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Addie & Issac’s Maternity Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography


Happy, Tuesday!  I’m just going to keep blogging until I run out of things to say (which is NEVER going to happen…let’s face the facts here!).  I have one (maybe two) more blogs to post this week still! Craziness!  So, here we go!

  Anyone recognize this couple?!  Some of you may…some of you may not.  I did their engagement session almost two years ago!! These two had a beachside wedding so I wasn’t their wedding photographer though.  In case you missed it or generally are just curious…they had an AMAZING Notebook inspired engagement session and you really…really…should just peek!! It’s amazing!  You can find it here! <— Holy crap!! I had to go FAR back to find that blog! There are A LOT of blogs there…my goodness!! HA!  I hadn’t realized!! Anyway…I’ll never get over that session of theirs.  It was AMAZING!

So, let’s all say “CONGRATS” to Addie and Issac!  They’re having a little baby boy here soon!

The sun was so cooperative and the light was perfect this day!!  I remembered they were super easy to photograph too so I played with all kinds…backlight, side light, direct light…you name it!  I tried it!  AND it all worked!! YAY!

GAH!  She makes a beautiful, pregnant woman!  I just love everything about this..the colors and the greens and the flowers and her! It’s just perfect!  Don’t you think?!  Issac looks good too, of course!  I had to giggle.  The only two maternity sessions I have done lately have had a shorter girl and a taller guy.  I did Kari and David’s too!!  You’ll see those soon!

These made for amazing blacks and whites too! WEEEEE!

Then, she changed into an orange dress!! AHHHH!! The color wheel in my head is happy happy happy!! Orange and green just GO together! I also love that neither of her outfits were maternity.  She’s just tiny…even her belly considering she’s due next month!

Lots of snuggling! 

These just feel so dreamy to me!!

I really loved this one!! The light gave just enough haze to make it feel very dreamy (I said that already) and “baby”…if that makes ANY sense! 

We added the dad-to-be for a few more because I’m never really done and these two are so easy and fun to photograph!! I definitely took advantage of everything amazing going on here!

During the session, there was this little baby bunny hanging out with us which I thought was so cool!! And…boys will be boys!  Issac tried to catch it.  He did NOT succeed! HA!

That’s it!  This session was short and sweet and so amazing!!  I hope they love them as much as I do! EEEEKKKKKK!!! Baby Sebastian will be here before they know it!  Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Omaits…soon to be family of three!

Important Side Note:  Hannah Barlow Photography is going through some big changes right now! I’ll be posting about it soon!! You all know I’ve been phasing out all non-wedding sessions and that’s going to continue through the rest of 2018.  I am currently only accepting maternity sessions for past Hannah Barlow Photography couples in order to leave plenty of space in my schedule for current wedding couples!! I am SO happy to refer people to an amazing maternity and newborn photographer in the area, however!! Just ask me! I’ll point you in the right direction! <3  Thanks for understanding! Have a GREAT day, everyone!  Stay cool and dry!

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