can’t remember the song but it was significant.  This guy’s last name went along with it and, for the life of me, I can’t remember remember what it was!! I think it started with a “P”….someone, help me out!

These guests had MOVES!  Kyle knows how to keep the guests moving and he does the soul train line (I actually had to message him for the name because I could NOT remember what it was called).  These guests killed it and I couldn’t stopped smiling and laughing and taking shots!

…we even had a back flip! Whattttttt?!

Zac entertained us all with his moves during the garter removal!! Check out the surprise and joy on Jane’s face!!! It was an epic night!

There were HUGE groups of single ladies and gentlemen on the floor!! They were SERIOUS about this too!! Check out the guy IN THE AIR! HA!  Seriously, people….I need to do a reception like this again!! CALL ME! 😉

I can’t say it enough.  This reception was fabulous and it flew by for Kari and I!  Everyone was having a great time and I don’t think there was any way to capture it all but we gave it our very best shot and this couple now has lots and lots of images coming their way!  From the flower girl taking pictures of me….to Kyle scratching and keeping the crowd rolling and moving and grooving….things kept on happening.  People were having a blast!  The love and joy from everyone involved in this day was overwhelming!  I’m so happy to have been a part of it and a HUGE shout out to Kassie (beloved cousin and bridesmaid) for pointing Jane in my direction! 

Because I can never stop, here are a few more!!  See how much fun everyone is having!!! AHHHH! Let’s do it again!

Once again, I want to thank Jane and Zac (and their family and friends) for letting me (and Kari) be a part of their day and for putting up with all my shenanigans!  You two were meant to be! 



To find more information about the wonderful vendors who all played a part in making this memorable day a success, please use the information and links below!

Dress – Sorelle Bridal Salon, Washington, PA 

Men’s Attire – Macy’s & Boscov’s

Rings – Kay Jewelers

Hair/Makeup – Forever Young Studio of Hair

Florist – Angel Vines Flower Shop (Dionne Craig)

Videographer – Steady Creek Cinema

Bakery – 3-D Cakery (Melissa)

DJ/Photo Booth – Smash Weddings (Kyle Mac)

Catering – Undo’s

Invitations – Minted 

Doggy Daycare – Play N Stay Pet Camp

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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