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Winter Engagement Session | WV Wedding Photography

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Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I have a new, fun, and energetic couple for you to meet…Alyssa and Chas!  Please give them the usual WARM Hannah Barlow Photography welcome and lots and lots of love!



I mean…can we talk about that red dress for a second?!  AHHHHH!!  Alyssa is another bride who steals my heart with one of my very favorite color of dresses -RED!  AND it’s velvet!  We were all hoping for a bit more snow but we made do with what we had available!  There was so much genuine love and laughter going on at this shoot…and with a red dress! EEEKKKKK!

Seriously, so much laughter!  This couple is super easy to be around and I already can’t even wait for their wedding.  I have SO many ideas!  Because they were so great to photograph right off the bat, it only got better and better!  I know at one point, Alyssa said…”Can you hear what he’s saying?!”  I could not but whatever it was…it sure worked!  Look at this beauty!


Chas and Alyssa are seriously fun beyond belief.  As I mentioned, right off the bat they were warm and welcoming.  Chas didn’t have the scowl face I expect from most of the guys I meet so I knew there was hope!  Little did I know, he’d end up being the star of this session with lots of laughs, ideas, and so much more!! I told him he’s REALLY going to regret being so energetic during this session because you ALL know what happens to my grooms who show some interest in photo time…they get lots and lots and even more photos on their wedding day! HA!  I take FULL advantage!  This is probably going to be one of those weddings I have to be pulled away from my camera!

…and, after reading their survey just now, I come to find out Alyssa is an introvert! WHATTTTTTT?!  I never would have guessed going off the vibes she was throwing my way!  SEE!  THIS is why I don’t read those surveys ahead of time.  I may have approached this a whole different way…instead…I was pretty much “crazy Hannah” from the get go…because of that dress…and Chas’ enthusiasm…and just these two! I mean…what more could a photographer want?!  The answer is NOTHING! It’s perfect!


There was lots of legit snuggling because it was COLD (no wind though)!  The walking and snuggling was a must, of course!  I loved reading about their love story too.  They’re a lot like my husband and I…having grown up together, dated in high school, dated for a long time, engagement…and now about to be married!  They did admit they’re still able to surprise each other after all these years!


So, we found this little area with some spotty light while heading back to the car. Alyssa and I giggled when Chas made the suggestion to put their hands out toward me!! HEY!  I’m not one to say “no” EVER!  He also wanted to warm her up with his jacket.  He also wanted to kiss her on the forehead for a picture.  AND remember…there were people watching us and he did not care one bit!  Who is swooning?!  I AM! I AM!  Well, get ready…because you’re about to fall over so just sit down right now if you’re not already.  Let’s talk about how they got to this point and how she got that beautiful ring on her finger, shall we?! One day after Alyssa’s 25th birthday, Chas asked Alyssa to meet him at Oglebay at one of the spots they had their first date.  She showed up and he was sitting on a bench with his guitar.  No biggie…he’s a musician after all BUT…he was singing A Lonely September by Plain White T’s.  Well, he just happened to change the lyrics to “will you take my hand tonight” and THAT is how he proposed.  CUE THE TIRE SCREECHING HALT SOUNDS.  Wait….WHATTTTTT?!  STOPPPPPPP!! This is the stuff that happens in movies…NOT real life.  Again and again and again…HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY?!  I can’t even get over my couples!  They’re amazing in every way possible!

I’m also JUST realizing I typed that whole “take my hand tonight” part above photos where they are quite literally holding hands.  I kid you not…I already typed this up once and am just now going back to add their fun facts.  THIS kind of stuff just shows how it’s all meant to be…it seriously just comes together my itself – the blogs.  I’m just the one putting it in print!


Ok. Ok. Ok.  I know…enough already…BUT I CAN’T HELP IT!  So, they did an outfit change and I was dying to get some pretty light in the photo even though it was chilly!  We got creative but we made it happen.  There’s also some really funny behind the scenes shots taken right here.  They did have other props, BUT I can’t show you just yet because we may be using them in years to come. I know…I know…it makes no sense right now but I see a really epic blog post coming in the future and I’ll totally tag this one and it’ll be amazing!  You know me…opportunist!


Seriously, so much laughter!


One more outfit change too!  At this point, we were comfortable.  I mean…I felt comfortable with these two the whole time but I could tell they’d really settled in to being in front of my camera.


I just couldn’t stop!  Someone’s seriously going to have to reign me in at their wedding!  I forgot to ask them who their DJ was…I may have to make sure he/she has my number so they can call and say, “Ok, Hannah.  That’s enough.  Time to give them up!” HA!


…just a few more!



Of course!  We did some dancing AND spinning!


…and dipping!! I’m bringing it back!! SOMEHOW…I stopped doing this for a while last year and I have NO IDEA how it happened! ACK!  It’s coming back!


The FUTURE McFarlands, everyone!


Chas and Alyssa will be having a GRAND ceremony in Wheeling, WV.  I just googled the church and HOLYYYYYYYY MOLY!  It’s like my dream come true (I’ll report back after the wedding and after I’ve fought that church light though…HA!).  Then, we’ll be taking the party over to the White Palace to dance the night away!  I’m told it’s going to be a HUGE gathering with an elegant and romantic theme.  EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!  I’m loving it already!

Thanks for reading!  Check back in October for their wedding sneak peek and blog!

Toodles!  Have a great day!

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