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Intimate Christmas Wedding | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography

Happy New Year, everyone!  It’s 2018!! WOOOOOOOO!

I have something special for all you Christmas lovers like me!  I’m going to give you ONE more chance to look at the 2017 holiday season and you can thank the new Mr. & Mrs. Fisher for this gift!  Let’s give a HUGE “congrats” to Jaimee and Eric.  They became man and wife a few weeks ago and just two days before Christmas!  It was so pretty! It was so intimate and enjoyable!  It was the PERFECT way to end my 2017 wedding season!  Check it out for yourself!  Enjoy!

When I first walked in and saw that everything was red and everything was Christmas themed, my heart about exploded! If you don’t know me, I am a lover of everything Christmas and everything “holiday” and, of course, EVERYTHING WEDDING!  THIS made me so so so happy!

The details were just as simple and sweet as the rest of the wedding!  Kari and I actually locked ourselves in a tiny office that had a great window to photograph these!  Eric was right next door and could probably hear us giggling!

Jaimee and Eric’s faith is strong so it was very important for me to document that aspect of their lives!  When I first did their engagement session (you can see it here), they requested a photograph holding Eric’s bible and we were sure to recreate that later on their wedding day!  You’ll see it here in a few!

This was Kari and I’s attempt to get the shadow to look like a heart!  It’s a stretch, I know!  We tried! HA! 

Then, it was time for the bride and her girls (and mom…Hi, Roxanne!) to get ready!  This day was so stress free.  Often times, Kari and I were just enjoying all their company and wondering why there was so much extra time in the day!  Again, what a great way to end 2017!

…and the guys too!  I told Brandon (Eric’s brother) to pretend to pin the flower on him while I took photos.  He got all confident on me and said “What?  You don’t think I can do it?” — or something like that!  We had a really good laugh though…because I ended up doing it anyway!  I’m telling you, I’m a stickler for those pins not showing so I don’t have to edit them out later…and so the flowers don’t fall off mid ceremony!  No one wants that, right?!  Not to mention that Brandon realized that he does not, in fact, know exactly how to pin a boutonniere. 🙂

After everyone was all dolled up, it was time for the really good stuff!! Jaimee and Eric opted for a first look.  It was just us four in the sanctuary and it was so sweet!

Seriously, look at the love and the joy and the genuine excitment!  Gosh, my job is so great!

Then, we moved on to formal photos!  Does that photo on the right look familiar?!  It should!

There was this beautiful gazebo in New Manchester (where we were) but it was raining.  Yes, people…it RAINED on this wedding day and at the end of December!  I had 14 weddings this year and it didn’t rain at any of them…except this one!!  It did start to snow later in the day but at that point it was too late and the ground was so wet and mucky and Jaimee’s dress wasn’t just white…it was bright white!  So, we decided to keep it inside!! It was meant to be though, check out how the backdrop (which hides a TV) just ties in with everything else!! EEEEKK!! I love when that kind of stuff happens! 

Here are the pretty ladies!

…brotherly love?  Yes.  They do really love each other!  Apparently when they were little they had boxing matches so this was their “funny” photo!

 A small and VERY sweet bridal party!  I had two December weddings.  One had 34 people in the bridal party…this one had 5.  THAT is an amazing way to end my wedding season!

They look great, don’t they?!

I have got to hand it to Ashley of Simply Sweet Cakes.  She doesn’t just do cakes…she does decor too and it’s amazing!

Here are some solo shots of the bride and groom!  Sorry I chopped your head Eric, but I LOVED the details of this one! So simple and so dapper! 

We recreated Jaimee’s parents wedding photo!  This was Jaimee’s idea and I LOVED it!  Fun fact: The pins that held Roxanne’s hat on were the same pins Jaimee used to hold down the asile runner.  I seriously love those little details! 

It’s amazing what you can do with one room to get good formal photos when mother nature just wouldn’t cooperate!

I had them read scriptures while Kari and I played paparazzi!  Somehow they managed to stay in the moment while we ran around like crazy people trying to find every angle possible!  My clients are the best, I tell ya!

A silohuette by the window!

…and a dip! THEY NAILED IT!

It’s become our “system” before the ceremony for Kari to go with the girls and for me to stay up front.  I always talk to the officiant and get the “ok” for where I’ll stand and where we’ll move around once everything gets going.  Kari caught this sweet moment when the girls said a prayer before they walked down the aisle.  This is what weddings and Christmas is all about and it makes me smile looking at these photos.

