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Country Moundsville Engagement Session

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I had such good intentions of pumping this session out on the blog before the holiday week started, but business life happened…and it’s been BUSY (which has been such a great thing)!!  Then, my daughter had an ankle mishap at a birthday party and we’ve spent today in and out of the doctor’s office and x-ray department.  Oy.  So, FINALLY I’d like you to meet this next couple up on the blog!  We shot their country engagement session in Moundsville, West Virginia last week!  Everyone please say “HELLO” to Charley and Gage and enjoy!  They’re the latest couple to be on the Hannah Barlow Photography blog!

I have a fun fact about this location by the lake.  These two love birds are getting married right above it on a beautiful overlook on the family farm! So fun, right?!  They drove me out to it and it’s going to be a beautiful spot for a wedding ceremony!

…but first they drove me down to this lake in Gage’s big truck!  I’m a country girl…seemed totally the “norm” to me! HA!

I decided a reflection on the lake photo was in order!

Then, they did the Hannah Barlow Photography walking and snuggling, as always!

After that, we jumped back in the truck.  They were originally going to take me to the ceremony location at this point but then I saw how the sun was setting and had some ideas! Charley requested some boot photos and other creative things for their save the dates!

I mean…the sun started to set so pretty and I knew I needed some sky photos!  I really don’t get beautiful overlooks like this very often!  So, I had them dance!

…and a “dancing during the sunset” photo was much needed, as well!  I love me some silhouette photos!

Then, Gage requested some photos of his own…with his truck!

…and then some boot photos!! We’re thinking of inserting the date on the bottom!

And that’s it!  As I mentioned earlier, Carley and Gage are tying the knot next year at this same farm!! It’s going to be a beautiful, fall wedding next October!  Check back and let’s all hope for lots of fall foliage!! We’ve been missing that the last couple of years!

Enjoy your holiday everyone!! Happy 4th of July!

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