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Steubenville Country Club Wedding | Hannah Barlow Photography | Ohio Wedding Photography

It’ssssss Sunday! So, get ready!  Stop what you’re doing!

Haley and Andrew are now the Browers!  Their wedding is officially done and it’s allllll kinds of eye candy today!  Enjoy!

Remember Haley and Andrew?  I bet you do!  But just in case you’re getting them confused with my other Hayley and my other Andrew (for real…I have so many duplicate names this year!) check out their beautiful, engagement session I did last fall in Oglebay.  It was all kinds of goodness!! Check it out here!  

Fast forward a little less than a year to last weekend.  These two got married! EEkkkKkkkk!  Haley and Andrew are the gorgeous and classy couple all of us photographers dream of so I knew this wedding would NOT disappoint!  They held both their ceremony and wedding reception at the same place – the Steubenville Country Club in Ohio!

This girl knows how to keep the details simple while not losing that “wow” factor!  I’m convinced this kind of wedding will never go out of style because the details are so timeless!

So, I’d like to take a minute (or two) to tell you about this crazy weekend!! It was crazy for me because I invited a very good photography friend down from Vermont (Hi, Jenna!) to second shoot with me!  She’s amazing.  She’s second shot lots of weddings back on her home turf, has lots of experience as a result, and was happy to come and assist me since Kari had a wedding in NY that weekend (strange…Kari went north…Jenna came south! HA!)  Want to know something even crazier?!  I had NEVER met her in person!  Crazy, right?!  So, here’s the backstory in a nutshell.  I meet this kind soul named Jenna in a photography class in June of 2016.  I kept in touch with her and we’ve chatted EVERY day since.  So, when I realized I needed a second shooter/assistant, I asked Jenna!  Basically, I invited a total stranger I met ONLINE to my home to spend the weekend with me and go work a wedding! Sounds creepy when you type it! HA!  It totally wasn’t though!  I’ve met many of the girls from that photography class and it’s always so neat to be with each one of them in person.  We talk so much (my husband will confirm) and we feel like we already know each other!  I also enlisted Ashleigh to come and assist since she’d worked with me before at weddings and then I could leave all the second shooting to Jenna! 

Enough about that though!  Let’s move on to this day! It was a WARM day last weekend in mid-September!  Crazy warm!  In the morning there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!  We checked in at the country club first because I always like to know where I’m going and I like to say “Hi” to the other vendors setting up!  We scoped out the situation and then headed over to Legal Hair and Day Spa where the girls were getting ready.  Let me tell you something.  The ladies and other staff here KNOW what they are doing!! When Haley told me they ALL were getting hair and makeup done in just a couple of hours, I panicked a bit.  I’ll be honest.  I’ve seen that plan go south…fast.  Well, Legal Hair did not disappoint! They were super welcoming and had a whole TEAM…a BIG team…fixing all these pretty ladies up! This picture Jenna captured below is just a few of the staff that was working hard this morning!! Seriously!

So, after we met up with the girls, said a quick “hello”, and snapped a few shots, we headed back to the country club to finish up the detail shots and spend some time with the guys!  Jenna was fascinated with our cookie table! I always forget it’s a Pittsburgh thing!  It feels so normal to me and it’s hard to imagine that people all over the country don’t do it!  She stood by it for the longest time and I didn’t at first consider why! HA!  Then, it hit me!  She’s never seen a cookie table at a wedding before!

Once the girls arrived, we started getting ready!  “We” being the bride, of course!  Check out these beautiful black and whites! Photo on the right is Jenna’s work!  She’s a rockstar at weddings!

You know me!  I never miss the opportunity for a good black and white window shot…or a whole bunch!  It’s a “must have” at every wedding I do!  Jenna picked a good angle too! Bottom left and right are hers! Wooo!  At this point, with what we’d already photographed, I knew there was so much more goodness to come!  We kept raving about Haley!  She’s a gorgeous girl!  I kept telling Jenna and Ashleigh she missed her run on America’s Next Top Model! She’s got all the right angles for the light to hit her JUST right! AHHHHH!!!

