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Deep Creek Wedding | Maryland Wedding Photography

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

It’s been a little over one week since Emily and Stephanie became Mrs. & Mrs. Beall!  I am just SO excited to show you their Deep Creek wedding!  I was the lucky gal who got to photograph it!  Kat too!

Let’s do this!  ENJOY!  It’s a goodie!

So, my good, photog friend, Kat, traveled from Manassas, VA to shoot this wedding with me!  She photographed a wedding with me in Annapolis, Maryland last year too.  She’s the only one of all my assistants and second shooters who has formal photography training (and no specific training from me either).  We actually have learned together and did meet through a photography class we both took, if you recall.  The only “up” I have on her is my experience specific to weddings!  So, she’s pretty much become my Maryland second shooter at this point!  It had also been over a year since I got to wrap my arms around her and give her a great, big, friend hug!   I was SO excited for this weekend for so many reasons.  Not only did I get to see and work with Kat again, I got to photograph these two pretty ladies as they proclaimed their ever lasting love to one another in front of their family and friends in the beautiful Deep Creek, Maryland.  From the moment I first met them both last year, I knew this was going to be a one of a kind wedding for SO MANY REASONS.  I built it up in my head and Kat’s head and we were so ready to get this wedding weekend going finally!

Unfortunately for me, this ended up being my third wedding in a row I was sick and not feeling 100%…and I was REALLY sick this time.  I’ve suffered from migraine headaches my entire life.  Luckily (or not so luckily), I’m used to dealing with them at this point in my life and know, for the most part, how to prevent them, treat them, power through them, and recover from them.  Well, I had a migraine like no other this weekend and it started first thing Friday morning….and lasted 48 hours.  GAH!  It was so frustrating for me and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.  Whomp.  Whomp.  I had big plans to attend the welcome party on Friday night (the brides were so kind and excited to have us) and then they even welcomed us to come to the after-party scheduled Saturday night.  It didn’t happen for us though.  I know it sounds selfish to even be blogging about this considering these women had a wholly successful wedding experience and we did rock their images (if I do say so myself) and it really had nothing to do with me…but they’re just so great…and I wanted to spend extra time with them away from “work”.  You’ll see what I’m talking about here in a minute!  I was seriously almost in tears because I wanted so badly to be a part of this whole big shindig they had planned.  OoOoo well.  It might not have worked out for me to enjoy some non-working time with these ladies BUT Kat and I were able to tag team the wedding day like we’ve never done before and we powered through and captured 1000+ photographic memories for these two amazing people!  I just told the couple later they’d have to invite me out next time since we live about 5 minute apart so we can make up for all those drinks I missed! HA!  It’s going to happen!  I’ll post a selfie!  You just wait and see! HA!  Alright, let’s carry on!

So, first thing that morning, we headed to the “Castle on the Lake”.  That’s the place where the brides and their bridal party were staying and getting ready.  IT.WAS.BREATHTAKING!  We had stopped at the welcome party the night before because I REALLY wanted to at least say “Hi”…Kat needed to eat too after her 4 hour drive in.  I definitely wasn’t thinking of food but it looked AMAZING!  Kat said it was amazing!  The welcome party (and most of the rest of the weekend) was held at “the castle”.  So, we already knew the layout and we knew where we wanted to take photos going into Saturday morning.  Headache and all…I WAS going to get those castle photos we’d talked and dreamed about (we being me…Kat…and the brides…HA!)!  Emily and Steph had talked this place up because they knew I love love love stone buildings.  This one did NOT disappoint!! You just wait and see!

So, Kat and I walked in Saturday morning and were welcomed with open arms.  Actually, we were welcomed in the driveway by some of the men as soon as we pulled up.  There was no lack of love and happiness this day no matter who we ran into!  That’s one great way to start the day, I tell ya!  It usually sets the whole “feel” of that day!  So, we headed in…said our “hellos” and I see Emily getting her makeup done.  Then, Steph comes right up and gives me a big hug…and giggles when I have the most confused look on my face.  You see, originally the brides had planned to not see each other until the ceremony.  They didn’t want to do a first look either.  We had discussed this many times leading up to the wedding…but they were in the same room when I arrived.  Wait…WHATTTTTTT?!  She laughed and said they already threw that idea out the window so I jumped on the opportunity and suggested a first look so they’d have more party time (not that they needed it…you’ll see).  We all agreed it was a good idea at this point!  So…now that I’ve set the scene for the weekend…let’s look at some pictures!

