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2018 Wedding Couples | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography

Well, it took me a little longer this year to get ALL the engagement sessions completed so I could officially post my 2018 couples together in one blog!  We’re still missing a few too but that’s what happens when you have a WHOLE BUNCH of amazing people you gotta photograph, right?!  Don’t worry, the ones who are missing will get their own blogs, of course!  I’m just so excited to finally present all of these amazing love birds together (even though some photos are missing) and tell you a little bit about each of their weddings just for a little tease!  It is seriously going to be SUCH an amazing year!  I can’t wait!  Can you?!

So, please give my 2018 couples a HUGE “CONGRATS” and a little good luck for sunny, dry skies!

Sit back…relax…and enjoy!

First up in the line up for THIS weekend (yes…tomorrow) is Sarah and Nate!  They’re getting married in Moundsville, WV and I’ll be photographing most of their day at Grand Vue Park!  It’ll be my first time there so I’m pretty darn excited!! I photographed a wedding in Oglebay in 2016 and Sarah was a bridesmaid!  That’s how I originally met these two!  The rest is history!  I cannot WAIT to see what she’s done for her wedding!  Her engagement session was styled to a T and in was rainy and they still rocked it!  They didn’t miss a beat, for real!  So, they deserve sunny skies tomorrow (I’ll take cloudy too as long as it is dry)!  Lets please all cross our fingers for a beautiful day!  I can’t wait to see these two!  Sarah and Nate, don’t be surprised when I grab you both for big hugs!! I can’t help it!  I’m a hugger! AND I AM SO EXCITED! SOOOOOOOO EXCITED for you both!  Warning:  I’m probably going to hug the guests I know too!

If you want to check out there engagement session from last year, click here.

Next up for May is Caitlin and Trey!  They’re getting married the second weekend this month and I’ll be photographing their wedding at the beautiful Nemacolin Country Club in Pennsylvania!! I received an invitation and I can tell this wedding is going to be GORGEOUS!  She’s tied in a Japanese theme and the invite was so delicate and gorgeous and had just a touch of beautiful, pink flowers!  I’m so looking forward to some close ups of her amazing eyes and capturing Trey’s swing dancing skills both on and off the dance floor!  I’m doing it!! I’m making him dip her again!  It is happening!

If you missed their session and Trey’s amazing dip, check it out here!

Then, we have Danielle and Greg!  They’re part of our May double header weekend and will be one of my Friday weddings for this year!  Kari and I will be heading back to the beautiful Irons Mill Farmstead in New Wilmington, PA to photograph their beautiful wedding!  These two are adorable and I can’t wait to see all their dreams come true!  They’re a perfect match!

Check out their Pittsburgh engagement session here!

Kristen and Matt are the other half of our double header weekend and our last wedding in May!  I’m just SO excited to be photographing their Wheeling wedding because this whole family (and some of their guests) feel like family to Kari and I!  They’re the sweetest!  I originally got to meet Kristen’s parents at our initial consultation when they decided to hire me!! Then, I got to hang out with them again at the engagement session in Morgantown AND got to see all of them the next day at Emily and Aaron’s wedding!  It’s going to be so great!  I can’t wait to see all the familiar faces and give lots and lots of hugs!

Their WVU engagement session was amazing!! See it here!

We kick off the month of June with Courtney and Steven!  Remember their very recent, spring, engagement session!  Yes?!  See it here if you’d like!  My goodness!! I can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful their Pittsburgh wedding is going to be!  We’re starting the day off photographing their details, getting ready photos, and first look at the Omni hotel and then we’re heading to Phipps Conservatory for the rest of the wedding festivities!  I hear there is an orchid room we get access to for 30 minutes and I’m literally jumping for joy!! EEEEEEKKKK!

I get a little bit of a break in June and then we’re kicking off the fourth weekend with Erica and Doug!  Jenna and I will be photographing this one in Wheeling, WV at the Capitol Music Hall!!  That theatre has been on my “wedding photography bucket list” for a while so you can all imagine how stinkin’ excited I am for it!

Check out their winter engagement session here.  Ironically, this day was a bit warmer than most of my sessions in April! HA!

Finishing off the popular wedding month of June is Jane and Tom!  Just like Kristen and Matt’s wedding, this event is going to be full of LOTS of the same familiar faces!!! WEEEEE! I love when that happens!  Jame was a bridesmaid in Emily and Aaron’s wedding last year!  These two will be getting married in Wheeling and then we’re celebrating at River City!! I can’t wait to go back (I haven’t been to River City for a wedding since 2016)!  These two are going to make a gorgeous bride and groom!

