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Pittsburgh University Club Wedding

Hello, Hello!  Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I’m excited to present to you Jenna and Josh’s wedding!  They got married just five days ago and we finally got to venture back into the beautiful city of Pittsburgh to photograph this couple and their wedding AND on top of the University Club!  YAY!  That’s a lot of excitement and there was a lot of anticipation for us going into this day!  From the pops of color to the emotions flowing from this couple, Kari and I were in photography heaven!  You’re going to see it for yourself here real soon!!  So, please give a huge congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Josh Newton!

University Club Wedding Invitation Photo

Kari and I arrived to the University Club right around noon to find the ladies getting all dolled up.  We even met a new set of videographers in the hallway (before we even found the bridal party) and I can NOT say enough amazing things about Shannon and Alex!  Shannon owns Shannan Chavez Productions and I seriously can NOT express enough love for this new videographer duo.  She’s going on the preferred vendor list, FOR SURE!  The best way I can explain it is when you find that person (whether it be significant other or best friend).  Many of you know what I’m talking about, I’m sure.  You know that feeling when you first meet someone and it’s just easy and you feel like you’ve known each other for years?!  Well, that’s how I felt about Shanon and Alex but wedding vendor style!  I’m so happy Jenna and Josh hired Shannon to be their videographer!  If any of you need a video person, we’re hoping to do many many many weddings together in the future!! But anyway, more on that later!  Back to the more important things – the wedding!

University Club Wedding Entrance Bridal Party Hair and Makeup Photo at University Club

So, we feasted our eyes on the beautiful details Jenna presented to us and started clicking away.  I mean…OoOO my goodness!! Check them out!  This is a mix of Kari’s photos and my shots!  We tag teamed it since we were on a pretty tight schedule!

University Club Purple Wedding Detail Photos University Club Wedding Dress and Jewelry Photos

We even got to do groom details which hardly ever happens!! YAY!  Poor Josh didn’t have anything to even put on until we were done! HA!

University Club Wedding Groom Detail Photos Shoes, Tie, and Belt

As I mentioned earlier, it was a pretty tight timeline with a lot of requested photos to be taken (I was sweating just a wee bit) so we quickly got the bride ready and then photographed these beautiful ladies.  Holy moly! The University Club has some GORGEOUS ROOMS, I tell ya! WOW!  These gals helped matters tremendously too!  Isn’t Jenna a GORGEOUS bride?!

Bridal Photos at University Club in Pittsburgh

Bridesmaid Photos at the University Club in Pittsburgh

I’m not sure if they planned this.  I know some couples love to wait until the day of their wedding to write notes to each other so the feelings are raw and real and they can always remember what they were feeling at this time.  I kind of love it so much and Kari was loving that she got to take photos of them writing notes to each other.  I can 110% tell you my t-rex hands were activated during this part in the day though! HA!  You know…those are my nervous hands.  We had started to fall behind in schedule at this point (and it was literally one hour before the ceremony) so I was crunching numbers in my head.  Nonetheless, look at these photos Kari was able to get!! This couple will forever not only have their written notes but also photos of those memories!! As I sit here now and type this, my nerves at that time were so worth it!  SO WORTH IT!

Bride Writing Note to Groom Groom Writing Note to Bride

I was hanging with the guys.  It was at this point I realized the guys were running a little over 30 minutes behind.  I apologized profusely to them but was definitely using my “bossy professional  Hannah voice” while taking these (below).  HUGE shoutout to Alex, one of the videographers.  I’m usually the one fixing and pinning tuxes in order to help and speed things along.  So, imagine my glee when I started taking plastic covers off jackets and pinning flowers on lapels (before they were even on the guys which tells you how rushed we were) AND I was also fluffing and inserting pocket squares…only to find Alex with a set a scissors snipping the strings that hold the tuxes together for shipping.  That’s right, people.  I’ve found my videographer soul mate and his name is Alex!  He not only was snipping the strings to speed up the process but he had also borrowed those scissors from the front desk!! He was a man on a mission and honest to goodness, the guys and I could not have moved any faster without all that help!! It was 110% teamwork.  The ceremony started at 3 PM and I’m not even kidding…these were taken at 2:35 PM.  Talk about nervous sweating! AHHHHHH!! There was no other time in the timeline to take these photos of the gentlemen so I KNEW I had to get them done.  We did it though!! YAY!  Looking back…I probably looked and sounded ridiculous but it’s so important to me to get all the photos my couples desire AND WE DID JUST THAT! WOOOO!  High five to EVERYONE involved in this part of the day – ladies AND gentleman AND vendors!