So, since the ladies agreed to our new plan, we (Kat and I) decided to hide upstairs and get their detail shots completed.  Double the brides means double the details and I was one happy, happy girl.  Emily and Steph had NOT seen each others’ dresses but did learn they’d picked the same shoes…which just happened to also be the same size.  EEEKKK! Meant to be, I tell ya!

Let’s start with Steph’s details!  It’s also important to note Kat took the reigns and really took charge to help me out and took pretty much half the photos all day long just to be sure I didn’t miss anything in my migraine induced haze.  Between her and I, we took entirely too many photos and I just couldn’t narrow it down after the fact.  They were too pretty to throw out despite some duplicates!  So, here you go!! Ivory detail bliss!  Weeeeeeee!

Double the bling too!

Steph’s rings are on the left (below).  She’s a Disney fanatic so Emily made sure to have a little surprise touch added to her bouquet!  Emily may be the jokester of the two, but that does not mean she’s any less emotional or sentimental!  I absolutely loved that she did this for Steph and I couldn’t wait for her to see it!

Now, for Emily’s details!  Goodness!  Kat managed to style and get all of Emily’s details into one photo and this is definitely one of my favorites of the bunch.  This is also a special photo because the necklace and ring are family heirlooms and Emily’s grandmother’s pieces.  I mean, Kat got the ring to stand on the ribbons from Emily’s dress! COME ON!  I do remember twirling that piece of ribbon to add a little “something extra” to my detail shots but Kat took it to a whole new level!  I’m going to be channeling that at future weddings!  It’s brilliant!

Two brides.  Two sets of details.  Kat and I kept giggling because we were just so excited about all of this bridal goodness!

Kat took these rings shots in the cute little box while I photographed the marriage license.  Hysterically, I stole these out of a folder on a whim.  Steph knew I did it.  Emily did not.  When I returned them, Em was all calm but said, “oOO Hey!  I was looking for those”.  HA!  I’m telling you…they weren’t letting ANYTHING get them down and trust me…they had a few too many hiccups on this weekend for my liking.  If they wanted to be a little frantic, they had every right to be that way…but nope…they’re just that awesome!  They literally just went with the flow!  No bridezillas at the castle!  Not this weekend, at least!

Then, it was time to get them ready.  Emily got ready in one room and Steph in another.  I let Kat choose and she pointed right at Emily and said, “I’m taking you!”. HA!  So, I headed off to find Steph to get her photographs taken.  Kat was all worried about the light in this room BUT LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS.  I love them so much!

So, Steph and I were in another room getting her ready with the help of some of her friends too!!  Man…these bridesmaids were seriously working hard!  You’ll notice many are photographed in both rooms helping both brides…they were literally running back and forth making sure everything was done and everything was perfect!  Steph and I were on the sunny side of the house so those red dresses were reflecting a crazy pink cast onto her dress.  I joked that she looked like Princess Poppy from the Trolls movie because her skin was literally photographing pink.  I even said, “yea…these will be in black and white”…HA!  We photographers use that trick when the sun is a tad too bright and starts throwing color casts everywhere!! BUT LOOK!  I love these moments so much!  They’re beautiful inside and out…these two!

I could just hug Kat all over again for getting these moments.  Emily was opening Steph’s gift.  I obviously wasn’t there so I can’t tell you the entire story but I can tell you what I do know.  Last year, Emily and Steph had considered bringing all three of their fur babies to their engagement session.  They decided against it though because Emily’s beloved fur baby wasn’t doing well.  I even offered to come to their house and snap a few.  That fur baby has since passed.  As you saw at the beginning of the blog, they did bring their other two with them to be a part of the bridal party and big day.  Steph, being the sweet girl that she is, didn’t want Emily’s baby to not be a part of it all o she had a charm made with a picture so Emily could tie it around her bouquet.  You’ll see it in some pictures here soon!  I also love the photo on the bottom of Emily gazing out the window.