Remember their laid back engagement session?!  Click here

July is going to be a nice break for me to catch up and finish all of the May and June wedding madness!  I’m also teaching my manual exposure class again!  Then, mid-August we’re going to see Maddie and Cody again!  Maddie and I have become quite good friends!  She even took me to a bridal show as “her friend” so I could scope out the competition! HA!  It was a hoot especially when people asked how we knew each other!  These two are also getting married in Wheeling, WV and will be celebrating their union at Generations!

I just loved the colors at their engagement session!  HERE is it!

Then, we’re blowing into September with Carly and Ryan!  It’s crazy to me but it will seriously be here before we know it!  Carly is going to have a marvelous country wedding at Heaven Sent Farms in Avella, PA!  I haven’t met her or her special guy yet because they live out of town.  It may work out though if she’s able to come home for some quick engagement photos or it may not!  No matter what…I know their wedding is going to be amazing and if I have to waltz right in there on her big day, introduce myself, and start snapping away…I totally will!  No problem!

My second double header weekend of the year will feature two amazing couples and will start off with Susan and Chad!  They’re having an intimate wedding in Pittsburgh, PA!  We had SO MUCH fun at their engagement session with lots of laughs.  I know their wedding is going to be amazingly entertaining AND beautiful!  They’re naturals!  Also, be sure to follow them on IG ( @squatlikesusan217 and @cdubz5 ).  They blow me away!

Want to see just how natural they are together?!  Check out their engagement session here

Then, we have Sam and Joe.  They’ll finish off my double header, September, wedding weekend! <– whoa…that’s a mouthful and I’m sure my old English teacher and husband are freaking out over that sentence.  They are also my last wedding in Septebmer!! If all goes well, Kari will be back from maternity leave for this wedding!  Sam and I have bonded so this wedding is especially exciting.  She gets in touch with me all the time and we chat…usually about weddings at first and then it leads to random nonsense!  She’s pretty much kept me up to date on all the details, outfits, you name it and I probably know about it!  It’s going to be AMAZING!  Don’t miss it!  I’ll be photographing these beautiful people at Armstrong Farms outside of Pittsburgh!! I’ve never been there!  That always gets me so excited!  Joe’s a total natural in front of the camera too!! My Joes are rocking it this year!

Remember their dreamy, fall, engagement session?  If not, check here!

OooOo Emily and Steph!  This weekend (yes…WEEKEND) is going to be amazing for so many reasons!  My good, photog friend (Hi, Kat) and I will be photographing this wedding in Deep Creek, MD.  Kat and I don’t get to see each other but once or twice a year so I’m so excited to have her back with me at a wedding plus spend Friday and Saturday with these two lovely ladies!! It’s going to be a laid back event with lots of fun.  I’ve been “warned” we are going to be part of all that fun too! WATCH OUT!  I’m not sure we’re even getting a choice!  I might fake water for vodka so I can get up in the morning and photograph this wedding like the professional I am!  I can just picture Kat and I having to literally sneak away Friday night!  Since I’ll be drinking water, I’ll be sure to have my camera and catch some of the shenanigans…don’t miss it!

Check out their fall engagement session with some great color pop here!

Amy and Logan’s engagement session is coming up this month!  So, be sure to check back in a few weeks to see those images!  Amy will be having a beautiful Wheeling wedding at Oglebay!  I’m going to be at Oglebay so much this year and I can’t wait…because what better place to take photos, right?!  I also can’t wait to tell you how Amy and I ultimately became client and photographer!  It’s a great story but I’m going to save that for their engagement blog! So check back!  It’s a goodie!

Remember Meghan and Nate?!  Gosh, I’m such a sucker for red dresses!  Their engagement session was a fairytale and their wedding will be even better!  Meghan’s all the way down in Florida but she doesn’t forget about me and she sometimes checks in and I love that!  She’s also celebrating her union to this handsome guy in Oglebay so I’ll be there back to back weekends!  Seriously, her and I have SO MUCH anticipation for the first dance photos Kari and I will catch!  The pressure is on but I CAN NOT wait!  I’m serious and I’ve said it before.  If they waltz, I might pass out.  Jonathan Mihellis (Hi!) promised he would drag me behind his DJ booth until I come back to consciousness!  See?  I get to work with amazing people, I tell ya!

Meghan and Nate’s engagement session is right here!

Sara and Kevin are my last couple for the month of October!  Sara and I have been working out our schedules to try and nail down a day and time for their engagement session!  These two will be celebrating their marriage to one another at Mountaineer Racetrack and Casino!! I can only imagine it is going to be SO AMAZING!  Be sure to check back for their engagement session!

