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Christmas Maternity | Hannah Barlow Photography

Hey, everyone!

I’m going to be shooting a very chilly maternity session for another one of my Hannah Barlow Photography wedding couples, so I knew it was extremely important that I finally get this maternity session up!  So, I guess you’re going to get ONE more dose of 2017 Christmas after all!  I photographed these ones back in December!

So, I want you to see this sweet couple again!  Caitlin and Drake were my VERY FIRST wedding couple.  That’s right.  Caitlin’s mom (Hi, Audrey) literally talked me into shooting their wedding.  She encouraged me and encouraged me (ironically…she’s also the same person who encouraged me to be a nurse too!).  It’s ultimately why I got my business license…so I could feel right about accepting money from her.  I’d never shot a wedding before.  Heck, I’d never shot anything professionally before and I’m pretty sure had she not continued to tell me “you can do it”…I wouldn’t be where I am today!  And it all turned out and I’m still proud of those wedding photos and I hope they still love them just as much as I do because NOW they’re having a baby (well, the baby is actually born now! YAY!).  It’s so fun to see couples who were in front of my camera, in love and getting married, now expanding their family!! EEEKKKK!! I got all the ooey gooey feels today!


To this day, Caitlin is still one of the easiest women to photograph!  She’s not picky about anything.  She actually brings her sister (Hi, Britt) with her to this kind of stuff because Britt has more of an opinion about these things! HA!

Gosh, these two make me smile!

I made them walk and snuggle, of course!  It was a real eye opener for how far I’ve come in just two years.  These two hadn’t experienced the “walk-snuggle-walk” technique yet!  Drake was like, “Wait.  You want us to do what?!”  

I saw some yummy light right before we left so I had to get a photo of it!  I can’t believe the trees still have leaves.  It was a weird fall and winter, I tell ya! BUT…look how happy these two are!

Give the Kowchecks are HUGE “congrats” on the birth of their baby boy!! Before we go, here’s a fun fact.  Caitlin is an OB and didn’t want to know the gender of the baby.  Drake DID know the gender because he “has parental rights to this kid too”…as he told me! HA!  I thought that was fun!  I’m not sure I could have held back knowing that my husband knew if it was a boy or girl and I didn’t!  She’s a tough cookie, this girl!

Stay warm, everyone!

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