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Lakeside Engagement Session | PA Wedding Photography

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Happy Thursday, everyone!

I have a new couple for you all to meet!

Everyone…meet Abby and Todd!  They are the newest couple on the Hannah Barlow Photography blog and they’ll be tying the knot this September!


They were so easy to photograph too!! We flew through this session!  It was nuts and amazingly warm for January!  YAY!


That top right photo is compliments of Lacey who met up with me and tagged along for this session!  Abby and Todd also happen to be friends with Kari!  That’s how they found me!  They were also easy to pose so we went right into the “advanced” posing and had them walking and snuggling right off the bat!


I’m so glad the light stayed pretty by the lake.  I feel like the odds were really stacked against us this day.  We had to move the session to the late morning instead of the evening because of Todd’s work schedule.  Then, there was a bridge closed and I was on one side of it…they were on the other…and we couldn’t figure out how to get to one another! HA!  About 30 minutes into the session, we still hadn’t taken a photo.  I was nervous the high noon sun was going to pop out and blast us…but it didn’t! YAY!! It was actually on our side this day and it all worked out!  Look how good and natural they look!


Todd said he didn’t like his photo taken but he had no issues getting cozy with his soon-to-be wife!  I love this one so much!  Definitely one of my favorites for this session!


The light popped out for a brief second so I took advantage and got a little glow…and some good black and white!


Lacey was creeping from way behind me and to my right!  I like this pull back of the beach while I was directing!


Can’t you just picture their wedding photos?! EEEKKK!!  It’s going to be AMAZING!


Of course, we had to do some dancing on the lake’s beach!  Spinning too!  I KNEW she had dance background when I saw her spin.  She’s also got great foot placement!


Check out this gorgeous engagement ring!  I always love having the rustic, monochrome feel!


Then, right before we took off…Abby asked for some photos with the truck!  These are actually some of my favorites!


…and one more for the grand finale!  I always love a good kissing photo for the grand finale!! Don’t you?!


That’s it!  That’s a wrap on this lakeside, lovey engagement session!  Abby and Todd will also be tying the knot by a lake…this September! EEEKKKK!!!  It’s going to be AMAZING and I can’t believe that’s only a few months away now!  How in the heck did that happen so quickly?!  Thanks for reading!  Have a GREAT day!

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