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Osiris Shrine Wheeling Wedding | Hannah Barlow Photography | West Virginia Wedding Photography

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  EEEKKKKK! This is my FAVORITE part of my “post wedding workflow”…another wedding is on the blog today!

On an amazing, sunny, perfect-temperature kind of day, two became one!  It happened and it was stunningly gorgeous AND something truly beautiful to witness!! Emily and Aaron became the Dailers!!!  They were surrounded by their closest family and friends (..and me and Kari and DJ Brian Oliver, and the wonderful staff of Theos, of course).  It was a day and night not one of us will ever forget!

Check it out!

I’d love to start off, if you will, with these very beautiful, detail shots which are also VERY special.  Emily’s engagement ring is actually Aaron’s late mother’s ring.  His dear mother may not have been there with us in person but she was definitely there in spirit (and I saw a HUGE resemblance between the photos of her and Aaron’s sisters who were present).  Isn’t it all just beautiful?! 

You all remember Emily and Aaron, right?!  They were the ones who had that amazing, parallel dip!   In case you forgot or just generally want to see it again, you can check out that now famous dip and see the rest of their awesome engagement session here.  Don’t forget to come back though because there’s a recreation of that dip you won’t want to miss plus sooo much more!

So, let’s move on!  Emily and Aaron held their wedding reception at the Osiris Shrine in Wheeling, WV!  I’ve driven past this building MANY times in my life and NEVER knew they hosted weddings! It’s a total gem and I can’t believe more people don’t utilize this place! It’s GORGEOUS!  We started and ended the day here with that important ceremony in between!  It was all so gorgeous and the staff at the Shrine were so nice!  It’s the perfect place for a wedding, I’m tellin’ ya!!

Emily had amazing details!  The bottom of her shoes were blue, of course!  Something borrowed, something blue…it’s perfect!

There wasn’t a spot in the Shrine that didn’t give us good photo ops!  

This photo idea credit goes to Kari!  I just took the photos! HA!  Seriously, it’s just SO PRETTY!

While the girls were getting ready and toasting to Emily’s wedding day, I saw this itinerary laying on the table!


I’d also like to note the guys were more than prepared which tells me they took this timeline seriously!  I really can’t ask for anything better!  Every person present this day was prepared and punctual.

Can wealso take a moment to appreciate the…”please be ready” and “cooler will be waiting” notes in parenthesis?  Emily clearly knew what she was doing and knew how to please the crowd!  When you see the guys, you’ll get it! 😉

This little beauty needed to nap so we checked off her photos first!  She was amazing and soooo precious and she adores Emily (as you can tell)!  Bottom photo credit goes to Kari!  She’s rocking it at these weddings!

I told the girls to peek left because the guys were standing on the right!  This is one of my favorites!  I swear, I felt like I went back in time.  This room and these classy, pretty ladies were a stellar combination.  This all reminded me of an old movie – a queen sitting in her parlor with her ladies in waiting!  Fitting…right?!  I did not ask or intend for Emily to be the only one sitting…it just happened!! AHHHHHH! I love when it all comes together!

Of course, we took a few seconds for some good, old, window black and whites!  I do believe one of these photos is Kari’s (bottom left hand?…maybe?).  I continue to be so impressed that she’s only been doing this with me for six months and is now starting to rival my own photos!  

Now, lets meet the guys!  These guys are some of the most fun, outgoing, kind, and respectful group of men I’ve ever met.  They were also prompt and ready and willing to do anything! The jumping was their idea though!  I had them do it twice…just in case we missed the shot (and so I could blog the whole experience..HA!).

After we sent the guys off to the ceremony, I headed back inside and needed to catch some of the entry tables.  Check it out! The decor at this wedding…I can’t even…Kari and I couldn’t get enough! We “OooO” and “ahhhhhhed” like you wouldn’t believe! It didn’t quite feel real!  In true Hannah fashion, I do belive I jumped up and down!

Check out this beautiful lady!  Huge thanks Kari for these amazing shots and great angles!  It’s so fun to see the difference an angle and a different perspective can make!

Here’s Kari’s set!

Here’s my set!  Feels very “old world” doesn’t it?!  We shot our sets at the exact same time!  Pretty neat, right?!

We then headed outside to get some group shots of the girls now that the guys were definitely gone and out of sight! This color palette…I can’t get enough of it! It’s total eye candy!  Emily definitely knew how to successfully make her vision come to life!  It’s also like to take time to note I discovered another amazing floral vendor…Krogers in Wheeling!  These bouquets were amazing! I think Emily’s weighed 10 lbs!

Then, we headed off to the ceremony where these two became man and wife!! They said “I do” at the Vineyard Church in Wheeling, WV!  HUGE shoutout to the guy who helped me with the lights! When we arrived, I knew there wasn’t much we could do about the purple up front BUT I asked if we could turn up some of the tungsten lights on the back to fill in and he was happy to help me!  I can’t thank you enough, Mister, and I soooo wish I remembered your name! KARI! HELP! (She’s the one who is good with names).  I, on the other hand, am positively horrible at remembering…it’s shameful really!

After the ceremony, Emily and Aaron (and the whole bridal party) sailed off in one of Ohio Valley Transit’s trolleys!!

And now…….for the good stuff!

They are one good looking bridal party, I tell ya!

Look at this happy couple!! These two are so in love and so easy to get along with!

We did some switching of the bride and groom.  Bride with the guys.  Groom with the girls.  Check our Aaron’s reaction (middle photos) when I asked all the girls to pose around him! HA!  Kari and I kept saying “I’ve never seen a groom so excited to get married and so excited to celebrate and take photos”.  It was so wonderful!! Well done, Aaron!  Well done!

More of the couple!

