My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Sunny Engagement Session | Hannah Barlow Photography | WV Wedding Photography

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I’ve got a new HBP couple for you to meet!  Everyone, please give a big, warm, HBP welcome to Haley and Derrick!

I actually know Derrick.  “Know” as in I’ve met him one other time when his sister (Hey, girl!) talked him (ok…forced him) into family photos for their mom.  This was years ago when I was a brand new photographer and when Haley and Derrick were likely a new couple!  Crazy how the world spins around, right?!  We’ve all come a long way since then!

My goodness, isn’t she gorgeous?!  I feel like we’ve met before but I think we have so many mutual friends I’ve just seen her in a bunch of photos on Facebook!! Nonetheless, we’re all from the same teeny town!  So, I’m going to see lots and lots and lots of familiar faces at their wedding next September which will be held back at Heaven Sent Farms in Avella, PA! EEEEKKKK!!  Derrick might hate having his photo taken, but they take an AMAZING photo together!  Can’t you just see their wedding photos now?!  Seriously, I often envision what I’m going to do with my couples when their wedding day rolls around and most of it is based off their engagement session! HA!

You probably all saw it on IG already but that tattoo of hers is her grandmother’s handwriting, “I’ll love you forever”.  I didn’t read it at the time because I was too busy focusing (pun intended) on getting that ring in focus but when I got home and saw how I composed this photo to include the tattoo not knowing what it said…I freaked a little.  EEEEKKKKK!! I love when things come together like that!  You know what I always say…it’s meant to be!

I couldn’t decide whether I liked black and white or color for this location!

Hmmmmm….what do you think?!

So, then we headed off to this location which will always be known as my “we need to hide from the bright sun” location! HA!  Haley and Derrick met through mutual friends.  She was trying to sell some Toby Keith tickets and Derrick just happened to be in the market for some.  Actually, after reading their story, I’m pretty sure he was in the market for those tickets because he was looking to get Haley out on a date.  Apparently, they joke he stalked her after that until she finally agreed to go out with him (she was leaving for college soon and was a little hesitant to start something new).  She may have been hesitant but she told me she took a REALLY long time to get ready JUST to drop off those tickets he was buying from her…only for her to be there, drop them off, and leave 2 seconds later! HA!  I love those stories so much.  Wouldn’t you know it…they ended up at that concert together.  I’m really not surprised, are you?!  She tells me at one point during the night, he just grabbed her and kissed her (I imagine it very dramatic and movie style…fireworks…all that jazz).  The rest is history!! Here they are…asking me to photograph them now and then for their wedding.  WEEEEEEE!!!

As soon as I posed them for this one, Haley said, “OooO Hannah.  I think this is a favorite.”  I had to agree with her.  Good grief…these two have the best skin complexion ever.  I didn’t retouch a skin cell or hair on either one of them!  HOW is that even possible?! Lots and lots of closeups coming for their wedding day (if Derrick’s reading this…he’s probably trying to figure out how to get out of this already).  I’d also love to note that Haley’s itty bitty and Derrick’s a TALL guy which can sometimes be a struggle…but not with these two!  He snatched her right up and sat her on that wall too.  I was like, “Well now.  That was too easy!”  HmmMmMmmMm…the things we could do at their wedding.  I’m thinking a new HBP pose is in order for these two!  What can we come up with?!  Help a girl out here!  Post what you think we should do in the comments on Facebook! DO IT! <3

They looked so cozy and comfortable so I just kept on snapping.  While I was reading the details Haley gave me during the production of this blog, I swooned a bit…in true Hannah fashion.  Haley describes Derrick as “the most caring, protective, kind hearted and funny souls I have ever met. He never fails to make me feel safe and he always knows just what to say and do to keep a smile on my face.”  AHHHH!  The “makes me feel safe” got me because that’s exactly how I feel about my husband.  I get that…totally.  Derrick, on the other hand, describes Haley as “the most caring, kind hearted, stubborn, and literally the most genuine loving person to the point where she has changed me for the better. I wouldn’t have it any other way and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.” <— who’s dancing around the room now?!  ME!

How do I get so lucky to have these couples find me, ask me to photograph them, and I get to experience all this lovey goodness?!

Derrick may not have wanted to have his photo taken.  (He told Haley he was excited though…how sweet is that?!  He told me the truth though! HA!)  He did request a few with his hat on and while Haley and I both gave the “look” to each other…I actually really like these now (and she does too…I saw them on IG…HA!)!! We need to listen to these men more often, I tell ya!  That hat was like magic!

Seriously, check these out!  I always love when couples get super comfortable toward the end of the session!

…really comfortable!!! EEEEEKKKKKK!!  No awkward kisses for these two! NOPE!

I was loving this so much I took lots and lots of bench photos!  Don’t they look cozy?!  Did I say that already?!

So, let’s talk about this ring.  LOOK how pretty!  Let’s also talk about the fact that that leaf is hairy. HA!  Those macro lenses, man…they pick up EVERYTHING!  Anyway, Derrick asked Haley to marry him this past winter on an unbelievably warm day in February!  Haley tells me she kept thinking he was leaving the picture they were taking…or falling off the rock…and all the poor guy was trying to do was get down on one knee to ask her to marry him! HA!  All was well, however, and she said a resounding “YES” before he could even finish the sentence!! This girl is also on the ball with wedding planning.  Her aunt was my son’s story hour teacher and she told me way back when they first got engaged that Haley was getting everything planned and prepared ahead time! YESSSSSSS!! That’s my kind of gal!  I love my bride’s who are planners!

At the last minute, I remembered I needed to get this “must have” shot!  I always joke and tell my couples to smile because their faces WILL end up in most of the photos! HA!  You see what I mean here!

…and because it deserves some serious credit (check out the concentration on his face as he estimates the number of steps he’ll have to take her up to the top), here is Derrick carrying Haley up to the parking lot.  She bought those shoes JUST for this session and apparently they were NOT comfortable!  I had to laugh…and photograph this moment.  Wouldn’t you know it..he DID carry her up there! HA! That’s what I call love!

As I mentioned before, Haley and Derrick will be united in marriage next September just down the road from me in Avella, PA.  I’m the lucky gal who gets to photograph their big day!! Let’s hope I get to experience Heaven Sent Farms on a warm, DRY day!  I’ve got big plans for these two and their wedding day! WEEEEEEEEE!!!

Here’s to the future Murdocks!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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