My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Springtime & Tulips Engagement Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography

Hello, everyone!

I’m jumping up and down!! I’m giddy!  I’m SO EXCITED!  This is it.  THIS is the true beginning of Blog Madness for 2018!  That’s right!  It’s going to be blog after blog after blog from here on out with just an ever so slight lull in July (because July is the only month from now until next February that I don’t have a wedding booked).  So, for the most part, the blogs will keep coming consistently until the end of January! WOOOOOO!  It kind of makes me tired just thinking about it BUT then I remember who I am and how much I LOVE to talk so….who am I kidding?!  It’s going to be AMMMMMAAAAZING!  Are you ready?!  I sure am!

So, let’s talk about this gorgeous ring for a second, shall we?!  I do not believe I have photographed a pear shaped diamond ring yet (someone shout out and correct me if I’m wrong). Of course, in true Hannah fashion, I did some research on the pear diamond because I am my father’s daughter and useless information and fun facts are a love of ours! Hi, Dad!

So, the pear shaped diamond is apparently thought to be the perfect combination of the marquis cut (which I personally rock on my left hand) and the oval diamond.  Celebrities, in particular, tend to love this shape I have learned.  Elizabeth Taylor, in particular, really loved this cut and was known for her knowledge of diamonds and love for theses beauties!  It SURE is a beauty!

So, who is responsible for this beautiful ring?!  I’m glad you are wondering (at least, I hope you are wondering) becuase I’m going to tell you!! Steven designed this ring for his soon to be bride, Courtney!!


I met Courtney at my VERY FIRST wedding back in 2015!  She was a bridesmaid in Caitlin and Drake’s wedding so even though the way I do things has changed quite a bit, she was quite used to me already!  I was so happy to see her again and to meet Steven!! These two are doctors so finding time with both of them on the same day is a struggle!  They’re super duper busy people and are actually getting married in Pittsburgh this June!  I’ll be the lucky lady photographing their spectacular Phipps Conservatory wedding! EEEEEKKKKK!!! I can’t wait!

I also love that these two coordinated their outfits!! Steven’s tie, in particular, was one of my favorite parts!  Originally, I didn’t like my own idea of the green dress against the yellow tulips (I felt like I was channeling my high school colors) but then I took a good look at Steven’s tie and decided it was just too perfect considering his tie had yellow flowers, as well! WOOO!! I love when things come together!

So, I had them do some walking and snuggling essentially right off the bat!  I’m switching things up this year!  They make it look easy!

These photos were really…truly….actually taken just last weekend and at the end of April but it sure didn’t feel or look like it!! This day was HEAVILY overcast leaving me with no sun at all, a blue hue, AND it was cold.  Like…really cold! WHAT IS GOING ON THIS YEAR?!  Nonetheless, these two rocked it!  How my couples always manage to look warm when it’s cold I will never know!

I LOVE this one below!! My brides tend to not love the “squishy” smile face photos as much as I do but these moments are so genuine and honest and I just love them so so so much!! Courtney had joked about being “awkward” and she even told me Steven had a “Chandler Bing Face”.  I BEG TO DIFFER!  What do you think?!  There was nothing awkward about any of these photos!!  Lack of sun and warmth aside, this session was SO FUN and amazing!  She always said she needed to “get this shoulder sniff thing down pat” but on my end, she was doing amazing!

So then we started working our way back toward the cars because the sun was setting…and fast.  Don’t let the power of photoshop fool you!! It was DARK out and I tried to create the illusion of a warm, sunny day!  What do you think?!  My goodneess though…check out how beautiful!  WEEE!

I had them dance too, of course.  Then, I tried to catch them off guard and yelled for Steven to spin her and it was PERFECTION!!! EEEEEEKKKKKKK!  I can not wait for them to do this same thing on the wedding dance floor at the reception for their first dance!! Can you not just picture this now?!  I can! I can!

Before we left, I wanted to do just a few more!  The wind was blowing like crazy so I figured getting up close and channeling my inner Kari (Hi, Kari) would help catch some genuine moments with some hair in the wind!  I love it!  Seriously, “awkward” does NOT fit into this session!  Nope!  They’re crazy!  They’re amazing together and so easy and I can’t wait to be turned loose on their wedding day to capture some beauties like these again!

…and because her ring is just so beautiful…here’s another one!  A little behidnd the scenes tale: The light you are seeing is actually from a lamp post.  It was almost completely dark at this point so I crouched down under the lamp light to get this beauty!! Hey!  Whatever works, right?! 

So, that’s a wrap for this one!! It was a super easy and quick session!  I can’t wait to see these two again in just one month!! Eeeek!! We’re going to start out at the Omni hotel in Pittsburgh and then head to their wedding at Phipps!  You are NOT going to want to miss this one!!!  It’ll also be Kari’s last wedding before maternity leave and baby!  It’s bittersweet!  That’s for sure!

Congrats to Courtney and Steven!!  It’s going to be AMAAAAZING!  I know.  I said that already!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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