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Summer River City Wheeling WV Wedding

Hello, everyone!  HAPPY MONDAY!  Whewwww.  I’M SO HAPPY MONDAY IS HERE!  Is that weird?!  It probably is but after the holidays and how crazy last week was for my family…I’m sooOoo ready to get back in the swing of things.  It was nuts the last week and a half, I tell ya!  There were power outages and trees down from the storms.  Then, the 4th of July holiday gave us lots of “to dos”.  My daughter’s twisted, maybe sprained, maybe broken ankle (no one really knows…but we’re going with NOT broken at this point) threw me a day behind, as well.  SO, finally…the latest wedding on the Hannah Barlow Photography blog is here!  I’m just so excited this wedding is complete because I wanted you all to see and experience Adeline (Addie) and Camden’s wedding for yourselves.  It’s been just a little over a week since they tied the knot and quite frankly, even that amount of time was making me a little crazy!  SoooOOOoo…I’m just SO happy to finally be showing you their blush pink, classic, summer, River City wedding in Wheeling, West Virginia!  Like I said, it’s next up on the blog!  Here we go!  Enjoy!


Summer Wedding Blush Pink Classic Invitation

Lacey and I started off the day at Addie’s good friend’s home in Wheeling, West Virginia (that friend also happened to be a bridesmaid, as well, and you’ll see more of her here soon).  It was a HOT and HUMID summer day which really seems to be the trend for the last weekend of June every year.  It was most certainly the total opposite of their winter engagement session (which you can see HERE).  It’s funny because I can now tell you that each weekend of the year is pretty similiar now that I’ve done this year after year.  I know this because I can remember what the weather was like on each couple’s day…and two years in a row…it was hot and humid the last Saturday of June.  AND two years in a row…we celebrated at River City! Crazy, right?!  Anyway, we were welcomed with open arms into their home.  They weren’t messing around either and quickly directed me to all the best places to take photos!  The girls were jamming to some beats while getting hair and makeup done in the giant kitchen.  There was a food spread like no other complete with all kinds of little details of everything “love” and “wedding”.  I also got real great vibes from all the ladies…I knew they were going to make the day a ton of fun!  Check it all out!

Wheeling West Virginia Wedding Prep Food Spread

Bride and Bridesmaids Getting Hair and Makeup Done Wheeling West Virginia

Bride Getting Hair and Makeup Done Wheeling West Virginia

Then, Lacey and I got right down to it.  Addie planned this wedding out so well!  It was classic and timeless with little hints of color here and there.  I was loving all over these detail shots, I tell ya!! I was up and down in between doing detail shots and getting ready shots so Lacey picked up the slack for me!  These are definitely a good mix of my photos and her photos.  Somehow, we even ended up switching cameras (they’re the same cameras and same lenses but they’re numbered differently).  I realized it later on in the day.  Lacey and I shoot more similar than Kari and I do so I didn’t really notice at the time!! I can usually catch it when Kari and I do this!  It was pretty funny when sorting the photos because I usually go by serial numbers but couldn’t do that given we were apparently swapping cameras throughout the day!  We kept channeling Kari with these shots to get the most variety and romanticism!  I think we met that mark!

Blush Pink Wedding Detail Shots

Blush Pink Bridal Details

These girls were SO FUN!  Addie was running behind on hair and makeup.  I definitely was re-writing the timeline in my head so I warned the ladies I might have to use my bossy professional voice later in the day to keep things moving.  They were totally game!  “Do whatever you need to do!”, they said!  I could have hugged every single one of them right then and there!  ONE of these ladies is going to on the blog again!! You just wait!! It’s going to be AMAZING!

Bridesmaids Having Fun Before Wheeling WV Wedding

Addie also left me some little details and I could have jumped with joy!! She left me a piece of her belt that wasn’t used and I took full advantage with a ring shot!

Blush Pink and Glitz Bridal Details

Meanwhile, Addie was seriously calm as a cucumber.  Even when I told her about my plans to adjust the timeline, she was calm.  She didn’t care.  She was soaking up every minute of the day with not one care in the world…and if she did have any stress or cares…I sure didn’t see anything!  At one point, she even asked me to go over and take photos of the guys at a different house about 3 minutes down the road,  So, we took off.  I actually knocked on the wrong house door…and luckily enough, the people who live in that house were guests coming to the wedding.  It’s a good thing too because the man in the window thought I was totally nuts when he peeked out and I smiled and waved my camera in the air…only to find out I was at the wrong house.  OY! HA!  THEN, we made it to the correct home only to find out all the guys went to Rite Aide and Camden (the groom) was  in the shower.  Mike ,the best man, was the only one available and he was literally putting a shirt on while answering the door.  SooOoooO, back to the other house we went!  As I’m starting to really sweat, Lacey was being all positive Patty and telling me to sniff flowers for comfort (I’m not even kidding).  How’d I get so lucky?!  My assistants are like a real life anxiety pill for me!  You all know how stressed out I can get…and all was well!  I don’t know what I was worrying about though…we got all we needed and MORE!