I walked in at the last minute.  It was all over but I did see this bag sitting off to the side.  At first, I was bummed someone had used the corner for their gum (I’m totally guessing that’s what it was used for) but then I thought, “Nope.  That’s perfect!  It tells a real story.  Nothing staged here”.  Emily and Steph did not leave any details out for their wedding.  This wasn’t just a wedding…this was a whole week and weekend of celebration.  They included all of their closest family and friends.  They invited many to stay at the same house and then the others stayed at houses very close to theirs.  They gave gift bags.  They even had signs on the doors!  You’ll see!  There were details everywhere and they made sure this weekend wasn’t just about them…but about everyone coming together to celebrate with them!

SEE!  I seriously didn’t know I had put this as the next photo.  I just giggled a bit!  What are the chances?

Then, it was time for the first look!! I love this photo of Emily so much!  Shoutout to Kat for manning the top of the staircase while I took photos from below!

Emily joked later when Steph was walking down the steps that I “wasn’t taking any pictures of her” and only Steph.  Well, here you go, girl!  I took LOTS of photos of you.  You just didn’t know it! HA!

Kat yelled for me to come back up real quick.  Steph was opening Emily’s gifts.  I LOVE the bubble wrap! HA!  Steph says she has “a thing” with bubble wrap!  These two are also going to be honeymooning on a Disney cruise during Christmas.  I believe it’s called the Merrytime Cruise or something like that.  I had to laugh because these are all Steph’s loves.  There were little jokes here and there throughout the day about it too.  OooOoO the things these two will do for one another!  That’s love right there!! I mean…I’m also one to LOVEEEE Christmas but you’re not getting me on a Disney ship.  ooOOoo no.  Nope.  Emily intends to put that magnet on the outside of their door during the cruise too!  I hope they send me pictures!  I love post-wedding, honeymoon selfies!

Then, I headed back downstairs and got ready to do the first look for real this time!

I LOVE this photo Kat took of Steph looking down at Emily right before she walked down the stairs!  I also had to laugh because I told Emily on Friday while touring the house that those signs she spent all that time making were going to make me a little crazy.  That white sign on the door is making me a lot crazy right now.  A LOT!  Mark my words…if this ends up printed or in an album…that bad boy is getting photoshopped right out…RIGHT OUT! HA!  I’m a crazy person.  I know!

Weeeeee!!! I love first looks!

Kat nailed it!

Seriously, look how happy they are!  This whole set of photos exemplifies their personalities, I tell ya!  It was just perfect!

Seriously, I wish I could just show you ALL of the first look photos but we’d be here for a week!  My WV internet probably couldn’t handle it either! HA!  Again, Kat nailed it with this moment.  Steph had red lipstick on and was making sure to clean it off Em…or she was just looking for another reason to get close.  Who knows?!  I love it no matter what!  I mean…red lipstick and false eyelashes…WATCH OUT, BROOKE COUNTY.  You probably don’t recognize these two!

They really loved this staircase.  I REALLY LOVED THIS STAIRCASE!  AHHHHHHHHHH!  I can’t even get enough!  I want to do it all over again!!  Looking back, I have so many more ideas! HA!  There is never enough time in any one wedding day.  We need to fix that somehow! HA!

This is still one of my favorites!  I know…I know…I shared it in the sneak peek too but COME ON!  IT’S TOO PERFECT!

