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Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

Hi, everyone! Happy Friday!  THE SUN IS OUT! YAY!  And OoOo my goodness gracious do I have something else to brighten you day.  This wedding gave me ALL THE WARM AND FUZZIES!  It was just one of “those weddings” where we reluctantly walked away at the end of the night because every single thing during the day just came together magically and we did NOT want it to end!  From the couple to their family and friends to the vendor crew to the locations and then the weather…I could go on and on, you see.  It was all perfection!  Let me just tell you that!  So, everyone please enjoy Mr. & Mrs. DiCarlo’s wedding.  Carmela (Carmie) and Primo tied the knot in Steubenville , Ohio last Saturday at the GORGEOUS and ELEGANT St. Peter Catholic Church and then celebrated their nuptials at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott afterward!  There are simply not enough adjectives for this wedding.  Let me show you!  So, let’s do this!! I’m just SO EXCITED! CAN YOU TELL?!

I mean…let’s just start this off right, shall we?!  WITH.A.BANG!

Mr. & Mrs. Primo and Carmela DiCarlo, everyone!  Isn’t it all just GRAND?!

St. Peter Catholic Church Wedding Bride and Groom in Aisle

Ok.  I know…I know… we really do need to start at the beginning of the day for any Hannah Barlow Photography blog, right?!  I just couldn’t contain myself on that one above though!  So anyway…let’s start this wedding off the correct way.  Kari and I arrived at the DiCarlo home Saturday morning before the bridal party even did!  Toni, one of the bridesmaids, raced to the house to let us in so we could get started and I was immediately greeted by these two fur babies.  I mean…I’m used to dogs greeting me but given I’m not a dog person but a cat person, I was ever SO happy to see these two!  They even sported bow ties so naturally they were the very first photos I took for the day!  Meet Francis and Dougie…. I loved all over these two!  I did! They’re just like my kitty.  They loved us as soon as we walked in even though we were strangers.  One even tried to make a break for the door and I had a little moment of panic! Whewww!  The photo with Carmie and her sister was taken later, of course, but I still wanted to include it!

Moving right along!  Kari and I went straight into details!  We do love our pops of color so this didn’t disappoint!

Coral Wedding Detail Shots Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

So quickly, it was time to get the bride ready!  Her sister and other bridesmaids jumped right in to help her out!  We were on a tighter timeline starting out in the morning compared to the rest of the day so I wanted to keep us moving.  This room at the DiCarlo home was perfect for these shots!

Black and White Photos of Bride Getting Ready

Coral Wedding Bride and Bridesmaid Getting Ready Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

…just a few more minutes of finishing touches in black and white before we took off!

Black and White Bridal Getting Ready Detail Photos

You know, I have a bucket list of places I want to shoot wedding photos.  I used to take my son to swim lessons at Big Red High school in Steubenville and was “forced” to look at this amazingly gorgeous church every Tuesday when I took him!  Well, the stars aligned and I was finally granted the opportunity to photograph a wedding there!  I always wondered what it looked like inside but first I needed to get the outside evidence.  A little off topic but I also had the oddest conversation with a few men who were walking around.  They wanted to know the species of trees that lined the street.  I didn’t know, of course.  They were REALLY appalled and surprised I didn’t know what kind of tree it was especially since I lived in this area!  All I’m thinking is…”I have a beautiful church to photograph!! I’m not worried about the trees right now!”  HA!  I even told Kari about it…because  it was really strange.  Maybe I looked like a tourist too since I had a camera?  Who knows!  But anyway, it’s just soooooooo beautiful!  I made sure to take lots of pictures of it!

St. Peters Catholic Church Steubenville

…and the inside didn’t disappoint either!! EKKKKK!!

St. Peters Catholic Church Steubenville Ohio

I could take so many photos of this beautiful building…and I did!  I sure did!

St. Peters Catholic Church Steubenville Ohio

I briefly found Primo, the groom, and checked on him.  They had him hidden in a little back hallway.  I had only met him one other time at their engagement session (you can see it HERE).  He was always more quiet than some of my grooms and definitely a kind gentleman.  His personality and love for Carmie REALLY came out on his wedding day too.  AHHHHH!!  You just wait and see!  So, at noon (which is the earliest ceremony I’ve ever done to date), it was time for the bride to make her grand entrance! AHHHHHHH!!  Can you tell I was excited?!  SO excited!  And there was A LOT of family and friends there too to witness this greatness!  Kari for the win on that shot from the rear!

