My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Frozen Lake-Warm Hearts Engagement Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

Hey Hey, Everyone!

Is everyone staying warm?!  It’s a chilly 0 degrees here today and I’m literally wearing sunglasses as I work in my office today because the bright sun reflecting of the white snow through my big windows is nearly blinding me…for real.  I’m trying to pretend I’m warm and at the beach though!

Anyway, I want you to meet Dana and Greg!  I can’t take any credit for finding these two.  I have to thank the amazing and kind Ryan Nolan of R. Nolan Photography for pointing them in my direction!  He’s photographed Greg before as well as some of his family and friends but was unable to do the engagement photos.  He called me up and explained the situation and then Greg got in touch and we made these happen!  By the way, you can check out all of Ryan’s work by clicking right here!  It’s fabulous!  You won’t regret it!  Thanks again, Ryan! 

So, Greg explained that he and Dana were getting married this September in Colorado.  In order to send save the dates, they needed photos sooner rather than later.  He also explained their love of nature and that they frequently hike at Raccoon State Park, so we figured it was the perfect place to take these!  Of course, we met up at one of my favorite places – this dock.  It probably looks familiar to you…except, of course, the lake was REALLY frozen this time and the sun was coming down in a different location than the summer and fall.  Although I was loving this, it wasn’t exactly what I was picturing…so I snapped this because of the beautiful sky and then took a chance…you’ll see!

Ooo and I had to share this one because Greg wore a bow tie and Dana was straightening it for him and I just LOVED this sincere and intimate moment!  Did I mention it was 10 degrees?  Seriously, 10 degrees! EEEKKK!  They’re troopers!  That’s for sure! 

So, let me tell you a little about my husband and I…random, I know.  He’s an outdoorsman.  He’s a dedicated hunter and fisherman.  He loves to ice fish.  After 16 years, I’ve refused to stand on a frozen lake.  I don’t care about the “facts” and the thickness of the ice…blah, blah…blah.  I just couldn’t fathom the idea of standing on a frozen lake risking death by drowning or hypothermia.  It didn’t make any sense.  I also couldn’t understand why ANYONE would go out in the frigid temps and freeze their butts off WHILE risking their life all for a hobby.  Enter photography.  SoOooO…I’m eating my own words now, aren’t I?  I guess I DO understand it now.  When you love something enough and you’re passionate enough, you’ll do just about anything….including freezing your butt off in 10 degree weather AND taking a chance and standing on the frozen lake.  That’s right people,  I saw this yummy light and I saw an opportunity for some amazingly lit photos and I did it…I walked out on the frozen lake and stood there.  Greg promised to come get me somehow if I went in! HA!  To be clear, I’m still not going ice fishing!

But seriously, look at these photos! EEKKK!!

Then, Greg and Dana went out on the ice!  They had seen a photo with a heart in the snow.  We attempted to recreate it.  I climbed up to the highest point I could find (and nearly went down when I stepped on a spot of high snow that wasn’t actually solid).  I was giving Greg a hard time about his heart…Dana went in and put some finishing touches on it!

Seriously, look at the sweetness between these two!  There isn’t anything I don’t love about these photos!! Clearly, I couldn’t narrow it down and decided to just show you all four!

…and a few black and whites because with that light, I just can’t decide! 

They were dancing, of course!  And on a frozen lake!! EEEKK!  We were all getting brave at this point and were all standing on the lake!

Ooo lens flare…how I love you! 

Then, we headed to the very dead flower gardens and I found this spot where the light was peeking through!  I love how earthy these feel!  My second shooter Kari would have been in heaven!  They also did an outfit change and it was just magical!

OoO these two!  They can’t take a bad photo!

These we did some walking and snuggling on a very frozen trail!

Seriously, these two are troopers!  It was SO COLD and we’d been out for about an hour at this point.  I’d changed my batteries out and was holding my camera inside my jacket to warm it in between shots! HA!  You’d never know!

…they even had some fun!  I mean…we were already cold, right?!  They’re so cute!!  I told them “not in the face” and they were yelling at each other…”SHE SAID NOT IN THE FACE!”…Bahahhahaa! 

So, Dana busted out a blanket for some last minute snuggling photos!! THESE are some of my favorites!  Gosh, this session was so amazing!

…and because every girl needs a photo when she’s got a fab ring….

Thank you Dana and Greg for hiring me and another HUGE thank you to Ryan Nolan for referring them to me!  I’m forever grateful for the people I meet during this crazy journey!  Although this session was cold, it was amazing and my first engagement session for the 2018 year!  These two are getting married in Colorado so you won’t be seeing their wedding on my blog but you better believe I’ll be looking out for their wedding photos because I can’t wait to see them even more dolled up on their big day!  

Congrats to the future Murdocks! 

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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