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Doctor Who Wedding | Hannah Barlow Photography | Weirton WV Wedding Photography

Hey, everyone!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!  I’m about to make it even better!  Are you ready?!  Please, check out Chelsea and Kevan’s Doctor Who themed wedding that was held in Weirton, WV a couple weekends ago! Their gallery is officially complete and they are on the blog today! YAY!

Doctor Who details were EVERYWHERE!  You’ll see later on Kevan even dressed his best to make sure he stood out AND fit the theme he loves so very much! I can’t remember exactly what I said when I first saw him, but I know I placed my hands over my heart and I’m pretty sure I said: “OMG! I just love you! *sigh*”….HA! Seriously, I get so into the details and it makes me soooo happy when people go the extra mile!  Well done, you two! Well done!

We lucked out in the weather department!  It was a beautiful and warm late October day!  We started out at the First United Methodist Church in Weirton, WV!  Kari and I met up with everyone, shot the details above and then hung out with the girls while they were getting ready (and while making a photo shot list because Chelsea forgot! HA!….ironically, we didn’t even end up using it!).  You’ll have that!   

Check out this dress and those red doors!  There was a funny moment right before we took these photos.  Kari had the hanger in hand.  I had the dress (and in true Hannah fashion…I was making sure it didn’t catch anything…drag on anything….fall…..AHHHH! The responsibility!).  So, she asks, “What’s their last name going to be again?”.  I responded “LaPosta”….to which she replied, “Well, this says LaRosta…and we can’t have that!”.  She then proceeded to bend the hanger to make sure this shot and detail were correct!  She always gets the pat on the back for having attention to detail!  THAT’S one of the many reasons I love her….HA! She’s on the ball!

Chelsea and Kevan requested a moment by themselves (plus us, of course) to say “hello” to one another.  This may have been one of the sweetest “almost first looks” I’ve done yet!   Photo on the right was taken by Kari…she always pick the good angle, darn!  We’ve also noticed that while I like to do full body shots…she likes to get in tight!  The result is the best of both worlds!

…and then it was time for the big ceremony!  This church is SO pretty!  To all my photographer friends, the walls are actually a little green. For real!  I messed around with the white balance FOREVER until I realized and remembered they were light green in real life too!! HA! It did make me a little batty…I’ll admit it!

Seriously, this church was beautiful!  HUGE shout out to Jay Morris the videographer at this wedding for sharing the aisle with me!  Sometimes photographers and videographers don’t always play nice despite our best efforts! He was awesome and we stood shoulder to shoulder so we could both get the shots we needed! I’m looking forward to seeing him again in December!  You can’t see him here, of course, but he’s RIGHT beside me on this shot!  I wish all weddings were like this! Chelsea and Kevan picked an outstanding group of vendors if I must say! Kari and I had a great time…no stress! That’s a win!  

…and then once they became man and wife, they left the church with a bubble send off!

…and literally sped away in a Monte Carlo! 

Have no fear though, they came right back around so we could shoot these photos!  If you haven’t met Kari and I, we mean business.  We like to mix professionalism with a lot of laughter and fun and somehow pull off being bossy when we need to while not upsetting anyone! HA!  While we were waiting for the couple to come back, we quickly swept up the aisle and folded the runner up (it didn’t survive the professional…most don’t).  We also kindly and quickly asked everyone to move to the back of the church (including the minister who was in a wheelchair after a leg injury…she graciously allowed me to practice my old nursing skills and wheel her to the back….SUPER kind and nice lady! Thanks, Carol!).

…and then we asked everyone to move to the front of the church about 45 seconds later!  I’m seriously so fortunate people put up with my nonsense! You can even see people (if you look close enough) on the other side of the windows too…we shooed them out there, as well! HA! Hey! Chelsea wanted some church photos on the inside….a girl has to do what a girl has to do, right?!! Everyone was very kind and cooperative though! Thank you!! 

Here’s a color version in case you are interested! 