Groom Getting Ready at University Club Pittsburgh

Groomsmen Photos University Club Pittsburgh

I should also note before we took those photos (above) Josh got a sentimental surprise.  One of his dear friends could not be with the couple on their big day so Jenna had a heart sewn into Josh’s tux and he didn’t find out about it until he read her letter.  It was a super sweet moment and I thought it was such a nice touch!

University Club Wedding Photos of Groom Getting Ready

It felt like just seconds from taking those photos to when we flew up to the University Club’s beautiful terrace (yes…yes…yes…on top of the building overlooking the city) to get ready for the ceremony.  Violin music was being played.  I LOVE string music and this lady was playing modern music to top it all off!  It was a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony!  The view for this ceremony…OoooOo my goodness me! BREATHTAKING AND UNIQUE AND ONE-OF-A-KIND!

University Club Pittsburgh Wedding Ceremony

We all got in positions after talking about our locations!  Videographers and photographers have to be real careful and creative when deciding where everyone will be during a wedding ceremony.  We were definitely full of excitement for this one too!  I mean…Shannon is clearly taking this more seriously than us! HA!  I still don’t think she knows we took these!

Then, it did not take long for the emotions to start flowing!

University Club Wedding Ceremony Bride Walking Down Aisle

University Club Terrance Wedding Ceremony

University Club Ceremony on Terrace Bride Crying

I’m not sure if I’ve ever taken a more beautiful photo of a bride and groom’s first kiss as man and wife!  The Newtons, everyone!

Bride and Groom First Kiss on University Club's Terrace in Pittsburgh

Jenna definitely wanted some formal photos on top of the terrace after the ceremony.  Who could blame her?!  Look at it!!  I mean, I know you saw it!  It’s soooo beautiful!  The sun and wind did not want to cooperate, however, and we were on an even tighter timeline than we thought due to another wedding coming up soon after my couple’s.  I knew she was nervous about it and I definitely wanted her to have what she wanted so we snapped some!  That’s what we always do!  That wind and sun…Ugh! Why’d it have to go and do that?!  They’re still SO beautiful though!  Loving this! AHHH!

Bridal Party Photos on the Terrace of the University Club in Pittsburgh

Then, we headed down and did the rest of the family photo in a more climate controlled area where hair could be managed and stay out of everyone’s beautiful faces.  The soooo stinkin’ adorable flower girl and ring bearer’s could not help themselves and stole the bride for some kisses!

AND THEN…we did the staircase photos!!! You all know I’m not a fan of Pinterest photos but this one may be one of my all time favorites EVER!!! AHHHH!! I do apologize to whoever’s photo it was originally because we totally copied it but I love it sooooo much!! SO MUCH!!! Jenna, I’m totally high fiving you on these! AHHH!

So, I took full advantage of this staircase too!  Here are some black and white beauties.  Another huge shoutout to my new videographer friend, Alex, for even saying, “Hannah, you know it’s 4:30, right?”  Teamwork!!  You all know when I’m excited and taking photos I sometimes need someone to drag me off the wedding photography high I get on!  So, off we went to do some dancing photos in from of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning!

This country girl was loving the city last Saturday!  Photo directly below by Kari and then I did one zoomed out for the next one!  Jenna requested some with the Cathedral of Learning in them!  Boom!! We did these in just a few minutes!