Then, we headed out to do some family formals and some bridal party photos.  This bridal party rocked!! Headache and all…I still got to really get to know some of them…and on a deeper level.  We made some new friends!  Even on Friday night, we met Mandy in the parking lot.  She didn’t know who we were but welcomed us and told us how to get around to the back.  Then, we met Chris, Emily’s cousin and officiant, who stopped and talked to us.  Then, we sat down for a bit and Justin came over, took a seat, and chatted with us.  Heidi talked to us.  Deanna and I caught up.  I could keep going on and on!  You get the picture though, I’m sure!  The brides also spent a good amount of time with us.  I felt like part of the whole crew…Kat did too.  Gosh…it was really a great weekend!  I keep smiling as I look at all these and type up this blog!  It was the perfect wedding to continue my amazing run from September!

So, while I was doing that…Kat ran three houses down to where the tent was set up and got the detail shots.  We had stopped earlier in the day but it wasn’t quite ready for us.  A friend of the brides (Hey, Jenna!) who I also happened to know already did most of the decorating so she was sure to let us know when it was ready for us to photograph!  Thanks, girl!  I appreciate it!

Of course, I snapped this one right before the ceremony began!  I couldn’t help it!  It was just so pretty!

Again, this was ANOTHER wedding that made me question how I did my own wedding.  These ladies spent many days at these houses with their family and friends.  As I mentioned before, it was in Deep Creek, Maryland which is just a beautiful place.  THIS was their view for the ceremony and also the back of one of the houses where family stayed.  It wasn’t just a wedding.  It was a family reunion.  High school reunion.  Wedding.  Party.  It was everything!

So, the ceremony got started.  Chris, the officiant, walked out (above).  The bridesmaids and groomsmen walked.  Then, the flower girl and ring bearer walked…with the dogs…to the song “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT”…sing it!  I’m not even kidding.  I am 110% sure Emily had everything to do with that! HA!  It went from classic wedding music to Baha Men’s song!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about…go ahead and Google “Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out”…and giggle your heart out!! All of the guests did…Kat did…I did!  It was PERFECTION!  Yes, the dogs are also wearing a bow tie and a veil.  Yes.  That’s right, people!  Cuteness overload happening here!

Here comes a bride!  Kat was hiding behind that bush (top photo left – below). HA!  Then, she shot the photos from the back while I hid behind the guests in the front!  Teamwork!

Then, it was time for the other bride.  I’ve said it a lot this year but if any of you think doing a first look takes away from “that moment” or creates a lack of emotion at the ceremony…you’re probably wrong.  It really does seem that there’s MORE emotion at the ceremony when people do first looks.  I still haven’t put my finger on it…but I have photographic proof.  I love it so much!

Just in case you were curious…Emily hid that tissue in her top.  I’m not even kidding.  I had to…I’m no sorry! HA!  She knew she’d need it!


AHHHHHH!!! It’s happening!  Chris worked extremely hard on this ceremony.  He took it very seriously, as well.  The guys were giving him a hard time for practicing just minutes prior to this moment.  There were sweet moments…tearful moments…laughing moments.  This ceremony had it all!

I looked around.  Everyone was smiling.  Some were tearing up.  Others were trying to hide it.  Kat was being super creeper and had major incognito status.  I looked around for her a couple times and couldn’t find her.  I got home and saw here photos and had a “OoooOo THAT’S where she was” moment.  The ceremony was one of a kind!  I’m so glad we caught it from all angles!

The parents lit candles to represent loved ones who are no longer with us (including Emily’s fur baby).  The wind didn’t exactly let the candles stay lit and Chris didn’t miss a beat and lightened the moment saying “it’s ok if the candles go out…they’re still here with us in spirit”.  Again, everyone shed some tears and laughter.  It just kept on rolling.

I know this was another sneak peek photo below but many people have commented on this photo since and said that this was one of the best representations of Emily and Stephanie they’ve ever seen!  It was also mentioned later in the night that while Emily is more loud and spunky while Stephanie is more quiet…they bring out the best in each other.  This photos represents that, in my opinion!


Emily couldn’t help but continue to laugh…Steph too!  I can’t even remember what was being said here but we were all giggling with them!

Vows were said.  Rings were exchanged.  Kisses were given.

The Bealls, everyone!

So, we headed back over to the castle to finish photos.  I KNEW where we were going to go and I took lots and lots and lots of photos!! Kat did too!! These are a good mix of our shots!  You’ll also see the charm on Emily’s bouquet below!

