My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Summer Tomlinson Engagement Photos

Happy Tuesday, everyone!! I’m excited to show you ANOTHER happy couple who got to be in front of my camera yesterday!  Please meet Emily and David (Dave) and enjoy their summer Tomlinson Engagement Photos!  YAY!  Aren’t they adorable?!

I’d definitely been waiting for this engagement session for some time!  I met Emily back at Jenna and Joe’s wedding (HERE) and was just so excited when she asked me to be her wedding own photographer!  I say it all the time but that is truly the BEST compliment to a wedding photographer like me when someone who has experienced working with me comes and asks me to photograph their big day! YAY!  So, Emily and I decided on Tomlinson State Park for her engagement photos and after a miscommunication on my part on the first date, we then got rained out for the second date (story of my life these days).  SO, third time was literally a charm because check out these beauties!  BUT FIRST…meet their fur baby, Tucker!  I don’t know why but I was expecting a tiny dog to get out of the car (I should really pay more attention to my IG feed).  THAT was not the case, of course! HA! He’s a big, sweet, cuddly guy!  To my surprise, he was also one of the very best and well behaved dogs I’ve photographed!  HUGE shout out to her sister, Amanda, too for being the dog wrangler and treat shaker!  He also happened to play a huge role in Dave’s proposal.  Tucker wore a bandana that said, “Mom, will you marry my dad?!”

I know it’s cliche and over done BUT everyone needs a paw photo like this one!

Then, I started doing what I should now call the “Hannah Circle”.  That’s where I stand in the location and turn in a circle while assessing all the possible locations I could choose to shoot.  I have noticed lately I tend to do that!  Thank goodness my couples trust me because I saw some light and I saw this little patch of dead-ish weeds that kind of screamed fall and complimented Emily’s outfit…so I went for it!! AND they went right along with it!! Another shoutout to Lacey for coming and tagging along to take some extra shots from the side!  These are a good mix of my photos and her photos!! YAY!! You’re going to see a lot more of her photos too this fall because it’s about to get Hannah Barlow Photography wedding CRAZY!

I mean…look at them! AHHHHHH!!!  Any pose we did we could not go wrong!  I always tell my couples to completely ignore my assistants and I always love their angles!

I was digging the black and white photos too!  Lacey was all about creeping in those bushes!  I love it!

It’s all about those different angles too!

Then, we attempted to find a waterfall and a stone building Emily was told about but we failed miserably!! So, we headed off to another location.  OOo Lacey.  She makes my photographer heart so happy!  I actually just told her today, “It’s like you’re on my level now!” HA!  We were just pulling in and she looked out and saw this dappled light in the woods…so yep…that’s where we headed!

I’m not usually a huge fan of black and white but these ones definitely called to me!

We took some shots there real quick and then I saw some white Queen Ann’s Lace and I knew I needed some of that in my life!!  FOR SURE!  So, we headed off to an area where Lacey also saw “some dead stuff’ and we made magic!! Again, I’m so glad my couples trust me! HA!  I mean…if you were there in person…this didn’t really look pretty but I could definitely “SEE” what the finished product would look like!  Check it out!

This was just my test shot but I kind of love it!! I also love that this showed me Emily could have a pretty fierce “gaze off in the distance” look and we will most certainly channel that next July when they tie the knot!! Can you just see it now?!!? EKKK!!!  I’ve also now seen her dress and I can tell you ALL the Hannah Barlow Photography gals were drooling over it this morning!  I totally sent it to them all! HA!

Of course, we did some dancing and some laughing while I hid in the grass! HA!

We also needed some close up ring shots!

Then, Emily brought the very cutest little tag and saw a Pinterest photo she wanted to capture.  OooO boy.  This was your very typical “Pinterest Fail” moment though.  We laughed so hard while trying to make this work and Emily kept telling me not to worry about it but I was insistent we try it since she asked!  Here’s what we were going for!  NOTE: I do not own the copyright to this photo.  It was taken from Pinterest.

Here’s what actually happened…HA!  That thing kept turning and swaying in the wind and the angle it was bent at didn’t allow the engraving to be seen.  I’ll admit it’s NOT terrible…but still! I’m still giggling!

So, we met in the middle and I just had them hold it.  I mean, I DID get a photo with Lacey’s hand holding it but Lacey’s not getting married so who wants that?! HA!  Also, Emily was the one who chose to put her ring on there and you ALL know how I feel about that.  SWEATING…I was sweating!  You still can’t read it though! Oy!

I did finally do this photo because it was so dang cute I really wanted to make sure we got a few photos of it without all the laughing!  Isn’t it SO CUTE?!

Then, they did one more outfit change and we finished up right before we lost all the light!  I was particularly loving these outfits but you know me…I like to be fancy-ish!  Lacey also told me it’s growing on her, as well!! We have a big surprise for you all regarding Lacey coming this fall1! WEEEE!

Walking and snuggling was a must because that was one thing we hadn’t done yet!

Then, we did some grand finale photos and Lacey almost fell off a picnic table (not even kidding).

Well, that’s it…that’s a wrap!  I can’t even believe it! 2020 is really shaping up to give 2019 a run for it’s money!! I’m not even sure how each year gets better and better and better…AHHHHH!! These two are taking me to a new venue next July!  It’s the club on Shadow Lakes and I saw some photos and have all kinds of visions!  Check back next year!! It’s going to be AMAZING!  And while we’re at it, let’s throw back to how it all began for Emily and me! YAY!  She’s going to be even more gorgeous as a bride!

Happy Tuesday!!


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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