St. Peters Catholic Church Wedding Bride Walking Down the Aisle

I LOVE little moments like this (below).  Carmie and Primo kept sneaking little looks at each other and smiles and I kept trying to catch it.  I did catch a lot of eyes half closed or open (timing is everything)…but then I got this one and was SO excited!  Can you just feel their giddiness?!

Bride and Groom Sitting During Mass St. Peters Catholic Church

You all know I get “stuck” on certain TV shows and all the feelings and then channel them at my weddings (I know it’s weird…I just can’t help it).  I’ve been stuck on royal period pieces from BBC and now Game of Thrones and all I could keep thinking was, “This all belongs in a TV show.”  Check it out for yourself!! There isn’t anything I don’t love about these photos!  Well, except that I couldn’t center myself for a wide angle shot from above.  The way the lights hang from the ceiling left one RIGHT in front of me so I had to shoot from an angle…THAT made me a little twitchy! HA!  BUT LOOK!  It’s all just so glorious!  I’m in photographer heaven!

St. Peters Catholic Church Wedding Mass

I’m pretty sure Kari took both of these photos (below) and I’m sitting here wondering how the heck she made it from one side of the church to the other in time to get both of these.  That’s some serious photographer ninja moves!  Maybe I took it.  Honestly, it’s all a blur because there was just so much to see and photograph!

Blessing of the Mother During Wedding St. Peters Catholic Church

In true Catholic ceremony fashion, my arms were burning!  I even made sure to remind Kari but she’d already talked to Carmie about the first kiss (which is one of the MANY things I love about her).  So, Kari was the one to tell me they’d be moving to the center and standing for the first kiss.  That gave me a little relief…but still! We got it! WOOOOOOO!  I actually got a bunch but loved this one that happened RIGHT before they actually kissed.  Look at those smiles!  For those of you who don’t know, they don’t announce the first kiss so it makes trying to photograph it very difficult because we don’t know when it’s coming!

Bride and Groom First Kiss St. Peters Catholic Church

Mr. & Mrs. DiCarlo, everyone!  Look how happy!  I’m just so happy for them too!! I can’t stop smiling while typing this!  I actually found myself grinning while photographing it.  While sorting them.  While editing them.  Now, while blogging!

Bride and Groom Processional St. Peters Catholic Church

Then, it was time for formal photos and we had to make it snappy (no pun intended).  They’re just so grand!  So…now…I’d like to introduce the bridal party!

Coral Bridal Party St. Peters Catholic Church

…and the new combined DiCarlo and Biasi families! YAY!

Family Formal Photo at St. Peters Catholic Church

As we were leaving, I snatched a light off Kari and told Primo and Carmie to stop right in the middle of the aisle.  The Priest was ready to start the rest of his day’s agenda so I made it quick but KNEW I had to have this photo (which you’ve already seen multiple times, I’m sure, in color).  I knew this couple and I had a new found love for this church and I knew greatness putting the two together would occur! YESSSSS!

St. Peters Catholic Church Steubenville Formal Bride and Groom Photo in Black and White

I mean…I was about to take FULL advantage of my setting so even when we went outside I wasn’t some more.  Primo’s sister even suggested some photos on the stairs!  I don’t think I will ever get enough of these two and taking photos of them!

Bride and Groom Walking down Stairs St. Peters Catholic Church Steubenville Ohio

Time to get going!  We were off for more photo greatness!

We headed toward Pittsburgh for some formal photos!  Tim, of Tim Pierce Films, and I hadn’t worked this part of the day together yet and honestly, it moved right along flawlessly!! I love when that happens!  It had been a long time coming for us to work together!  This bridal party was a ton of fun and so easy on the eyes too!

Coral Bridal Party Formal Photos Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

It’s ALWAYS hilarious to me when I tell them to do the “group hug”.  I basically just want them to get closer.  The girls at any wedding always nail it.  The guys ALWAYS take it so literally! HA!  Men vs. women and how our brains work!  See for yourself!  This wedding was no different!

Then, we split them up and did the individual formal photos with personality shots.  The gals kept it simple.  One even requested to “touch noses” with the bride!  I loved it!

Bride and Bridesmaid Photos Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

Of course, I could NOT stop laughing with the guys.  They put in 110% when it came to their personality shots.  Primo even jumped into his brother in laws arms – unexpectedly.  Plot twist – His brother in law didn’t actually know he was going to do that so we’re ALL thankful he actually caught him.  I kept saying, “KEEP YOUR TUX INTACT UNTIL THE WEDDING”.  He didn’t listen but I’m happy to report it survived! Whewww!  Boys will be boys!  Whatcha going to do?