Again, Emily’s laughing.  Maybe we should have had a code word for her too! HA!  Seriously though, check out these pictures.  We’ve got stone.  We’ve got wooden doors.  We’ve got two brides which means two dresses…I know…we went over that already…but I just can’t stand it!!!

This series is my favorite, I think!  Shout out to Justin (one of the groomsmen) for moving the containers for me so I could take these pretty photos in front of these amazing doors!  Em and Steph were saying sweet things to each other the whole time we were taking these!


This was Kat’s idea.  While I don’t normally separate my couples because I have a firm “four hands must be touching rule” (you HBP couples know what I’m talking about), I really loved this!  *high five*

Then, we did individuals.  The ladies weren’t sure they wanted to do this.  I insisted!  Emily was saying sweet things about Steph making us totally swoon.

Then, the sun came out and it was Emily’s turn to shine (see what I did there?).  I know…so corny but I love it!  Emily hated this…she even said so.  Now, I KNOW she doesn’t mind being the center of attention but she doesn’t like being alone in front of the camera! HA!  Too funny!

Then, we went to the grass line to do some walking and snuggling.  Kat told the story of when she made my husband and I do this and how much we hated it.  Emily said, “yea…this sucks” and busted out laughing.  I busted out laughing too.  I’ll admit it.  It wasn’t fun when I had to do it in front of the camera either BUT LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS!

This one is compliments of Kat.  Seriously, who are these dainty ladies?!  I told them both they did a FANTASTIC job getting all dolled up for their big day while still remaining true to themselves.

More walking and snuggling, of course!

Then, that awfully bright sun went away so we could take these and I couldn’t even believe it when I saw the clouds reflecting PERFECTLY in the windows.  Of all the photos, the couple KNEW they wanted these photos on this balcony.

Originally, they suggested the whole bridal party go up there.  I was a little nervous about that.  Have you all seen the YouTube video of the bridal party and family that did this and the balcony fell down?  Nope.  Nope.  No way.  Not on my watch!! Everyone agreed it was probably better to be safe than sorry.  So, we kept the ladies up there and did some photos below…but not before Emily did some cheering and hooting and hollering in true Emily fashion!

It’s almost time to party!  But seriously…LOOK AT THIS BUILDING!  This was also the location of the welcome party and the after party.  They even had professional bar tenders for the events…not just the reception.  They weren’t messing around!  Seriously, I need to redo some of my wedding…it’s SUCH a GREAT idea!

We replicated this post from their engagement session which was a fan favorite then and it’s a favorite of mine now!

Ok.  One more!  That’s it.  I promise!

Then, it was time for the reception back at the other house under the tent.  Again, Emily and Steph did not miss a beat.  They even had a bathroom trailer brought in…which sounds weird…and funny…but was actually high class.  I kid you not!! It was fancy!

First dance love and laughter!

Seriously…laughter and tears of joy from everyone!  That sign also ended up on the dance floor…A LOT!  It was a guest favorite prop for photos!  I took A LOT with this sign being held high!

I love love loved that sign there by the cookie table.  I’ve been singing the song all week now!  So, let’s just keep the music going, shall we?!  Open this link HERE in a new window and then come back to see all the love pouring out of the night!  DO IT!  Get all those warm, fuzzy feelings flowing!  You won’t be sorry!

Isn’t it perfect?!  Their flower girl even read a poem.  I’m met a lot of kids at weddings.  I don’t know many who could have stood up in front of all those people and read something so sweet…and not miss a word either!

More happy tears.  More hugs from friends.  Heidi needed a drink! HA!  I loved the back of her speech SO MUCH!

Everyone said kind words about the brides!  Emily’s brother went next.