So, shortly after we arrived back with the ladies, we got this BEAUTIFUL bride ready!! AHHHHHHHH!!  She did not waste any time!

Bride Getting Ready

I mean…what are friends for, right?!  If your friend won’t get your lipstick off your teeth…is she really even a friend?!  I kind of loved this behind the scenes so much!

Addie’s mom, Renee, jumped in to help!  She may have been one of the calmest mother-of-the-bride’s we’ve ever worked with and SO SO sweet!  I could spend all day with these two!

Mom Helping Bride Get Ready

I was using all time to my advantage so I kept shooting while the veil was being inserted and the finishing touches on the hair were being done.  Honestly, these are some of my favorites!

Bride Getting Finishing Touches on Hair Done

I mean…could she be more beautiful?!  ANDDDDDDDD that dress only cost $600!  There was a point in the day I thought she said JUST her veil cost $600 and I about died…then I understood!  This girl knows how to do a wedding the frugal way, that’s right!! Being a frugal gal myself, I loved it so much!

Bridal Shot by Window Wheeling WV Wedding

Then, we headed off the the church!  I finally got to say “hello” to Camden.  I realized they didn’t have their flowers pinned yet so I offered to do that…and then we all realized one of the boxes of flowers was missing.  JUST WHEN I STARTED TO CALM DOWN…I was sweating again.  This was about 15 minutes before the ceremony too!! I’m sitting here giggling about it all now because it did all turn out in the end…BUT THE STRESS AT THE TIME! Good grief!  We did find them and pin them though.  One even got floppy later on in the day and Mike, the best man, gave me a hard time about it since I pride myself in pinning flowers the right way.  We had a good laugh because I was, in fact, the one who pinned it originally!

Then, I got to say a few words with Fr. Dennis.  We did a wedding ceremony together last fall too.  So, we caught up and went over the rules real quick and got ready for the bride to do her grand march!! It’s one of my favorite parts of the day!! EEEEKKKK!!!

Our Lady of Peace Wedding Wheeling WV Our Lady of Peace Wedding Ceremony Wheeling WV

It was a traditional Catholic Mass and Ashleigh sneaked in to help us with the remainder of the day.  I knew it’d be hot and humid and Ashleigh is seriously THE BEST when I need a third person!  Poor Ashleigh.  Her GPS took her to the wrong place and because I had been pinning flowers and rushing, I had dumped my phone in my bag.  Plot twist – I still have a rental car while my car gets fixed from being rear ended.  So, just when she thought she had found the right church, she couldn’t find my car….because I failed to tell her I had a rental.  HA!  She bravely walked in and was pretty relieved  to see me there.  She hadn’t met Lacey yet either so that didn’t help matters!  Boy OoO boy the stuff my assistants deal with from me!  But anyway, more of the ceremony!  Some rings were exchanged and another Catholic wedding kiss was captured!!! WHEWWW!! We’re on a roll!

Our Lady of Peace Catholic Wedding Ceremony with First Kiss

Family formals were completed and then we were off to do some beautiful bridal party photos!  Here’s another epic example of the “group hug” photo…guys vs. gals!  It always makes me laugh!

Wheeling Bridal Party Photos

They also wanted to do this and the contrast between guys and gals is down right hilarious!  We had so much fun doing all this!  All I asked was that they didn’t rip Camden’s pants before the reception! HA!

…and now…bride and groom formals!! WEEEEEEE!

Wheeling WV Bride and Groom Photos

Could she get more beautiful!?  You look good too, Camden!

Bride Photo Wheeling WV

Addie requested a photo of her shoes.  Either Lacey or Ashleigh threw in the bouquet because they’re amazing at thinking of those thing!! Believe it or not, we did ALL of these photos at this location in 1 hour.  CRAZY!  Talk about making up time…we did it!

More bride and groom goodness for your viewing pleasure!  Lacey and I were tag teaming this like no other!

Bride and Groom Photos Wheeling WV Bride and Groom Formals Stifle

We needed LOTS OF PICTURES of this bride!

Bridal Shots Wheeling WV Summer Wedding

I mean…A LOT!  And this isn’t even all of them! HA!

Bride Formal Photos Wheeling WV Wedding

I made Camden take some too, of course!!  I really thought he’d hate this but he was such a great sport!

Groom Formal Photos Wheeling WV Wedding

Then, we captured some on the way back to the bus.

Summer Wedding Photos Wheeling WV Bride and Groom

…and just when I thought Camden was so over it, he requested a run away bride photo!  Ask and you shall receive!  We were having so much fun!! Can you tell?!

