My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Country Engagement Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography

Happy Wednesday!! Are you getting sick of me yet?!  I don’t care what the “rules” are about blogging…I simply can’t wait to share all these photos with you.  I do believe the “rule” is to post one or two blogs a week.  Phffffftttttt.  I’d NEVER get caught up.  It isn’t good for my clients or my own emotional and mental health either!  HA!  I MUST keep up!  I can do it!

So, I’d LOVE for you to FINALLY get to meet Carly & Ryan!

Give them lots of love!  They are pretty awesome! 🙂

So, Carly hired me a while back and I was instantly drawn to her sweet personality.  She’s sweet and funny and easy to work with.  She does, however, live out of town so planning an engagement session was tricky.  It got to the point we didn’t think our schedules would line up and I told her not to worry!  I’m totally a people person, right?!  I can wing it on the wedding day! No need to stress!  It would have been a first for me but totally “ok” as I expect situations like this will arise from time to time as I keep getting busier and busier!  Nonetheless, they had to come home for their food tasting (with Undo’s..YAY!).  So, I moved my schedule around a little bit to drive out and meet these two!! Boy oOoOoo boy am I glad I did!

Here’s what I’ve noticed about Carly.  She’s not “fussy” about the little things.  She isn’t overly crazy about her wedding (no Bridezilla here)  but the details still seem very important to her.  She’s mixing a little bit of classic with a little bit of rustic.  I’ll be photographing their wedding at Heaven Sent Farms in Avella, PA!  I’m totally excited as I’ve never been there before but have lots and lots of weddings coming up that will be held at that same place!  She really seems to have it all together which I can’t say about all my brides (cough….Kari…..cough). LOL!  She even invited me right out to her family’s property in New Cumberland, WV where we will also be getting ready and doing formal photos on her big day!

Gosh.  Sometimes slowing things down and making it simple clears my head.  There wasn’t anything crazy this day.  It was simple and sweet and SO quiet and calm out there.  So quiet that I got lost.  She told me they had a long gravel driveway…and I passed it.  I mean…I AM a country girl and I still felt like I was in the middle of nowhere.  I ran into a man on a tiny gravel road.  He was weed whacking.  I spooked him as he wasn’t expecting me to be there.  He did kindly point me in the right direction.  I’m SO GLAD I did a trial run.  Can you imagine?  Me.  In my black dress…all dressed up…in the middle of nowhere…asking for directions from a stranger who is weed eating his road.  HA!  Goodness.  That’s what movies are made of, I tell ya!

We did some of the usual walking and snuggling!  This is going to make for some amazing fall photos!! I except most of that grass will be brown by that time but the green on the trees will still be there!! EEEEKKKKKK!  Can you just picture it?!  I’m so glad this will be one of those weddings we can just “be” and relax and take photos where it matters…at her family’s home.  It’s going to be perfect!

These two were totally natural.  Ryan even said it “wasn’t so bad” and he didn’t mind all the noises I make and the hollering I do! YAY!  Score on for Hannah!  I did find out Carly was a dancer.  I kept mentioning her leg placement and what not.  NOW it all makes sense!! They were also so natural that I didn’t even care to do any of those awkward “smile and say cheese” photos.  Don’t worry, Grandma…we’ll DEFINITELY get a good bit of those come the wedding day!  It’s a “must” for those who don’t like the unposed look.  Luckily, Carly said that is one of the things she did love about my photos so I didn’t force them to do those awkward 1990’s shots just yet!

They went in for the dip!  It was hilarious!  Again…look at the leg and toe point!! You can spot a dancer from a mile away!  Carly is also one of my brides who has the most infectious laugh.  She was always laughing and giggling and it makes me smile behind the camera!

They’re just perfect! How’d I get so lucky?! 

Just a few more for the grand finale! 

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I can’t wait for their wedding in September!! It’s going to be amazing!  I don’t even know all the details and I’m excited and not stressed about it!  These two are “go with the flow” kind of people…I can tell!! I also got to meet her parents!! YAY!  It’s going to be a GREAT day and they have a GREAT house (and they welcomed me into it and even offered me something to drink).  It’s like my favorite environment!  I can feel me tearing up!  Jenna….WATCH OUT!  This is going to be a great one!! We’re going to have a blast! 

And let’s not foget…her ring is ROSE GOLD!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!  I feel complete!

Check back mid September for their wedding blog!  She told me about her dress and it sounds so unique and simple and nothing like I’ve ever photographed! YAY!

Have a GREAT day! Don’t gorget to say “congrats” to the future bride and groom!

Have a GREAT day!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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