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Sunny Winter Engagement Session | WV Wedding Photography

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Hello! Hello! Hello!

Boy, it’s quite warmer than the last time I sat here and blogged.  It was also warm at this engagement session a few days ago (ok…warm-ish…no jackets or hand warmers required).

So, everyone, please say “HELLO” to Kristine and Jamie and give them a HUGE Hannah Barlow Photography welcome!

They’re the newest couple to be in front of my camera and will soon…so soon…be in front of my camera again for their wedding in May! WEEEEE!


So, I have a confession.  I’m not the first one to photograph these two and it shows (they were really comfortable and easy to pose).  They’re doctors (not sure how I forgot that but JUST relearned this fun fact in their couple’s survey) and they wanted their fur baby in the photos too.  As a result, they had some previously done down south and then another session at this same location at Oglebay.  I, of course, make it a habit of getting to know my couples prior to the wedding.  So, I insisted we at least meet up and chat while they were home.  Kristine said, “We can never have enough photos,” and she signed them up for some more with me! YAY!  You know I love love love my couples who also love having their photo taken!  I can tell you these two will be a blast to photograph when May rolls around…you just wait and see!  I also love their height difference…I can just SEE all the fun things we are going to be able to do with that at their wedding!


The sun did not disappoint.  It’d been a while since I had seen it.  You know…last year I made it a habit of making my own light with my flashes but I refused to even take them out of my car this day.  I wanted natural light 110%…because we could!  Just look at how warm it was this February day!  CRAZY!  Speaking of warm, these two got engaged about one year ago (this March) on a beach in South Carolina!  AHHHH!  Beach engagements…swoon!  You just wait until you see this special ring too!


I learned quickly that Kristine and Jamie are calm personalities…so I had to cool it on my crazy, of course! HA!  They were game for absolutely ANYTHING I asked them to do though which is a gift like no other for a photographer like me.  We did the traditional poses for all photographers.  We did some Hannah Barlow Photography poses and we did was walking and snuggling, of course!


We did some dancing too and their personalities really started to shine!  When describing each other, Kristine said she would describe Jamie as kind, honest, funny and handsome.  Jamie followed that up describing his wife-t0-be as loving, funny, sentimental and strong.  To be clear, I’m not an awkward person…and I don’t ask these things in person…HA!  It ALL comes from the survey I send them!  But, in all seriousness, can we talk about how great this wedding is going to be?!  I hear there are notes to be read…YAY!  I can’t wait to be a creeper and photograph those moments!


That sun though.  I’ve got two blue eyed clients here so we made the best of this bright sun and look what happened!  They’re just so easy, I tell ya!


Then, I thought it was safe to let a little crazy out and hide behind this bush!  We’re coming back to Oglebay for their wedding!  If I remember come the crazy wedding day, I’m totally going to redo this photo with lots of green leaves (and maybe some blossoms) on those tress!  I’ve also seen her dress now.  OOooO goodness.  I can’t say much in case Jamie is reading this…but I’ve never photographed a front like this one!! You just wait…AHH!  Detail shots are coming…lots of them!


I held them hostage because of that sun.  I’m still reading through their fun facts and remembering now they don’t love being the center of attention.  It’s funny how after looking at these and editing…I make things up in my head like maybe they did ENJOY having their photo taken! HA!  I’m still going to believe it.  I never once got the vibe they weren’t having a good time!  HEY, Brian Oliver…I talked to them about your shenanigans during the reception and how epic it can be!  I hear they might not do the garter removal/toss and I’m totally bumming because those moments are amazing for so many reasons.  I giggle the entire time!  If any of you have been to a DJ Brian Oliver wedding, you know what I’m talking about!! I have no doubt he’ll come up with something else though!  I can’t wait!


…and this ring.  Seriously, that diamond though.  It was (I believe) Jamie’s grandmother’s center diamond (ok…it’s a ROCK).  It’s funny looking back on taking this photo though.  I even told them at the session what I’m about to tell you.  I do NOT look at the fun facts survey until after I meet the couple.  I like to form my own ideas and opinions and stories for the blog and then use what they give me as filler.  I had forgotten they were doctors somehow.  Had I known that, I would have thought…”Well, YEA!  I’ve worked with a lot of doctors.  They’re always rocking the bling!”.  But no…I had forgotten that fact and you know why?  These two are JUST like Courtney and Steven (the two docs I photographed last year).  They’re so calm, kind, and compassionate.  Anyone who has worked in the medical field knows there are two kinds of docs…this kind…and some other kinds…HA!  I think this new generation of medical professionals is going to change healthcare.  I think we’re at a turning point with bedside care and bedside matter and because of people like this couple.  I would have been an even happier nurse had I worked with people like this all the time  (to be fair…there were some…but not all)!  But really..Kristine and Jamie were kind and calm and grateful and are just nice people all the way around.  When they told me this was a grandmother’s center diamond, I know what my face looked like.  I loved this ring even more because of that fact…and grandpa did GOOD…let’s be real here!  REAL GOOD!  Jamie absolutely nailed it, in my opinion, with the band and settings too.  Can’t you just picture it on an invitation?!  AHHHHHH!  Ok…enough rambling…I know…I know!  That’s a wrap on this one!  I always tend to get sappy at the end of these!


So, this happy couple will be united this spring the second weekend in May!  I’m the lucky gal that gets to photograph their wedding AND we”ll be reunited with DJ Brian Oliver!  It’s been a while since I’ve seen him and we always have a blast…so that’s exciting!  Check back in just a few months for their sneak peek and wedding blog!! I already have so much to say! AHHHHHH!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I don’t normally tag vendors but this wedding is going to be epic fun and a “family” reunion for us wedding vendors.  We’re back with Casey of Oglebay Weddings AND DJ Brian Oliver mentioned above among some others!  Let’s do it!  I’m ready already!

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