Then, we traveled to Marland Heights park to do some bridal party formal photos!  Here’s something I must say.  When I became a wedding photographer and was taking classes, I was always told to take on the couples who matched my style…and personality…and were “my clients”.  Well, I’m here to tell you I didn’t know one thing about Doctor Who prior to meeting these two!  I’ve never shot a wedding that was themed this way BUT these two ARE some of my most memorable and favorite clients.  They are two of the sweetest people I have ever met.  They are kind to everyone and they love each other in a way I can’t even begin to explain.  They aren’t afraid to show it either!  They are always smiling and they didn’t shun me when I admitted the only reason I knew Doctor Who existed was because of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory! HA!  I’m so happy to have Chelsea as a Facebook friend because I never get tired of seeing her posts!  They share their love for one another with all their family and friends and I never stop smiling when they pop up on my feed! I looked forward to this wedding for a LONG time and I’m grateful my time with them won’t end here!

Ok, enough jabbering! Here’s a more sassy shot of the bridal party.  Please note: There is a “best woman” AND she has pockets in her dress just like the guys! AAAAHHHHHHH!! That’s Kevan’s sister and she’s awesome!  I couldn’t have been more excited to see her fill this role and she did great!  She was also super pumped to tell me she had pockets when I asked the guys to put their hands in their pockets (not this particular photo, of course)….to which she replied “Hey! I have pockets too…check it out!”  Loving this!

Later, I looked over and saw Kevan posing.  Chelsea got in on the action! 

At some point during the day, Kevan’s mom gave me these glasses and I put them in my bag.  I can’t remember who reminded me I had them…BUT THANK YOU!  I made poor Kari run back to my car to get them and then we took these! That’s a screwdriver too he’s holding! I know that now! At least, I hope I got that right! HA!  I’m still learning!

I’m so grateful my couples trust me.  I asked these two to go stand in the leaves.  It was soft and I’m pretty sure they thought I was nuts BUTTTTTTT look how pretty! I wanted “fall” photos for these two.  I mean…it WAS October 21st for crying out loud and the leaves were still soooooooo green! This was as “fall” as we were going to get and I’m not one to pass up an opportunity even if I force my couples to stand in squishy (but dry) leaves! Hey! I tried it out first! I always do!  I didn’t sink so I knew they wouldn’t either!  Her dress was also the PERFECT material for this because it didn’t pick up ANY leaves!  That’s an accomplishment!  I love this set!  

This was a pose we replicated from their engagement session! Speaking of their engagement session, you need to see it! Check it out here because it tells their whole love story which is AMAZING and a “must read”! Don’t forget to come back though! 

We did some walking and snuggling, of course! We always do!

…and then we stopped to take a photo with this tank because Kevan had a big part in restoring this thing when he was younger! Cool, right?!

Then, we headed to the reception!  I actually shot these earlier in the day, of course, before the guests arrived but because I’m a crazy person and organization in my head is important…I placed them here in the blog! HA!  This was the PERFECT amount of “themed” without being “too much”…you know?!  Isn’t it?!  It’s flawless! And that morning I was so excited and being loud enough in the reception hall (by myself…..with just Chelsea’s grandma) that Kari heard me from out in the hall when she arrived! Kari was looking for me and I heard her say to the hotel staff, “Nevermind.  I hear her.”….Bahahahahaha! Hey! When I get excited (and I’m almost always excited at weddings), my volume goes up.  I can’t help it! 

Jonathan Mihellis of Finest Events (link at the end) spot lit this cake! Check out the uplighting too!! If you need the real deal and all the bells and whistles….heck, even if you just need an amazing DJ, call him! CALL HIM NOW because this guy is popular and he books up fast! You’re going to really see why here in a minute!  I ALWAYS know any wedding I work that Jonathan is a part of is either going to be VERY pretty OR it’s going to be a rocking party OR it’s just going to be a combination of all those things! This wedding was definitely a combination of all those things! 

OooOO the details! I loved all of it! Kari said “I’ve got friends I HAVE to tag when you post the blog.  They’ll love this!”…Eeekkk!

 I really wish I could post the videos Jonathan sent me because this photo just doesn’t do it justice!  The file type wasn’t right though…whomp whomp.  So, hop on over to my Facebook page to check out this projection mapped backdrop (I’m not going to lie.  I had to message him to find out what the “proper” name for this artwork.  It’s so fancy!).  It was animated and it was AMAZING! Seriously, go look but come back! All night, it kept going and going…including the money dance at which point money was raining from the sky! HA! 