Of course, when I say “We’re almost done”…we’re never really almost done!  I had remembered I wanted to take them over in the trees for some more photos because I felt like it just worked with the whole theme and color palette! They were, of course, more than willing to do it and I just love these photos!

Now, let’s take a moment to let me tell you something about these two people.  Emily is extremely sweet with a big, kind heart (I can tell you she gets much of these characteristics from her parents who are very much the same and treated Kari and I like treasured guests).  Throughout the whole day, I never heard her raise her voice or get worked up.  Aaron might not be as quiet (he’s definitely the life of the party at times), but he is one of the sweetest grooms we’ve met yet and loves his wife in a way that is totally rare and special.  Seriously.  Kari and I couldn’t stop whispering over the sweetness!  He was SO excited early in the day to get married and was SO excited when he finally got married (complete with a fist pump at the ceremony after the first kiss).  He’s a true gentleman and never went far from Emily.  He even said “I love this woman.  I love my wife!” at the reception and he wasn’t afraid to shout it…literally.

These photos definitely say it all.  I probably didn’t even need to ramble about it…you get it! You can SEE the love and adoration!  Again, huge credit to Kari!  We wanted to do some new poses and I was drawing a blank so I told her to do her thing and she posed these two flawlessly!  This pose needs a name though!  We’re working on it!

And now, ladies and gentleman, their wedding dip!  Did you know that one photographer on a podcast I recently listened to said that the dip is “out”?! WHAT?! WHATTTTTT?!  It will NEVER be “out” at Hannah Barlow Photography engagement sessions and weddings.  Nope. No way!  I refuse! 🙂

And before we go to the reception, we need to meet Aunt Lisa.  Why?  Well…because Emily’s mom (Hi, Kim!) and I were working out all the details before the wedding and she told me about Aunt Lisa and how she’s helped a lot and told me I would just love her (and could ask her for anything I might need)!  Well, Kim was right!  SOOOO RIGHT!  Aunt Lisa is just as amazing at planning.  Between Emily, Kim, and Lisa…I can see why this wedding was so beautiful and flawlessly executed!  I can only hope if I get that wedding planning business going one day (Mom, it’s happening…this is your warning)…Aunt Lisa will be on my list of “go to” women when I need a fill in!  I might have to twist her arm since she’s also running a successful hair salon, but a girl can dream of her “dream team”, right?!

Meet Aunt Lisa!  She’s a doll!

Right when we thought we were done with photos and were about to start the reception, grandpa unexpectedly showed up and EVERYONE lost it! Holy Moly!  No one knew if he was going to be able to get out of the house and make it but it turns out he got pumped up and ready to go!  This was one of the sweetest moments I have experienced yet! 

Now, it’s time to check out this GORGEOUS reception!  I knew when I saw this backdrop that it had to be by Smash Multimedia but Kyle Mac wasn’t the DJ this day so I threw the thought from my mind. I then came to find out this backdrop WAS done by him! I KNEW IT!  His backdrops are ALWAYS so beautiful and definitely have a style! GAH!

Seriously, Emily…you nailed it.  This decor looks like it was styled for a shoot!

It’s amazing how two photographers can take phtoos of the same thing and come out with different results.  Kari and I are always on the same page but at difference angles.  Bottom right photo is hers! Isn’t that cool?!

Now, let’s toast to the bride and groom!  These best men are killing it at my last few weddings!  Brian, the best man, is hysterical.  I’d met him one other time and know his wife well (we grew up together…Hi, Kourtney!).  I giggled the whole time he was speaking…he was even quick to quote his favorite saying…that he found on Google! Bahahaha!  It takes guts to do a long speech but when guests are still invested at the end…you know you have done well.  High five, Brian!

NOW, let’s get this party started and Oooo it was a party!  We have NEVER seen a dance floor packed like this.  There was no room left and it never died down…for hours!  It didn’t matter if you were young, old, single or married…you had a partner and you were getting down!

Brian Oliver knows his crowd and he kept the party rocking!  It was hard to even find room to take a photo…THAT’S when you know it’s a great night!

Of course, we had to end the night with a little John Denver, Country Roads…complete with blue and yellow lights (compliments of DJ Brian Oliver’s uplighting).  The uplighting was amazing at this wedding and often moved along with the music (sorry, Brian…I have no idea how to word that correctly! HA!)…but it was so neat!  Trust me!

..and one last one, per the usual… amazing times call for dance floor, sweaty, selfies!

Thank you, Emily and Aaron for having us!  I also want to thank Emily’s parents and Aaron’s parents and the whole family for treating us like one of their own (complete with offering to let Kari buy or borrow some of the wedding decor).  There was not one stressful moment during this day!  We really can’t ask for much better than that!  You are all amazing!

The happy couple honeymooned in the sunny state of Florida in Fort Lauderdale! I bet it was fabulous…I wasn’t invited though 😉 so I couldn’t tell ya for sure!

Congrats to the new Dailers!


This wedding was made possible by family and friends who did lots of planning and work plus these wonderful vendors!

Bride’s Gown – David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Gowns – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Bride’s Shoes – Betsey Johnson

Hair/Makeup – Lisa Seidler (Aunt Lisa) – Friends Styling Salon

Wedding Planner/Coordinator – Bride (Emily), Mother of the Bride (Kim), and Lisa Seidler (The Dream Team..HA!)

Florist – Kroger

Cake – Whisk

DJ – Brian Oliver

Catering – Theos

Transportation (Trolley) – Ohio Valley Transit

Invitations/Programs – RSQP Wheeling, WV

Head Table Backdrop – Smash Multimedia, LLC

Officiant – Keith Kazor

Church – Vineyard Church Wheeling, WV

Reception Venue – Osiris Shrine

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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