Groom and Groomsmen Individual Formal Photos Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

…and now (use your announcer voice), it’s time for the bridal and groom formals!  We took entirely too many and I edited almost all of them!  We just couldn’t get enough of this greatness.  It wasn’t just the location or the couple…it was also their interaction and how their love spewed right out of them and into my camera!  Kari, Tim, and I were all cheering them on!  Just look! AHHHH!  You better sit back and relax because this is a VERY bride and groom formal photo heavy blog!  We’re going to be here for a while.

Bride and Groom Formal Photos Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

I’m telling you.  Every single angle and moment we could possibly capture we did! AHHHH!!!  We may have been cheering him on but I’m pretty sure this is how Primo is with Carmie on a regular basis!  You can’t fake this stuff that well!

Close up Bride and Groom Formal Photos Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Isn’t she STUNNING?!

Bride Formal Photos Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

Primo’s a pretty dang handsome groom himself!

Groom Formal Photos Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

…and we put them back together for more bride and groom formal photo goodness!! Here they were doing some walking and movement not for me but for Tim, the videographer.  Of course, I wasn’t about to let that stop me from photos!

Bride and Groom First Look Photos Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

I don’t mean to be a total sap here but their expressions during all this are just killing me (in a good way)!

Groom Seeing Bride Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

As if I hadn’t gotten enough angles, I got up on a ladder and Kari kept shooting from the side!  I should have mentioned that earlier.  All of these photos are a huge combination of my photos and Kari’s photos!

Bride and Groom Formal Photo Collage Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

We started making our way around the building!! It gave us soooo many photo opportunities!

Bride and Groom Formal Photos in Front of Barn Door Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

Without even practicing, they NAILED the dip! NAILED IT!

Bride and Groom Dipping Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

Let’s see it again with a kiss!  OooO my goodness me!  I was a squealing machine!  I made sure Tim was going to put music over the video because I was making a lot of excited noises! HA!

Bride and Groom Dipping and Kissing Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

I know I keep saying it but I could photograph these two forever!  They’re so easy to photograph and fun and kind and in love…and it shows!

Close up of Bride and Groom Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding in Front of Door

They just kept letting us click click and click some more!

Bride and Groom Standing by Fence Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

You can tell this was a test shot BUT look at Primo’s face.  This is quite literally how he looked at his bride all day!  Where’s the swoon emoji when I need it?!  Is this real?!  Yes…yes it is!! I was there!  I saw it!! I wanted to show all of you too!

Ok.  One last grand finale shot and then we’re off to the wedding reception!  They nailed it!! Even though Primo said that dress was super slippery…you’d never know it!! Carmie didn’t even hesitate to jump in his arms!  He didn’t hesitate to grab her…and I’m a total sap over this entire wedding.  I know I sound ridiculous.  I can’t help it!

Groom Picking up Bride Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

Now, we’re off to the reception for real now!!  I should have mentioned this blog is not only bride and groom formal photo heavy but it’s also reception heavy!  Whoops!  So, I hope you have some more time left because I’m about to tell you ALL about this amazing reception at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott!  Here we go!  The details were simple, classic, timeless, amazing, beautiful…you get it, right?!

Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Reception Details in Coral

…and that was BEFORE they turned on the uplighting and lit the candles!! AHHHH!! We were warned by the coordinator.  She actually asked me to stop taking pictures until they were done.  Little did she know…I’m crazy.  I was taking those above as my insurance shots and you better believe we went back around and photographed it all over again!! I can’t knock her for wanting the photos to look perfect though.  I like a woman on a mission for the best!  To avoid repetitions, I didn’t show you the same photos above but some extras!  Here they are!

Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Reception Details with Uplighting

Cocktail hour was happening outside too.  There was seriously so much to photograph!  It did start to rain so they had to come in early but it was so beautiful while it was dry and lasted. For the love…IT NEEDS TO STOP RAINING ALL YEAR!

…and while cocktail hour was winding down, the bridal party was preparing for their grand entrance and it was some SERIOUS conversation and prepping, I tell ya!

You all know about the Pittsburgh cookie table tradition, right?!  Well, this couple definitely embraced “go big or go home”.  They had a cookie table ROOM.  That’s right!  It was a whole ROOM dedicated to nothing but cookies.  Not just one table either…LOTS OF TABLES!

Pittsburgh Cookie Table Room at Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

Kari and I were just a wee bit obsessed with this cake!! We never get to see a big cake anymore! AHHH!!!  I can’t even tell you how many times we circled back around to this beauty!

Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Coral Cake and Table Details

…and before I get into the reception.  Did you put two and two together?!  *face palm* I’m totally ashamed to admit I did NOT put two and two together when knowing Primo’s last name was DiCarlo.  It’s a shame too.  Dicarlo’s Pizza is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PIZZA EVERRRRRRR.  I’m not just saying that for this blog either.  Ask anyone who knows me! I’m obsessed!  So, imagine my glee when it all clicked together eventually!  HA!  People were signing an old Dicarlo’s Pizza sign as the guest book and I need to high five one friend for his hilarious comment.  “You’re a better friend than your pizza.”  I’d have to disagree though even though I giggled when I saw it and then took photos of it.  If Primo is anything like his pizza, he’s amazing and a one of a kind friend too!  I think we all kind of knew that by now though, right?  Now, Carmie gets to steal his last name!  I’m thinking we need a dessert now.  Yea?!  Carmie’s sweet and fun and I’m thinking she can come up with something delicious!  I dare you! Do it! 😉

Dicarlo's Pizza Guest Book Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding

…and now…it’s time to get this party started!  We’d never worked with Mad Mike the DJ before.  You all know me…I have DJ anxiety.  A DJ can make or break the reception for everyone and since we’re nearing the end of our day and TIRED usually, we always hope for an overly stimulating night.  If I don’t know a DJ, I get nervous.  We always hope it’ll be a crazy exciting and packed reception so we can take lots and lots of photos.  You just never know depending on the crowd, the day, the DJ…so many things have to come together for it to be one of “those receptions” that are epic amazing with just too much to photograph.

Enter Mad Mike of from Modern Era.

I warned him he was getting lots of blog time after this reception.  He knows it’s coming.  The best way I can describe him is a cross between the Mad Hatter from Alice and Wonderland and a WWE announcer.  So, go ahead and imagine it.  As soon as he started talking on the mic, the BIGGEST smile on my face appeared and could not have been smacked off even if you tried.  I probably looked like a fool.  The energy he exuded was one I’ve NEVER experienced and it radiated out to every single one of us.  The crowd went WILD from the get go.  You couldn’t NOT get excited for the bridal party to be announced and I was such a happy, happy, so happy girl!  Let the bridal party entrance begin!  But first…grandmas.  And they gave me ALLLLLLL the grandma goals for my grandkids’ weddings one day.  They didn’t just come in…they came in with a BANG!  Look at the guests too.  I’m telling you…Mike knew what he was doing with this group!

…I mean…walking in to “Pretty Woman” (I think that’s what it was) and giving it YOUR ALL.  That’s what she did!  I want this to be me in 40-50 years!  She danced her way in with STYLE and class and entertainment!

The parents came in next and then the bridal party made their way into the room!  Some really gave it their ALL!  I had an EEEEEEKKKK moment when he jumped over her! HA!

Can you feel the energy just looking at these?!  Then, the best man literally pushed the maid of honor in on a chair.  There was a LOT of planning on this one and he even gave her a spin complete with a final point at the end!  NAILED IT!

Now, introducing for the second time, Mr. & Mrs. DiCarlo!

Bride and Groom Grand Entrance to Reception at Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

They went right into their first dance!

Bride and Groom First Dance Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Primo didn’t just dance…he made a show of it!  It was epic amazing!  He made sure to show off his bride too!  After the long day, she looked just as beautiful as she did in the morning!  He added a little singing in there too for her!

Bride and Groom First Dance at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

…and they went back in to snuggle to finish it off! OOoO man…this is dream land!

Brid mand Groom Dancing Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Then, they cut some cake!  Speeches were said next!

Cake Cutting at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Carmie’s dad even said some words during pasta and salad!  It’s a big Italian wedding.  Of course they had pasta first!

…and then…*cue the doom music*.  The power went off.  Dinner hadn’t even been served yet.  In true Hannah fashion, I snapped a photo.  I’m ALL about the experience and story of the day, right?!  So, of course I took a photo!  Total darkness!  Carmie and Primo, this is in your gallery too and it is correct! HA!  Just for the memories!  I didn’t want you to think I’d lost it!