Pittsburgh Wedding Couple Photo

You ALL know I’m a huge fan of a big, stone building and the Cathedral of Learning never disappoints!! So, Alex and I hopped on the party bus with the bridal party to head over there.  Kari was my get away driver and grabbed my car!  Shanon had already headed off to the reception!

Pittsburgh Bride and Groom on Party Bus

And now, please feast your eyes on some stone building beauties complete with a newly married couple!

Cathedral of Learning Bride and Groom Kissing

Cathedral of Learning Bride and Groom Formal Photos

Cathedral of Learning Bride and Groom Sitting on Bench

…and one last one for the grand finale!

Cathedral of Learning Bride and Groom Kissing on Bench Photo

Then, we were off to the reception at the Fairview Sunset Room in Bridgeville, PA.  Alex even caught a ride with us!  Jenna wasn’t overly concerned with reception pictures EXCEPT the head table and boy OooO boy you’re going to see why!! Check out this beautifulness at the head table!  I’ve said “beautiful” a lot this blog.  I know…I know…but it really was!! EEEKKKKK!

Fairview Sunset Room Bridgeville PA Wedding Reception Details

Crazy gorgeous, right?!  AND NOW…the new Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Newton, everyone!

Then, they went straight into their first dance and I’m pretty sure they are the very first Hannah Barlow Photography couple to do a formal, choreographed  first dance! YAY!  Complete with a dip at the end…they’re killing me!

Then, cake was cut, of course!

…and the party got started!!! WOOT!

Wedding Reception Dancing at the Fairview Sunset Room Bridgeville

It was a short day for us but we couldn’t take off before the bouquet and garter were tossed to all the single ladies and gentlemen!

…and we can never stop our excitement even at the end of the night!! While I was packing up, Kari kept on shooting and caught the Cha Cha Slide!

Then, we ended the night with a wedding vendor group photo.  I’m telling you…these two are our videographer soul mates.  There wasn’t any frustration or awkwardness and it really felt like we’d worked together before.  I work with a lot of amazing videographers and look forward to seeing so many of them at weddings each year.  It’s a lot like friends though and you just click in an indescribable way with some.  It’s not easy finding that kind of comfort on a busy wedding day!  Shanon even said, “Just imagine if we started doing lots of weddings together!”  OooO my goodness…that would be something! Future couples, let’s make this happen!  Jenna and Josh, THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US TOGETHER!  Here’s to many more successful and memorable weddings in the future!  Hannah Barlow Photography and Shannon Chavez Productions  all in one photo!

Well, that’s it!! That’s another Hannah Barlow Photography wedding blog complete and the seventh one of the year!  One thing about this wedding that really sticks with me is Kari saying, “They just seem so into each other!” and that’s the truth.  Not one person could deny the love that shines when Jenna and Josh are together.  It was a pleasure being their wedding photographer and getting to know them both over the last year or so!  If you missed their engagement session, you need to see it HERE before you go!  They also plan to honeymoon later this fall and I can’t wait to follow along with them on Instagram!

Congrats to the Newtons!

Wedding Vendor List

Bride’s Gown – Alfred Angelo

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – Vera Wang from David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Top Hat Tuxedo

Bride’s Shoes – Betsey Johnson

Jewelry/Rings – Kay & Littmans (Bride’s Rings) Spexton (Groom’s Ring)

Hair – Carol Piccolino & Amy from Izzazu Downtown

Makeup – Alexis Vince & Assistant

Florist – Carrie Powell – One Happy Flower Shop in Millvale

Videographer – Shannon Chavez Productions (Shannon Chavex & Alex)

Cake/Other Desserts – Lincoln Bakery

DJ/Band – Kevin Burkholder – First Class Entertainment

Transportation/Limo – TDF

Save the Dates/Invitations – Vistaprint

Ceremony Venue – University Club Pittsburgh (Coordinator Jessica Transue)

Officiant – Eric Sirbaugh

Reception Venue – Fairview Sunset Room Bridgeville (Coordinator Renee)

Pipe Systems & Chairs – All Occasions

Specialty Linen & Draping – Mosaic

Chair Covers – Linen Hero

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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