Then, someone else wanted to say something.  You’ll see Steph’s other brother couldn’t hold the happy tears in the whole day and night but Mason stole the show at this particular moment..and in a great way!  I know there was a little nervous energy going on here.  I don’t know Mason well.  Maybe he’s a jokester…I really don’t know.  You can see Steph’s face there when he decided to say a few things…but he warmed everyone’s hearts with his kind words about love.  He admitted he was young.  He admitted he hasn’t quite figured out the love thing yet but said these two beautiful brides have shown him what true love and dedication is…not his exact words…but you get the picture.  He even ended it with a sweet kiss for each bride and even mom was tearing up!

Seriously…I can’t pick a favorite moment.  There are just too many!

The sun was starting to set.  People were mingling.  Families were blending.  Everywhere I looked…there was someone or something to photograph!  Shout out to Kat for all her landscape and detail shots.  I’m not a landscape photographer…she’s much better than me and she kept on snapping away!

So, we headed down to the docks to get some sunset photos.  We had to walk back toward their castle house to get to some docks with no boats and a better angle.  As a result, we had to cross through the back yards of two houses not occupied by the brides’ family or friends.  You know…I’ll admit it…at this point and after having done so many weddings…I’ve met a lot of amazingly kind people and some not so kind people.  The not so kind people blow my mind.  It’s so bizarre.  People like to yell things at us when we’re walking places with the couples.  They like to take photos of us (I mean…what do they do with those?!  They don’t know us.).  Heck, at a wedding this past summer, we were just minding our own business and walking from Point A to Point B in a public area and an older lady decided it was appropriate to let us know how “ladies these days have no modesty”.  She was talking about the bridesmaids who were wearing floor length dresses WITH straps.  I mean…WHY?!  Why do people do that?!  So…yea…there were lots of people we didn’t know on the decks of those two houses and in my mind I’m thinking, “Ok.  I’m going to play Hannah nice.  Ask permission.  If they say something not so nice like what’s happened in the past, I’m just going to put a smile on my face and handle it.”  Well, not those people.  They were hooting and hollering their “congrats”…welcoming us…allowing us to tromp right through their back yards and even let us use their docks.  I smiled the whole time.  It’s moments like these I realize the world isn’t really a bad place and people are still kind and loving and we can all be one big happy family!  It’s possible, I tell ya!  I also took a photo of them but because I don’t know them…I won’t post it! HA!  So, they got to watch us do out thing.  They even yelled more “congrats” and shared some hoots, hollers, and fist pumps on our way back.  I’m feeling all nostalgic here!  Can you tell?!  I mean…even the strangers were having fun and sharing the love!

Kat went for a silhouette shot!

While she was doing that…I kept shooting at different angles!

…and Kat took this last one while the ladies were heading back.  Emily joked there was no clause in my contract regarding goose poo.  Kat told her she knew a good lawyer (Kat’s a lawyer).  I’m telling you…I didn’t feel like I was working.  I felt like I was just hanging with friends and that’s always THE BEST feeling.

Kat remembered we needed a selfie!! I cant’ wait to hang all these photos I take in my new office!

Then, we headed back to really get the part started!! I promised the girls I was done with all formal photos at that point and I wanted them to let loose and really enjoy themselves.  Because most of these guests are teachers and role models, I picked PG and PG-13 photos…so, just use your imagination for how this party was going down with this group…it was QUITE a party!

Seriously, every time I turned around…smiles and people wanting their photo taken!

Again, Kat nailed it.  She laughed and said she kept gravitating toward the water.

She totally did!!  Em and Steph put these lanterns out…Kat made sure to photograph them since they were important to the brides!  They’re also super awesome details!

I got to see so many wonderful people I haven’t seen IN YEARS!  They all made it a point to come up and say “hello” and it very much felt like a Brooke County reunion.  A few people made some jokes about Steph moving to Wellsburg, WV.  Us Wellsburg people had to giggle!  It’s not such a bad place.  Yes…it’s not what it used to be but us who have chose to stay here (or move here, like Steph) have made the best of it and when you’re surrounded by amazing family and friends like this…it’s definitely still “home”.  Kat even said, “You have a lot of nice people in your town”.  I keep telling her she needs to move here too!  Get away from the city…all that jazz!