 Doctor Who Themed Projection Mapped Backdrop by Jonathan Mihellis of

Doctor Who Themed Projection Mapped Backdrop by Jonathan Mihellis of

Here are some moments from the shoe game!  “Awwww…I LOVE THE SHOE GAME!” — Kari exclaimed when this started! She loves this (and did it at her own wedding).  It’s always very entertaining and these two nailed it!  They definitely know each other well but I’m not surprised!

Then, we moved on to the first dance.  A very wise photographer and one of my instructors once taught me you NEVER…and I mean NEVER…blow out the uplighting when the couple pays for it to look this amazing. “Blow out” in this instance and in photography means you use so much flash it covers up the finer details.  So, Kari and I made sure we set up to not only light the couple properly and capture some amazing shots but to also preserve all of Jonathan’s hard work!  When I say, “we set up”…I quickly told Kari “don’t blow the uplighting” and walked away! HA! Hey! We were in a hurry!  She nailed it!  In almost every photo we took, you can see the amazing uplighting!

I think the only important thing I haven’t mentioned yet about this wedding is the HUGE amount of love and kindness and genuinely, sweet people surrounding us.  Everyone was so caring and there was love everywhere…..EVERYWHERE! There wasn’t a father/son dance, of course, or I would have included Kevan’s dad too in this mix but check out all the affection during the father/daughter, mother/son,  mother/daughter dances! The whole night was smiles and laughter and LOVE!

Now, it’s time to parrrtttttttttyyyyyy!! I once saw a meme that said “never trust a DJ who doesn’t dance” and I couldn’t agree more! Jonathan gets out on the dance floor and I always photograph him when he does! HA!  He got me back though!  At one time, during a popular dance, he yelled into the mic, “Video man GET DOWN! Photographers GET DOWN!”.  HA! Well, played! 

Then, the party really got started!

I’m telling you, the wall/backdrop was SO entertaining! Everyone was stopping to appreciate it and watch it! If you didn’t take my advice above, go check out Jonathan’s work! He does all kinds of crazy things! This one was Doctor Who themed.  I know he’s done the Pittsburgh skyline (complete with twinkling lights)…I bet he can do something custom for you! 

…and the party didn’t stop! 

If you’ve been to a Jonathan Mihellis wedding, you know what’s happening here! At the end of the line, the guests make a bridge and everyone goes through it!  You can spot his weddings from a mile away!  If you’re the photographer, you GET READY to capture the end of the line! 

John Denver for the win!  If you’re from WV, you definitely know what’s happening here!  I think Kari’s getting used to it! Poor girl, she’s from Ohio….lives in Pittsburgh and attends all these West Virginia weddings with me! HA!

…and then one last slow song.  This one got me a bit.  It was Aerosmith’s “I don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and that just happens to be the same song my husband and I danced our first dance to almost nine years ago! 

And because Chelsea and Kevan are awesome and so in love and not afraid to show it…Kevan dipped her…tie on his head and all! 

…per tradition, we took a “we’re having fun” reception selfie! 

…and added Jonathan in because he puts up with us!  In all seriousness though, one of the best parts of this crazy new career of mine is meeting and working with amazing vendors who like to come together to make the day amazing for the couple! We always get to meet great people and when you’re having fun, I believe it needs to be documented!  

 Jonathan Mihellis of Finest Events

Jonathan Mihellis of Finest Events

Well, that’s it folks! This one was a little bittersweet for me! I’ve so been looking forward to this wedding and seeing these two FINALLY become man and wife!  Congrats to the LaPosta’s! I’m so happy for the both of you!! Thank you for asking me to be your photographer and teaching me everything I know about Doctor Who and for generally just being so amazing!  Wedding photography is great, but it’s even greater when you’re surrounded by wonderful human beings like Chelsea and Kevan! 

Have a good one, everyone!


This amazing Doctor Who themed wedding couldn’t have been possible and I couldn’t have photographed such an amazing wedding if it wasn’t for all these wonderful vendors!  Click the links if you need more information!

Bride’s Gown – J Jones

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – J Jones

Men’s Attire – Magnoli Clothiers

Hair/Makeup – Johnmichael

Florist – McCauslen’s Florist (Pew Bows/Flowers)
Carolyn’s Florist

Videographer – Jay Morris Video Productions

Cake – Gus’s Goodies

DJ/Uplighting/Projection Mapped Backdrop – Finest Events by Jonathan Mihellis

Catering/Reception Venue – Undos Weirton

Ceremony – First United Methodist Church Weirton

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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