Jenna shot these for me while we were photographing the guys!  Andrew was a great sport.  He’s so easy going but has that “I mean business” mentality! Must be an attorney thing! I have some other friends like that too (you know who you are).  These details…simple and classy, right?!  He was a sharp dressed groom and I feel like he’s tied a tie once or twice!  Hand placement was perfect!  Yep, those things matter to us photographers! HA!

THAT DRESS!  The flowers! The bride! GAH! So pretty!

Now, here comes this gorgeous bride!  Their ceremony was held outside of the country club right on the edge of the golf course!  The clouds rolled in (thank goodness…us photographers actually appreciate a good cloud) with no chance of rain so the weather and setting was perfect!

Let’s talk about something.  THIS KISS!  I highly doubt my grooms pay any attention to my blogs but if I didn’t know any better, I’d say they’re trying to one-up each other! CHECK OUT THIS FIRST KISS!! I MEAN…REALLY?!  Where’s the swoon emoji when I need it?! Honestly!  

Jenna and I both nailed it! (I want to pat ourselves on the back! I hope that’s allowed! HA!)  This “shot” is really my only serious requirement for my second shooters.  “Do NOT miss the first kiss”.  You just never know when an eager Uncle Joe is going to jump out in front of me with his iPad!  I usually can spot him (or her)…  They get ready like me.  They get ready to pounce on the moment we’re both trying to capture! HA!  It has happened and I’m usually pretty good at anticipating the moment and standing up but nonetheless, I’m always nervous that I won’t be quick enough.  I could end up getting a shot of the back of someone’s head so I always tell my second shooters they need to grab this shot too.  We nailed it.  Look how GREAT!  Their pose..our angles! AHHHHH!  He meant business!! There is really nothing better than a guy grabbing his girl for a good and thorough first kiss!  I’m also happy to report there was no eager Uncle Joes who stepped in front of us!  It really was a perfect day!

…and because these two are just so awesome and sweet…she gave him another peck on the cheek before they marched down the aisle as man and wife!  AND we both got that shot too!

Now, check out this gorgeous bridal party!  You don’t get much better than this!

It’s time for the real goodies now!  Say “CONGRATS” to Mr. & Mrs. Brower!  I first met these two during a bridal consultation last fall and then again at their engagement session.  They have the sweetest, most gentle, and KIND personalities – both of them!  I’d LOVE to see Andrew in court because I just can’t picture him getting worked up!  He was the first one I met up with the morning of the wedding and he was calm, cool, and collected (all while discussing important wedding details on his phone and multitasking with the florist and us photographers!).  Pure business!  I also always make it a point to ask if my couples need anything and when I did he said, “Nope.  I’m good.  Let’s just make sure Haley has everything she needs…”.  I mean really…can you get any sweeter than that?!  Nope.  I’m not sure you can!  THIS is why I love weddings!! I get surrounded the whole day by sweet moments like that so filled with love!

Check out the new Browers!

They’re so happy! SO HAPPY!

They’re also SO fun to photograph!  The camera loves both of them!  There really wasn’t any way we could go wrong with these two!  We moved on to this next location via golf carts!! It was really meant to be!  Jenna’s a golfer so she drove! I sat on Ashleigh’s lap and we giggled like little girls the whole ride!  The whole experience was just so fun!

..and I’ll say it again! I think Haley missed her calling!  Model status!  Isn’t she beautiful?!  Where’s Tyra Banks when you need her?! (You look good too, Andrew!)  I also love to look and note the differences in how two people can photograph the same thing so differently!  Jenna always leaves more room above her couples where I tend to position myself so I’m below the horizon! Cool, right?!

We did some fun veil throwing, of course!! Shout out to Ashleigh for being the thrower!  Jenna’s shots were better than mine!  I have no problem admitting that!  Her positioning just worked better (and she was laying on her belly…Andrew pointed out the “dedication” to her work! HA!)  Check them out!  They’re the bottom ones!