Of course, even though we were in Maryland, no WV wedding ends without John Denver’s famous song and a big circle of family and friends surrounding the happy couple!

…and if my heart wasn’t already bursting at the seams…the DJ made an announcement to look across the lake.  That’s right…those little orbs you see above the docks…those are cell phone lights and lighters.  All the people across the lake came out to join in the celebration and the couple’s send off.  We all looked and waved.  They waved back and they continued to sway to the music for the rest of the song.  I’m telling you…wedding after wedding…I realize more and more that the world can be a good place…people really do still love each other.  We all want to be happy…feel the love…these moments just make me one, big pile of ooOoey happy goo on the floor.  Someone pick me back up!! I can’t even take it!

…then, the song ended and the DJ asked for everyone’s attention.  I had no idea what was going on but Kat was up on a chair and she caught this last photo of the night!

OooO my goodness.  I could just keep going but I won’t.  Despite my headache, this was such an amazing weekend.  When I was actually there and immersed in all of this, I often forgot I didn’t feel well.  Kat told me to sit down a few times and I noticed it actually made me feel worse.  The love and goodness of everyone who was a part of this wedding was enough medicine for me and I’m totally serious when I say that.  It’s just not for blogging purposes, I promise!  Just to give you an idea of how bad I felt,  Let me tell you a little more (which the brides don’t know until now).  That morning…Kat was messaging Kari trying to figure out what we were going to do if I couldn’t make it.  Kari and Jenna were both more than 3 hours away but I was feeling THAT bad at one point.  I’ve honestly not felt that way in years.  Kat suggested she could go ahead of me and get started on the day and I’d follow behind a few hours later to catch up at the point when we’d need two people.  It wasn’t long after that thought I received a phone call and got wind there had already been some major hang ups in the morning and that’s the moment when I thought, “I’m doing it.  I’m just going to do it.  POWER THROUGH.  Me not being there first thing in the morning is the last thing they need on their big day and it’ll be fine.”  I seriously got ready in 15 minutes and was out the door.  Kat was amazing too!  Like I said, the brides are just now finding out about all this too! HA!  They both knew I didn’t feel well and Emily, particularly, worried about me all day.  I kept brushing her off and telling her it was all good!  AND it was totally fine though…it was more…it was AMAZING.  I’m so glad I was there for the whole day even though I didn’t get to join in the festivities before and after.  These two ladies are 110% worth it.  They deserved it all!  To top it all off, I met up with Steph at the end of the night and she made me cry…in a good way.  She and her mom, Patty, thanked me over and over for everything.  That often throws me off because I’m obviously PAID to be at these weddings.  It’s my job.  So, when couples say super sweet things to me and my assistants and are super appreciative of what we do…I am reminded this is where I’m supposed to be.  This is what I’m supposed to do.  It makes my heart sing and I love all my couples dearly.  OOoo man…OOoO man…I could just keep going with all this sappiness but I’ll stop!  It was just SO GREAT!  Ok.  Done!  I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I loved typing it!

A HUGE “congrats” to the Bealls!  They’re married!

“Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
And the dreams that you dream of
Dreams really do come true”


It took A LOT of hard work from vendors, family, and friends to make this week AND weekend so amazing!  So, please use the links below, when provided, to get more information!  If you have additional information on any of these companies, please email me at .  Since it was an out of town event, I had a hard time narrowing down links and contact info.!! Thanks so much!

Brides’ Dresses – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Mens Wearhouse

Jewelry/Rings – Some were family heirlooms.  Some were purchased as Zales.

Hair – Unknown – Help a girl out!

Makeup – Flawless Faces by Megan

Wedding Planner/Coordinator – Mill Creek & Company – Leslie Montgomery

Florist – Grand Creations – Amy McMahon

Cupcakes/Desserts – Taste and See Bakery

DJ – Shew-sical Entertainment Services, LLC

Catering – The Stone House

Invitations – Shutterfly

Officiant – Christopher Beall (Emily’s Cousin)

Venue Location – Deep Creek Maryland

Where Kat & I Stayed – Inn at Deepcreek

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