My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Snowy WV Maternity Session | Hannah Barlow Photography

Hello, everyone!  

Today, by popular demand, I have a maternity session to share with you all! Seriously, Megan and Tripper must be popular because people were messaging me and calling me asking, “Did you blog that maternity sessions yet?”.  AND it (ironically) was not these two clients or their family or friends making the requests!  Jeesh!  I veer from my usual workflow ONE TIME and people are start noticing and calling! LOL! I guess that’s a great thing though!  So, please know you two are loved by many…and finally…here it is! <3 Megan and Tripper’s very chilly and very snowy but oooOooo so lovely maternity photos!


When I say chilly, I mean COLD…just downright COLD!  The temperature this day was a frigid 8 degrees but Tripper’s phone said “feels like -6”.  Lovely.  These two must enjoy the cold though because I photographed their very chilly but beautiful January wedding last year in 2017!  Remember it?!  If not, you can see it here! Heck, I shouldn’t even call their wedding chilly because compared to this…that 30ish degree weather was a heat wave!

It was so cold I had trouble barking orders at them (you all know how I get) because I just couldn’t catch my breath!  Megan even made Tripper take his jacket off and we had to here allllll about it, of course! HA!  Just giving you a hard time, Tripper…you know that!  He’s always been a great sport and has always liked getting his photo taken so I couldn’t have been more excited to see and photograph these two love birds again!  For real!  That’s the amazing thing about this whole wedding photography journey, I’m getting to “follow” my couples through all this and watch it all unfold!  EEEKKKK!  I’m so grateful they keep coming back and I’m even more grateful for Megan’s sister (Hi, Erica) buying them the gift certificate as a baby shower gift to do this!

Ok.  Back to the session!  You’ll notice we kept changing positions.  Well, that’s because we’d literally take about 3 minutes worth of photos (it might not have even been that long) and then we’d run to our cars and say “meet back in five minutes”.  We did this three or four times at this particular location! HA!  I could barely feel my fingers to make my camera work…insane!  And Megan’s belly is so petite her jacket made it hard to see…I promise it’s there though!!  I kept saying “Tripper…make that belly show!” You’ll see it in a moment thoguh!  It’s adorable! 

So, then we moved on to another location.  I had big plans this day but it was so dang windy and Megan’s hair kept whipping around her face in the wind so I changed plans.  I saw this amazing little spot and the light was shining so pretty…so I stuck her in this spot instead of a high hilltop I had originally eyeballed.  I always have total hair envy when I’m around this girl too.  It’s AMAZING and thick and curly…but I know this is about the bump…not the hair! HA!  Anyway…check out how stunning she is! <3 Gosh, this girl doesn’t know how to take a bad photo!  

AHHHHHHH!! Seriously, I love photographing these two.  And Tripper was legitimately cuddling her for warmth! HA!

To avoid the wind just a bit more, I hid them behind a building.  Funny story, this building (not pictured) is a spook house in the fall and we found some skeletons under this tree.  We had a good laugh when Tripper was like “Do you want me to move them?”….Ugghhhhhhhhhh yea….unless you want some bones in your photos! HA!  I also stood with a branch literally sitting on top of my head.  We had a good laugh about that too…I said, “Yes.  I’m aware there is a limb on my head…roll with it!”.  Never a dull moment!

…and then the light was getting REALLY pretty and Megan, in the best way possible, said, “Get ready.  I’m taking this jacket off”.  And so she whipped it off and started posing and I just snap, snap, snapped away!  OOoo my goodness…when I saw this photo…I knew it’d be a fan favorite (and mine) for a long time! AHHHHHHHH!!!

Seriously, isn’t she stunning?!  She always did rock a great “serious face”! 

…and then the light really popped and it was like a magic, grand finale and I had Tripper pop back in one more time!!!

A HUGE congrats to the Narigons!  Their little baby girl will be born in just a few days and I can’t wait to help make the happy news announcement (if they’ll allow me, of course).  Check back soon!

Again, if you want to see their wedding…just check it out here!  You can also see them in the Behind the Scenes blog here or the Outtakes blog here!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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