My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Oglebay Summer Engagement Session With Waterfall

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Ready to see some familiar faces?!  If you were a blog reader in the beginning of 2018, you may recognize these two!  For those of you who are new to the Hannah Barlow Photography blogs, please say “hello” to Rebecca (Becky) and Matt!  They’re not necessarily new to my blog BUT they are tying the knot next year so this is the first time they’ve been front and center on the blog!  I was so excited to see them again!

Couple Standing in Front of Oglebay Brick for Engagement Photos

I didn’t get to know Becky and Matt real well last year when I shot her sister’s wedding (the wedding couple always takes priority, of course) BUT I did take some photos of them!  I thought I had a photo of them together…just the two of them.  I can’t find it now though! GAH!  I’m a crazy person though…yes…so when I get all the good vibes from people, I make sure to snap some photos of them JUST IN CASE they decide they want me to be their wedding photographer in the future.  And then, of course, I’ll have these photos to put in the blog!  Yes.  It’s crazy when I type and read it!  I know!  OooO well, because here we are!  Here’s one of them doing what they do best…Matt making Becky smile and LAUGH!  More on that later!  This was at her sister and brother in law’s wedding last year!

Becky is just like I remember though – quiet and sweet and ready and willing to take any kind of photo.  Matt is FULL of energy and had me (and Becky) laughing hysterically the entire session.  I called and told Kari their wedding was going to be a breeze.  When you have a groom like this, anything can happen at a wedding…in the best way possible!  I already know Becky’s is super photogenic even though she doesn’t tend to think so (she told me).

Black and White Photo of Couple Dancing in Front of Oglebay Brick

She requested some photos at Oglebay’s  arbor .  Is is an arbor?  I call it pillars but I think she’s right.  We talked about it and we’re not even sure what we should technically call it! HA!  Nonetheless, I haven’t been down here yet this year so that was fun!

Of course, they did some dancing and Matt took his role VERY seriously!  You can see Becky’s hair flying because this wasn’t just any kind of dancing, this was intense dancing!  OOoOoo the things we’re going to do at their wedding.  I think I’m going to have to come up with some poses for them…unique  poses.  I have my thinking cap on already!

I have no idea what he was saying here…but don’t you kind of just love how he looks so serious and smitten?  I assure you he was up to no good and Becky’s reaction totally gives that away!  He’s a sneaky one.  Becky did tell me in her survey that Matt brings her out of her shell.  I can totally see that.  He just happened to describe her as the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and I really think this photo (below) encompasses all that!

At this point, I had asked what colors she was using for her wedding.  Matt quickly chimed in and told me they were using Barney colors.  I laughed.  It turns out they really are doing purple and green though…but wedding purple and green!  I was loving all over Becky’s ring too.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a simple and classic solitaire diamond ring.  My classic photographer heart was loving it.  Becky threw in some scrabble tiles too!

…AND THEN….*cue drum roll*.  We hiked down to the waterfall.  Some of you may recognize this from other sessions BUT I’ve never been down to the bottom, so this makes it different.  YAY!  I really should have  planned my “gear” better because hiking with a bag, a camera, and a huge light stand wasn’t the easiest thing in the word.  BUT…we made it work.  I was just so excited to do this!! AHHH!! This one below is one of my favorites!

This waterfall is VERY special for these two.  Not only is it a place they spent their first date…but it’s also where Matt proposed!! It seemed totally fitting they would also have some of their engagement photos here, as well, right?!  Matt means business too.  I didn’t ask him for that dip.  He did that all on his own  I learned quickly I have to be on my game and ready with these two because they are one of my couples who just ooze love and playfulness and laughter and will do anything unprompted in front of my camera!

I like to be loud (we have established this) and I had to be really loud for them to hear me over the water noise.  We nailed it!

Seriously, expect the unexpected with these two.  I think I may have told them to spin.  Actually, I probably didn’t…but still.  Matt decided to do it…and Becky laughed with all her heart.  It was perfect!

Then, before we left…they got in close for some snuggles.  I didn’t ask him to do this either.  Again…it was perfect!

I didn’t ask them to do eskimo kisses either…AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Perfection!  It’s like they KNOW me!

…I didn’t ask them to do this either.  This is just them and my photographer heart could burst with happiness !

Well, that’s it!! That’s a wrap!  Becky and Matt will tie the knot next June…about a year from now!  I can’t even wait to see the Beiter family again and then to get to meet Matt’s whole family!! It’s going to be amazing!  I was so touched when Becky told me about their engagement and then said she knew exactly who she wanted when they were talking about photographers!  I’m SO LUCKY to have amazing people trust me to photograph one of the most important days of their lives!! THANK YOU!

Congrats to the future Dixons!

…and just for fun…I found this gem from the wedding last year! HA!  He’s so bright because he was SO close to my flash when he jumped in and I wasn’t expecting it, of course! HA!  This is just a good sneak peek of what we have to expect from their wedding!! I can’t even WAIT!  It’s going to BE AMAZING!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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