My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Oglebay Engagement Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | West Virginia Wedding Photography

Hello, everyone!  I hope you’re all having a great week so far and if not, I have good news for you!  I’ve got another couple I’d like you all to meet and some pretty pictures to pick you up!  Let’s give a big, warm “HELLO!” to Maddie and Cody!  Their photos are sure to make you smile!

But first, let’s rewind!  I met Maddie months ago during a consultation after she booked me! We spent a couple hours discussing everything “wedding”!  We drank some good Tim Horton’s too!  She’s a planner like me and she’s on the ball.  She’s also one of my brides who keeps me up to date on the planning process – complete with a photo of her saying “YES!” to the dress!! (We’re going to do amazing things with that dress…you just wait!) EEEKKKK!!  Knowing all the little details tends to make these posts so much sweeter because I start to feel a strong connection with my couples!

So, let’s move on but take a moment – one moment to stop (ladies) and say “OOooO……WOW!” to this beautiful rock!  Soon to be engaged men…take notes.  This one is a goodie!  Simple and classy with some surprise decor on the side (but you’ll have to wait until those invitation details shots to see that!).  Maddie probably thought I was crazy.  This flower is literally a weed.  That’s definitely a dead leaf too.  Yep!  I learned in a macro photography class that sometimes some of the BEST flowers and elements to photograph are the ones we often overlook.  Instead of using fancy, expensive flowers…sometimes good, old weeds and dead leaves make for wonderfully beautiful photos!  So, next time you’re out and about…pick some weeds.  Get close.  Look at the amazing detail! Nature is a wonderful thing!  That pretty ring helps too!

Now, let’s meet the couple – Maddie and Cody!  

Maddie and Cody met when they worked together years ago.  Maddie claims to have made the first move!  They then spent three wonderful years together.  Last year, Cody decided Maddie was the one he wanted to spend his life with!  Together they went and checked out the Christmas tree in Pittsburgh and were walking back to the car when….wait for it….Cody handed Maddie a black box.  Maddie took it and opened it to find a ring.  I’m told she wasn’t even sure at that point what it meant (come on, Maddie…that ring is GORGEOUS…see above just for reference!). 😉  Poor Cody…she made him ask again “Well?” to which she finally replied YES”! and was SURE he was proposing at that point! But HEY!..I don’t know if he makes it a habit of buying and handing out diamond rings without any intention of proposing but if so…..sign me up! HA!  I highly doubt that moment will ever happen again though because here these two are in front of my camera playing the very happy couple! Enjoy!

Their amazing fur baby, Arson, came to the shoot too!! She needed to get some shots with her parents, of course!! Big shout-out to Maddie’s sister Caroline for being the doggie handler and keeping this sweet girl busy while we took other photos!! Arson is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve shot yet (that sounds really bad)!  Ok, Arson is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve PHOTOGRAPHED yet! There, that’s better!  She didn’t mind my camera at all…she didn’t even lick it actually (most dogs do for some reason!).  She’s also one of the softest dogs I’ve ever felt!  Isn’t she sweet?! 

When we were heading back from the ampitheare, I saw this area.  I thought is was totally fun so we snapped a few!

Then we headed over to do some engagement photos at Camp Russel!  I did a wedding here last year so I was familiar with the location!  We danced.  We snuggled.  Well, “we” didn’t…but they did!  Check it out!  I’m pretty sure when I told them to do Eskimo kisses (bottom right) Cody was thinking “Where….WHERE did you find this girl?!” HA!  It’s one of my favorites though! 

Maddie was so excited to dip!! I had them dancing and then Cody dipped her! WOO!!

I love how playful these photos are!

Alright, here are some of my very favorites…for real!  In true Hannah fashion, I picked a random location I walked by… (Hey! I liked the little white flowers and the grass) and I stuck them in a break between the trees.  I love how earthy these feel and how the color palette is all neutral, nature tones!  It just works and makes my heart and brain SO HAPPY!

Cody!  You rock!! I discovered something at this session because of you!! I’m always having the girls “shoulder sniff” (that’s what I call it)…Well, apparently the guys look good doing it too!! Who knew?!  Check it out!  He rocked it!  Future grooms will definitely be doing this soon (Andrew and Joe…I’m coming for you two in the next couple of weeks…get ready!).  I’ve got one wedding and one engagement session lined up soon…I hope we can do this again!

I love this one!

And then I played with the light a bit!  This was right on the edge of where we parked.  I was literally shooting between our cars!  When I have a couple who is easy to photograph, I like to play around! Seriously!  They were right on the edge of gravel.  I shot over it and between our cars.  The light was sooo pretty!  The green was a little daunting but it worked! YAY!  Shout out to my photog friends!! I have NO IDEA how that star burst happened…I was almost wide open! Hmmmmm…..I just really love these!

Seriously, you don’t get much better than this!! Beautiful couple.  Beautiful ring.  Lots of love in the air!  Pretty light (none of that flare was inserted for anyone who was wondering).  It was magical! For real!  

That’s a wrap! 

Maddie and Cody will be celebrating their nuptials in Wheeling, WV next August.  Yes, sorry…you’re all going to have to wait almost a year to see these two again!  They’re hoping for a big party and so am I!! Brian Oliver will be rocking the house so I’m sure it’s going to be a GREAT time! 

Congrats to the happy couple!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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