My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Summer Oglebay Engagement Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography

Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!  That’s what I keep telling myself!  This spring and summer has been crazy busy!  I can see why most photogs put off blogging until the winter months! For sure! BUT I get so stinkin’ excited about my couples and their photos…I just CAN’T WAIT!  I don’t want them to wait either PLUS you know I love to tell a good story and I’m always afraid I’ll leave bits and pieces out if I wait too long.  So, here I am posting another blog right after I posted the last one yesterday!  Get used to it…it will be happening for a while! YAY!  At least I know my loyal blog readers are pumped! *You know who you are!*

Everyone, please meet Kristi and Justin!

I mean…holy crap.  Don’t they look AMAZING?!

I shot this session last week!  I actually met Kristi and Justin before this day though.  They had asked for a pre-booking consultation this past winter and you ALL know I’m never one to turn down an opportunity to meet new people, talk, and drink coffee!! As soon as I saw them and we got to talking I kept thinking, “I need to photograph these two.  Act cool, Hannah.  But how can I get them to for sure book?!”  I was so eager that I sent a VERY RARE email afterward telling her how much fun I had with them at the consultation (it was true) and how I could picture their engagement session (I was obsessed).  Ironically, their engagement photos are even better than I had EVER imagined!  And obviously, I’m photographing their wedding next May!! WEEEEEEEE!

I mean…she’s in a dress and he’s in a suit.  A SUIT.  HE SHOWED UP IN A SUIT!  MY GOODNESS!  Couples, if you know how to get photographer brownie points with me, dress up… and if your guy is dressed to impress too…BONUS POINTS!  There’s just NO WAY to go wrong with these photos!! I am pretty sure I squealed when they got out of the car and Lacey was with me!! Lacey is the newest member of the team and is going to help with weddings too now!!  You’ll meet her here one day!  It’s getting to the point I need a lot of hands on deck so this was her first experience with me…and I was squealing…in the parking lot…not 5 minutes into the session! I’m NOT a crazy person, I promise!  She probably thought I was though!  I just get so excited when my clients are excited and when I know it’s going to be hard to NOT take a great photo!  These two did NOT disappoint!

I mean…just look! 

They were dancing.  And snuggling.  AND spinning!  My guys with the “J” names are killing it this year.  My Joes….now Justin…they all love my camera and my camera loves them!  One of the things I love about Justin is that he puts up with my spunky personality and gives it right back to me!  He was that way when we first met too and I love it!  I knew we’d all get along great!  Kristi is just a kind soul and she’s more quiet than me.  She’s also a red head (obviously) and she makes me smile…all the time!  I like to follow her in IG and keep up with everything!  I have a good feeling her and Kari are going to get along great too!

I was chasing the light this night.  It was severely overcast but the sun WAS shining through a little bit.  You can see the rim light around their heads.  They’re also naturally lovey dovey and I think that love for one another shines in these photos!  They’re just so natural!

They nailed the walking and snuggling!  The whole time Justin was talking and laughing and I noticed Kristi naturally gravitates toward him when he does those things.

Seriously, they’re nailing it!  You wouldn’t even know I was there, right?!

So, I’m sitting here reading their couple fun facts questionnaire…and I’m dying laughing.  Kristi stated they met through mutual friends and started dating shortly after.  Justin claimed that story is “technically true” but really…he was in the bathroom at a wedding when a friend came in and stated there was a bridesmaid he just HAD to meet! HA!  I’m giggling!

I’m still reading…and OoOOo my goodness!! I nailed it above! I PROMISE I had not read what they wrote prior…and it’s SO GREAT…I’m just going to quote them, “Justin is the most loyal, kind and loving person. He always knows how to make me laugh. I can’t fail to mention he is the best cook and is always looking to try a new recipe. His intelligence and wit will definitely keep you on your toes!  Kristi is way out of my league. she is the most loving, kind, beautiful and wonderful woman.  She has an amazing sense of humor with a secret quirky side that always makes me smile.  She also deserves kudos for being patient enough to tolerate my goofiness.”

THEY’RE PERFECT! <— Stated in my loud Hannah voice!  KAT! KATTTTTT!  Where are you?!  If you’re reading this (and you always do), they could star in one of the novels we read! (My friend Kat and I are book soul mates and read nothing but romance novels and talk about them…at all hours of the day and night!)  Now, I just have to decide who exactly they’d play….HmmMMmmmm…

Then, they changed their outfits and made “casual” look great too!! I particularly love the tones here and how her hair pops right off her black shirt!

I really was enjoying the leading lines on this fence so I told Justin to lean like men do! HA!  They definitely got even more cozy (if that’s possible) during these photos!  I also hear there’s a VIDEO of their proposal!! I’m going to need to see that at some point!! FOR REAL!

EEEKKKKKKK!!! That makes me think!!! Hey, couples…if you have videos of your proposal!! I’d be happy to share them on my page!! People would love it (meaning me…I would love it!).  You don’t have to, of course, just sayin’! 🙂  I’d never turn them down!

Of course, we need a shot of her beautiful ring!  It’s AMAZING on the sides!! It’s going to look fabulous standing up on their wedding invitation!! EEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!  I also read that they weren’t overly excited about having their photo taken although Justin rated it 7 on my 1-10 scale!  I can’t believe it!! These two ROCKED IT!  You’d think they have their picture taken all the time!  We flew through all these photos!

These two are tying the knot in St. Clairsville, Ohio next year.  Justin said his groomsmen are professionals at this point!  Kari is going to LOVE that!  It’s going to be so exciting becuse their wedding is at this new place called Ebbert’s Farm!  WOOOOOO!! Check back next spring!

HUGE shoutout to Lacey for tagging along!  She’s married to a man who works for my husband.  She once stated, “I’ve never heard your husband say more than five words.”  I bet you are ALL getting a kick out of that.  It’s true.  He says very few words…and then you have me!  She got to see what my husband and couples put up with!  It’s a fine and delicate balance!  It works!

Everyone have a GREAT Friday AND weekend! Toodles! <3 

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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