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Happy Friday, everyone!  I have a new-ish couple for you all to meet on the Hannah Barlow Photography blog today!

Everyone, meet Jill and Joe!  They get their OFFICIAL spot on my blog now because they’ll soon be Mr. and Mrs. come the end of this summer!



So, before I get going on and on about all things Jill and Joe…let’s go back a few months, shall we?!  Why did I call them a “new-ish” couple?  Were you wondering?  Do they look familiar to you?  Well, they might! I have actually taken photos of these two before…at Jill’s sister’s wedding back in September!  Do you remember them now?!  I bet you do!  They’re hard to forget!

It’s so fun to think back on how this world works and how things happen and just come together.  I specifically remember taking those photos of them and it was a crazy day at that point.  I remember rushing to get everything fit into the schedule and Jill asking if I’d take just a few with her and her fiance.  I’m NEVER one to say “no”, right?!  So, I welcomed Joe over, gave them a quick low down on how to stand and snap, snap, snapped away.  I even remember joking with them and telling them to remember those poses for their wedding photographer when they get married.  She mentioned having not picked a photographer yet and something to the effect that they were “testing” some out…or something like that (can’t remember for sure it happened so fast).  I laughed…did NOT hand them a business card (I hate when people do that) but secretly hoped I’d see this beautiful couple in front of my camera again…and HERE WE ARE! YAY! OOoo and I may get to experience another DJ Kool Breeze wedding if all comes together…from what I hear!! It’s going to be AMAZING!  Pretty cool though, right?!

So, back to Jill and Joe’s engagement session…she wore RED!  AHHHHHHHHH!!! RED!  I LOVVVVEEEEEEE red clothes.  I extra extra extra adore red lipstick too.  Jill’s a Mary Kay consultant and I can guarantee you all her makeup came from there.  Flawless, I tell ya!  Seriously, I could keep raving about their outfit choices but I won’t…because I’ve got so much more to say about these two! EEEKKK!  Did I mention it was cold?!  SO COLD!  I bet you can’t even tell though!


OoOo my goodness me.  Joe is one of my grooms that does not mind one bit having his photo taken.  I can’t even wait for their wedding!  Photos and photos and more photos galore! YES PLEASE!  I mean…just look at them!


Despite the cold, this was pretty much them the entire session…snuggling…getting close…very little prompting needed from me!  They kept telling me to just do my thing but they honestly didn’t need any help!


Jill tells me Joe’s a softie for the most part when it comes to her.  I can 110% see that as he is one of the guys who isn’t afraid to show it off in front of me and my camera.  AND now that I’m typing this…I’m realizing he is my third Joe…and all of them have been sweet, sentimental, and enjoyed having their photo taken.  HmmmMmMmMm.  I wonder if there is something behind that?!  I can guarantee after Kari reads this…she’s going to go Googling.  Maybe there’s a thing to that name?  She would know…or at least find out.  Kari is FULL of sometimes useful….most of the time useless…fun facts! HA!  She’s always providing me with them and informing me of random things at weddings…I’ll report back what we find out!


So, here’s the other thing about Joe.  Jill says he’s affectionate and romantic…but he’s also a man in uniform who dedicates much of his life to helping people and keeping us all safe.  As a wife of a different kind of man in uniform (but so similar in so many ways), I can relate.  It’s a special kind of thing…you worry about them constantly when they’re at work…but when they’re with you…you feel safe, protected, and are showered in unconditional love.  Can you feel the love in these photos?!  There is no struggle with these two!  I can’t say that enough!


He’s got a funny side too.  It was less than 20 degrees this day.  My camera, at this point, was starting to fail and I was pushing it.  I couldn’t have picked two more perfect people for this weather though.  We laughed and had a great time.  They were game for anything and so was I…HA!  This makes me giggle!


OooO these two.  Their August wedding better be bright and warm and sunny!  Not only was their engagement session extremely chilly…it rained the whole weekend they got engaged.  Jill tells me Joe had an elaborate plan to propose and it pretty much all fell through thanks to the rain (seriously…why does it rain so much lately?!).  Nonetheless, Joe didn’t let that stop him.  He called the front desk at the hotel where they were staying to let them know the plan.  He had roses delivered to their room.  He had people ready tape the whole thing WHICH…by the way…I’d love to see!  How come my couples have all these videos of proposals and never share them with me?!  You all KNOW I’m a sucker for a good love story…share the wealth! 🙂  I promise not to share it unless you want me to! HA!  But seriously…he didn’t miss a beat, I’m told.  He even had a friend call the nail salon prior to make sure Jill’s nail polish matched her ring.  Read it again.  Jeesh.  I’m telling you…anyone who doesn’t think fairy tale loves stories don’t exist hasn’t met any Hannah Barlow Photography couples.  Seriously, you all make the world a better place!  True love DOES exist just like you read about! (And I should know…I read a lot of romance novels).


We managed to get some warm sun on this chilly day too and I was SO excited!  It’s been a while since I’d seen that warm, orange ball in the sky!


Anything they do…they make it look good!  These two are ANOTHER couple who met online…on a dating app!  So, anyone who thinks that stuff doesn’t work (you know who I’m talking to…girl…you know it…we’re signing you up already), it DOES work.  Kari and her husband met online too as did many other Hannah Barlow Photography couples.  I’ll say it again…fairy tale love DOES exist today…you just have to look for it…even online!  Then, I get to photograph it and blog about it!  You get to read it.  We all win and I’m forever grateful to all my couples for allowing me to share their love stories with the world!


So, at the end of any session, I always say, “Is there anything else you saw or want to do?!”  These two hesitated and then Jill fessed up that Joe really wanted to pick her up.  I mean…I’m not even sure why he hesitated.  Just for the future, guys….if you feel the need to pick up your future wife…do it.  Do it right then and there…don’t even ask!  Joe…I expect magic and fireworks at the wedding! HA!  So, here we were…just the three of us and some runners and passerbys…taking photos while I squealed like a little girl trying to catch all these moments.


…and he just kept holding her there.  THIS may be my favorite of the day.  Genuine happiness.  Nothing forced…spur of the moment posing…I’m in love.  They’re in love.  AHHHHHH!!!


Every girl deserves to show off her beautiful bling too…and her man in uniform if she has one!  The two go together nicely, right?!


…and one last one…because I can!  I probably have never mentioned it before but not only do I have a husband in the military and many friends in the military…MANY of our closest buddies are police officers too.  ANY service member holds a special place in our hearts and I want you all to know I support you 110% for doing what you do…it isn’t just for anyone!  I know that!  I couldn’t do what you all do…so THANK YOU!


…AND THAT’S IT!  That’s a wrap on this one!! I know…the blog has been a little quiet lately.  It’s down season! WOOOO!  Don’t worry…lots and lots to come in 2019!  I promise!

Jill and Joe are tying the knot and becoming man and wife in Bridgeville, PA this summer.  They’ll then be celebrating in Gibsonia!  I can’t even wait to see all of her family again and to meet Joe’s!  It’s going to be amazing!! WEEEEE!  Check back in August for their wedding!

Stay warm, everyone! Thanks for reading!

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