…and then Addie requested a good ole Dinosaur chancing them photo (coming Winter 2020).  This is what we have to start with! HA!

Then, we were off to Wheeling’s suspension bridge.  Any Wheeling, WV resident knows this bridge!  It’s no secret this is hard and a little scary (and maybe slightly illegal…Oy) but when my couple’s request it…I’m willing to try it as long as we can do it safely!  Mike (seriously one of the best best men we’ve met yet) was super duper helpful!  He watched their backs (literally).  Ashleigh watched mine.  Man. This was story book.  We ran out there and the most beautiful gust of wind just came right in and helped us out!  It was magical and Meghan (former Hannah Barlow Photography bride) said she could hear me squealing all the way from Tennessee ! HA!  I promise no one was throwing that dress…it was au natural!  Isn’t it fairytale?!  I can’t remember if this is mine or Lacey’s photo…I think it was mine.  Looking at it now…I’m not quite sure why she was out there by herself!! Maybe she was just enjoying this day sooooo much?!  I’ll never know! HA!

…and we kept running back and forth for just a few more!

Wheeling WV Suspension Bridge Wedding Photo

THEN, it was time to get this wedding celebration started at River City Ale Works – another Wheeling, WV staple!

River City Ale Works Wedding Wheeling, WV

First dances were danced!

Bride and Groom First Dance River City Wheeling, WV

Addie and Camden even had a kids’ area which I thought was the BEST THING EVER!

Then, the party REALLY got started.  This was probably the most packed dance floor Lacey has seen yet!  She even said, “People keep running at me!”  It’s true!! Everyone was happy to have their photo taken!

Before I get too carried away, I want to show you some reception detail shots compliments of both of us!

Wheeling WV River City Wedding Reception Details

…it didn’t matter who you were…you were dancing!

Reception Party Dancing River City Wheeling WV

…and right as we were getting ready to leave, I needed to say goodbye to this sweet couple and Addie just about melted my heart when she tapped someone on the shoulder and asked them to take a picture with her and me together….seriously , I could cry!  So, of course…I asked her for a selfie of my own!! It’s most certainly going in the section of my studio where I show off all my selfies with my favorite brides and grooms!  I want to hug her all over again!

Lacey and I needed the obligatory selfie, as well!! This was the last photo we took of the night!

Hold up!  Actually, that’s not true.  That wasn’t the last photo fo the night.  We packed all up and rode the elevator down.  As we were leaving, we had to pass through a reunion party happening on the first floor.  Of course, some people saw us (and our gear) and said “Hey, take our picture!”.  I mean…they didn’t really know what they were asking…this is ME, after all.  So, I grabbed my camera quickly and attempted to take a photo.  It was actually Lacey’s camera (talk about switching cameras all day long).  The guy was nice enough to tell me my cap was still on…Bahahahahaha!  Listen, I was all packed up and ready to go.  So, I fixed that issue and took these.  I handed him my business card and told him to get a hold of me for a copy.  He hasn’t yet…but it’s still a funny story! So, here are these strangers…who have no idea they are on my blog!  I’ll update this blog if they do reach out!  Lacey and I were also walking out and I said something about maybe doing their wedding one day.  She told me she already looked and they had rings on! THIS is how our brains work on Saturdays! Makes me giggle but I love it so much!

ANDDDDDDD one more thing.  You all need to meet Angela.  You know…every once in a while, we meet someone who just speaks to us on a photography level.  That’s Angela.  It didn’t matter what I was taking a photo of…she was willing to be my test subject or pose…or do just about anything I needed her to do when I was testing lighting or location!  She didn’t even know about my blogs…so I warned her later she was getting a whole collage.  HERE IT IS!  Thanks for the assist, girl!  I hope to see you so soon!

Well, that’s it!  That’s a wrap on the 9th (I think) Hannah Barlow Photography wedding of the year!! We’re not even half way there yet! AHHHHHH!! Addie and Camden celebrated for a few days on a honeymoon in Disney (I think).  I do believe Camden planned it all too!! If you didn’t know about their engagement story, you really should go back and read their engagement blog (HERE).  It’s one of the sweetest stories EVER…something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!! That’s your sneak peek!  Do it!  You won’t regret it!



Bride’s Gown – Morilee from MB Bride – FOR ONLY $600!

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – Azazie

Men’s Attire – Daniel’s Morgantown

Hair – Salon 304

Makeup – Cloud 9

Florist – Angel Vines, Wheeling

Videographer – Wedding Mix

Cake/Other Desserts – Terra Cafe

DJ/Band – Jay Yelenic

Catering – River City Ale Works

Invitations/Programs – Minted

Ceremony Venue – Our Lady of Peace

Officiant – Fr. Dennis

Reception Venue – River City Ale Works

Calligraphy – McKenna Callahan


2020 IS ALMOST FULL!  If you want us to be a part of your big day, click HERE to request more information!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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