Let me go back a moment before it went pitch black.  The lights kind of dimmed first.  You know what I’m talking about.  That thing that happens when they kind of dim and come back.  Dim and come back.  I’ve actually seen this happen before and it was the DJ’s equipment that threw a breaker at this other wedding.  I don’t know for sure…but Mike definitely started resetting and checking his stuff.  He was calm.  I could imagine what he was feeling inside though.  Every wedding vendor has had that equipment malfunction moment.  It wasn’t him though because so quickly the ENTIRE room went dark and we came to find out (from the hilarious photo booth guy, Cameron ) that the entire hotel went out.  Cameron was actually in a room that didn’t have generator light! HA!  The generator lights did kick on but it’s not enough to power the whole room.  I literally high fived Tim because we were on batteries so we were good for a while.  Whewwww.  I look over though and see this….

Remember, it’s only generator power at this point.  My flashes are making it look brighter than what it really was in that room.  So, meet Mad Mike officially.  What’s that in front of him?  Well, its a BATTERY POWERED SPEAKER.  That’s right, people!  He knew he was out of power and at no fault of his own…we all were!  The whole hotel was out of power!  He had a huge battery powered speaker and he plugged his phone right in and we still had music!  THAT right there, people, is a true professional.  It didn’t matter if the power came back on or not…we were still going to have a rocking reception!! I’m happy to report though after all that, the power did come back on in about 5 minutes…but it’s still a good story, right?!

So, power was back on.  Everything was right in the wedding world again and Kari and I were SO excited to get this party started!  She even went over and asked Mike if his first “party song” was going to be Twist and Shout.  OMG.  I’m laughing so hard right now.  I wish you all could have SEEN Mike’s face.  He was so appalled and maybe a little offended that she suggested  such a song.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  He asked Kari where she was from, who she was, and why on EARTH she would think that’d be his first song.  Bahahahahahahahaha! So, I snapped this photo of the exchange that was happening!

…and so the party got started REAL quick.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen a dance floor packed like this!  You can see in a few it was so packed I had to stand BEHIND some chairs because there was no room for me on the dance floor!  NONE!  That’s how you know it’s a great party!

Party Dancing at Wedding Reception Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Of course, I had to get a selfie with this epic DJ who is now a favorite of mine!  I didn’t tell him to make a face.  I didn’t tell him I was making a face!! This was another wedding I found a wedding vendor soul mate! HA!  We also swung back around and got a selfie with Tim because it’s been a long time coming for our companies to unite and work together!  He probably thinks we’re a wee bit (a lot) crazy but I could NOT contain myself the entire day at this wedding.  It was definitely one that will go down in the books and I’m so excited to have shared it with these amazing wedding vendors!

Well, that’s it!  I hope you enjoyed Carmie and Primo’s big, beautiful, Italian wedding.  I know I sure enjoyed their wedding!  Carmie and Primo weren’t two I got to spend a lot of time with or talk to leading up to their wedding but every time I was with them, both at their engagement session and wedding, being with them and photographing them was just so dang easy and such a joy with outstanding results.  Kari and I actually lost track of time and stayed over our end point at their reception because there was just so much going on!  We definitely walked away reluctantly not wanting the day to be over.  I’m just still so happy about it all!

I’ll sign off saying I’m just so excited for you two, Carmie and Primo!  I hope all the love and beauty you were wrapped in on your wedding day continues for years and years and years to come.  You’re both sincerely amazing people on the inside and out.  Your families could not have been more sweet and welcoming.  And if I can take a moment to be totally selfish, I hope you have lots and lots of DiCarlo babies in the future so we can continue to have some epic, amazing pizza!  My little old lady self requires it! HA!  …and maybe some new dessert!  Just saying!  I came up with that all on my own typing this blog!  I’m an opportunist!  What can I say?!

They may or may not be reading this right now because they’re off celebrating on their honeymoon in Sanibel Island in Florida!  I hope it’s half as amazing as the wedding because the wedding was off the charts incredible!

Thanks for reading!  Happy Friday, everyone!  CONGRATS TO THE DICARLOS!


An AMAZING vendor team deserves some sweet shout outs, right?!

Bride’s Gown – Allure from Bridal Beginning

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – Bridal Beginning

Men’s Attire – Phil More Tuxedo Outlet

Shoes – Nina – DSW

Jewelry/Rings – Jared

Hair/Makeup – Brianna Otto at Legal Hair and Day Spa

Wedding Planner/Coordinator – Jeannie Dankowski – Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Florist – Parkway Florist in Green Tree

Videographer – Tim Pierce Films

Cake/Other Desserts – Bethel Bakery

DJ/Band – DJ Mad Mike (Modern Era)

Catering – Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Invitations – Zazzle

Ceremony Venue – St. Peter Catholic Church

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