Just a comical note about Jeff standing there.  He is a friend of the family and was the officiant for this wedding.  He made a very kind request from the couple for an “unplugged” wedding.  I always get looks and this wedding was no different.  I’ve started to not make eye contact with the guests! HA!  I don’t make these rules…I just suggest them! 😉  I’m happy to share with whoever!  I promise!

…and finally…here comes the bride!

It was a beautiful and sweet ceremony filled with love!

And then Eric got to kiss his bride!

…and then Katie knocked down a bunch of Christmas decorations.  I was looking through my view finder and only focusing on my focal point and the couple.  I had NO idea what happened when everyone gasped and I heard a “thud”!  I totally though someone had passed out!  I assumed that had NOT happened when everyone remained seated.  I still didn’t know what had happened until someone let me in on the “joke”! HA!  Kari and I quickly helped fix it though and all was well!

Say, “Hi” to Clayton!  He was in charge of all the music this day!! He’s also kind and put up with Kari and I…even when she was taking his picture form afar! 

We ALWAYS need some walking and snuggling!

…and more phtoos with Eric’s bible.

Then, it was off to the reception!  It was Kari’s idea to get the tree in the background.  She always has the good ideas!  She also took those photos!  Ashley’s cakes ALWAYS photograph so well!

Her decor is amazing too!! These photos were actually taken first thing in the morning before I even met up with the couple.

Instead of a guest book, Jaimee and Eric asked everyone to sign this bible and highlight their favorite verse.  I loved that!

Then, Jeff said a prayer and everyone popped champagne before the speeches began!

…and the speeches were GOOD and straight from the heart!  There were even a few tears shed from the men and you always KNOW that’s when the words are being spoken with love.

Then, we cut the cake! Not “we”, of course…but you know that’s what I always say!  Look at the love and the fun and the joy radiating from these two!  We need more of this genuine affection in the world!  They also mangled that peice of cake!! 

…but it all worked out!  Jaimee said she was taking the top of that cake back to the room.  They weren’t waiting to eat it in a year! HA!

I’ll say it again.  This wedding was the PERFECT way to end my wedding season and to end 2017!  It was genuine and intimate and there was no fuss.  There was no stress.  Heck…there wasn’t even any loud music or crazy dancing.  It was just a bunch of close family and friends enjoying each other’s company while celebrating the love between this newly married couple.

…and while I was caputuring all those moments…I looked over and saw this.  And it almost brought a tear to my eye!

There was a little dancing though.  One and only one dance for this couple and the guests.  This was their send off to married life!  Wow!

…and then they were off!  It was amazing!!  You just don’t get to see and experience things like this anymore!  They were out of there…literally!! The song ended and they dashed off as man and wife…and I, of course, chased them down, got in front of them, and captured these moments! HA!  I sure hope they don’t mind!

…and I may have even chased them out the door and down the hall a little bit too.  I didn’t go far.  I promise!  This is marital bliss right here, people!

…and because it was an early night and I wasn’t quite ready to leave just yet, I tracked down Jaimee’s mom, Roxanne.  From the moment I first met this family and they hired me, they have supported me and my business.  I always see them “liking” my posts and keeping up to date.  I can’t thank them enough for that!  They were also so kind on this day and welcomed us like family.  Kari and I were often just talking and enjoying their company.  We never felt like a vendor and that’s just how the whole day went.  There was no stress (how many times have I said that now?) and lots of time to just “be”.  Roxanne said the very kindest things to me right before I left and it’s a moment I’ll never forget!  THIS is what life is all about!  These people are genuinely kind, compassionate individuals and it shows.  I got these last few images of Jaimee’s parents per their request right before I left!

Jaimee’s family is smaller.  Eric’s family is larger.  All of their friends and family were kind and the love in this room was very obvious.  I know Jaimee and Eric are going to have a long and happy marriage.  I have no doubt.  I wish them all the best and I hope they have a wonderful first year of marriage in 2018!

Congrats to the new Fishers!  

Thank you for asking me to be the one to capture your first day as man and wife!  It was a memorable one!  I’ll never forget it!

That’s it, people!! 2017 is OFFICIALLY over now!

As always, I have to give credit where credit is due!  Without these amazing people, this wedding wouldn’t have been nearly as pretty or nearly as enjoyable without all the hard work from these individuals!

Bride’s Gown – David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Dresses – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Florist/Cake/Decor – Simply Sweet Cakes

Ceremony – New Manchester Christian Church

Reception Venue – The Holiday Inn – Weirton

Catering – Undos

DJ – Clayton Thaman

Invitations – Zazzle

Hair – Studio L

Officiant – Jeffrey Sayre


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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