Then, we did some walking…and snuggling…and DIPPING!  I mean, I’m not sure we could beat the dip and kiss at the ceremony.  Andrew had raised the bar reallllllllllllll high with that one!  But then he did it again!  AND I learned something about myself.  Ashleigh videoed this moment for us without our knowledge (you can find the video on my Facebook page).  I’m REALLY loud when I get excited.  I mean..I know I’m loud (hold your tongue, friends!  I AM AWARE!).  I just didn’t realize I sigh and grunt and hoot and holler like a crazy person! Bahahahaha!  Jenna did it too though so I don’t feel so nuts! We tend to just get REALLY excited when there’s something so amazing going on and we’re getting to freeze that moment in time through a photograph!  To quote myself, “It’s like…PERFECT!”  Watch the video, you’ll get it! HA!  My photo is bottom left and Jenna’s is bottom right!

…a few more before we headed to the reception!

…and because I’m notorious for saying “Ok.  We’re done….no wait.  One more!”…Jenna caught this one!

Then, we were really done!  Now, it was time for the reception!  

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Brower!

A little first dance magic with my new flash!  I’m addicted to flashes like some people are addicted to lenses! I can’t get enough!

…and then the party started!  The officiant (Hi, Nick!) pulled us all to the side to complete the marriage license and make it really official (legally…with an attorney present and everything!)!  I forgot to share the other photo, but Andrew was sitting there so patiently, leaning in, with his hands in what I can only imagine is “lawyer pose”…HA! Haley and I giggled about it! 

There was dancing! So much dancing…and fun…and laughs…and memories!

…and right before we left, Haley threw the bouquet!  To be honest, I’m not sure what happened.  I obviously had my camera up to my face and I was just making sure the exposure was right and everyone was in focus…but the bouquet landed on the floor somehow.  Everyone else was looking behind them.  Looking at Jenna’s shot (top right), I can only assume it hit that beam on the ceiling and fell straight down! HA! Have no fear, it was recovered!  We all had a good laugh too!

So, that’s it!  That’s a wrap!  I’m now 50% done with my weddings this year!!! I can’t believe it!

And because every amazing wedding where we’re having fun needs proof, we took a selfie!  We looked a lot more “put together” 10 hours prior to this photo! HA! Here we are though…Jenna and I!  Ashleigh took off before the reception so I didn’t get a photo with her but you’ve seen her before and you’ll get to see her in action again at the end of the year in the behind the scenes blog, I promise!


I got a hold of Jenna and she sent me this pre-wedding cellphone photo we took to show all our photog friends we were united and ready to combine our mad, wedding, photog skills!!  I have a sneaking suspicion there’s one of those IG filters on this photo…my skin is never that smooth these days! HA! Nonetheless, we look a lot more put together pre-wedding!

Last but not least, all three of us want to thank you, Haley and Andrew, AND all of your family and friends for letting us be a part of your big day!! HUGE shout out to the amazing bridal party who couldn’t have moved faster or more efficiently!  There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to photographing a stress-free wedding and it always makes for a great day when everyone is laid back and having fun!!  This group nailed it!  Digital high five to all!  ANDDDDD here’s a selfie I found of the three of us on the golf cart! This is what this job is all about…having fun, embracing a love story, freezing those memories! How’d we get so lucky?!  Congrats to the Browers!

Important Notes: This eye candy of a wedding was made possible by the hard work and dedication or these amazing vendors!  Click the links for more info.! 

Bride’s Gown – Stella York from The Dress Bridal Boutique – Medina, OH

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Davids Bridal

Men’s Attire – The Black Tux

Rings – White Jewelers – Wooster, OH

Hair/Makeup – Legal Hair & Day Spa – Kristen Cafeo

Florist – Ed McCauslen’s Florist – Pam Thomas

DJ – The Beach Boyz – Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Venue/Catering – Steubenville Country Club

Officiant – Nick Harless

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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