OOoo Becca and AJ!  This engagement session encompased all my favorite things!! Red.  Christmas.  A beautiful couple.  Love.  Many of these photos placed high in the Shoot and Share contest, as well!!  So, I wasn’t the only one that loved them!  These two are just amazing!  I can’t even begin to imagine what their wedding photos will look like because it’s just going to be alllllllllll kinds of goodness and eye candy!  These two are getting married at The Barn on Enchanted Acres (sounds dreamy, right?!) and in the new part where ceremonies will be held!! GAH!  I can’t even!

Want a little early Christmas spirit in your life?  Click here.

Jen and Ethan have a lot of history with Hannah Barlow Photography!  I first met them at Amanda and Tom’s wedding.  THEN, I was the lucky (and nervous) girl to photograph their proposal.  THEN, she hired me to be her wedding photographer!! EEEEKKKKK!  I love love love having a history with my couples!  It’s going to be amazing!! I’m excited to be a part of so much of their lives…and I feel very blessed!! Check back toward the end of the year to see their Ohio wedding!

And while you’re at it, check out their engagement session right here!

OOOooOo Jenna!  OoooOo Joe!  I’m not sure who likes the camera more!  I KNOW my camera loves them!  That’s for sure!  Jenna is a beauty!  She also tends to just pop in to say “Hi” to me and catch up!  It gives me all the warm and fuzzy feels when my clients do that!  Joe is just a freakin’ natural in front of the camera (sorry…there is just no other way to explain it).  I literally just stood their and click, click, clicked away at their engagement session while all this amazing love poured out of these two!  Their wedding is just going to be outstanding and it is my first December one of the year!  December brides unite!

Seriously, you need to re-see their engagement session here!

Last out of the gate for 2018 is Lisa and Dan!  I JUST met Lisa and Dan this past weekend but I felt like I knew them already!  Lisa keeps me up to date on everything wedding and because she’s a December bride too, it makes it extra special!  The color palette she’s got going on for her Pittsburgh wedding is to die for!  You just wait!  They’re also super easy to photograph!! Dan, in particular, really took my direction so well and made it fun and we all had a great time!  I love when my grooms get into it!  I’m used to the brides, of coures, so the grooms make it extra great! Their wedding is going to be perfect for the end of the year!  No stress photographing those two!

Their engagement session goes live Monday!  Don’t miss it!  Here’s a sneak peek while you wait!

So, those are all my 2018 couples put into one, big blog!! WEEEEEEE!! It’s hard to believe the next time they’ll all be together will be the end of year blog posts!! I know it will be here before we know it!  It is just so crazy!  After tomorrow, I have two weekends off in July (I think) and then no more until December 15th!! That’s madness!

So, now it is time to let me know if I forgot you! HA! I’m kidding…kind of!  Not really…but yes!  I seriously have nightmares about forgetting a wedding.  It is just “my thing”.  We all have those crazy quirks!  THAT is mine!  You all know I’m super duper organized.  I triple check my contracts multiple times a year to make sure my calendar has the right dates.  I confirm my bookkeeping system has the correct dates.  I make sure I haven’t double booked anyone before I let any new bride sign a contract.  I always look and see to make sure no one got deleted (not even sure how that would happen but I still worry because technology is technology). I tell my assistants the dates so they can call me up for details prior to the big day!  I blog ALL the sessions so they’re engrained in my brain!  While typing this, I’m realizing I might need medicated! HA!  I’m not sure that particular “worry” will ever fully go away as I’m someone who has always concerned about being in the right place at the right time!  I blame my Great Grandmother and my Mother! 

I’m also TERRIBLE with names!! I should really put Kari in charge of this stuff because that girl remembers everyone, I swear!  She even knows the bridal parties!  I’ve had Kevin and Kevan.  I’ve had Zack and Zac.  Megan and Meghan. Two Janes! Two Joes! Two Toms!  Hayley and Haley!  Erin and Erinn!  Sarah and Sara!  You’re all killing me!  For real! 🙂

So, now I’m off to confirm all the details with Kari for tomorrow’s wedding!  She’s got pregnancy brain so I’m literally going to type, “Don’t forget your camera and battery.”.  LOL!  I’ll have the back ups just in case.  She did go left when I told her to go right the other day when we were driving in Pittsburgh so I’m not leaving anything out!

I’m also off to charge all my batteries, organize all my gear, double check it, and pack the car.  I need to check my dress and shoes too.  Painting my nails is a must (because they end up in a ton of behind the scenes and outtake photos).  I need to figure out how to get Red Hot Chili Peppers on my phone (yes…I still use CDs) AND I’m going to put some fun wedding music on there too!

Seriously, LETS DO THIS!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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