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Vineyards at Pine Lake Wedding

Hey Hey Hey!  Happy FRIDAY!  I have a new one for you!! A WEDDING!  AT A VINEYARD!  AHHH!! I love when I can check wedding dreams off my bucket list! YAY!  So, let’s get right down to it, shall we?  Abby and Todd tied the knot a week ago on Friday the 13th and with a full moon looming!  It’s not what you think though because this Vineyards at Pine Lake wedding wasn’t ANYTHING like you’d imagine on that kind of Friday! Ooo no!  It was classic and timeless and BEAUTIFUL (I’m going to be saying that a lot in this blog so brace yourselves now).  You just wait and see!

Everyone, meet the new Mr. & Mrs. Harding and give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!

Wedding Photo of Bride and Groom at The Vineyard on Pine Lake

Whewww.  Ok!  That may be one of my favorite photos of the day so I needed to get it out of my system!  Now, let’s go back a bit!  I met Abby because of Kari.  They go way back!  Kari can’t stand being on the sidelines either so she raised her hand real high to shoot this one with me.  However, a family emergency led to her not being able to attend so I snagged up Sam that morning and off we went!  It had called for thunderstorms all week and I kept telling Abby to ignore the weather.  If I was a bride, I would watch the weather too though so I TOTALLY get it.  I tell all my brides the weather is hardly every right though and this wedding was just another example!  Heck, the morning of this wedding it STILL called for rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon and right around 5:00 o’clock…you know, right when the outdoor ceremony was supposed to happen! AHHHH!!  It all worked out though and I think I felt maybe one drop the whole day (which Sam told me was just a leaf…still can’t decide if that was true or if she was lying to me to ease my nerves).  Nonetheless, the rest of the day was sunny (and windy) but beautiful! SO BEAUTIFUL!  YAY!  There goes that adjective again.  So anyway, Sam and I traveled  to Negley, Ohio where we met up at Abby’s parents’ home where all the ladies were getting ready!  We also met Cassie of Elite Film Productions (videographer) and got right down to it!  Blush pink and rose gold have been popular for a while now but never done like this in front of my camera!! This wedding was everything I love – classiness and timelessness and glitziness with rhinestones and glitter AND sequins!  Give me ALL these wedding details! ALL OF THEM!

Blush Pink Bridal Shoes

I have a thing with shoes.  You all know that!  Abby had a thing with these shoes too AND she managed to wear them ALL day! WHATTTT?!  Ironically, that shoe photo on the left (below) isn’t even mine!! Sam sneaked that one in there and when I saw it while sorting…I fell in LOVE!!

Blush Pink Bridal Details

There is a funny story about this invitation photo.  I kept double checking my photos while taking them to make sure they were straight (I’m a wee bit crazy about my invitation photos being straight).  I couldn’t get it right and I kept snapping and snapping and snapping.  THEN, I realized their names were at a slight angle on the invite! HA!  Whoops!  Total face palm moment and once I got that out of my system, I was on a roll with these babies!! I THINK this is our first blush pink wedding with greens! YAY!

You know it!!  GIVE ME ALL THE DIAMONDS AND SEQUINS YOU GOT ON YOU and I’ll do THIS with the rings!

I’d like everyone to meet June!  She turned one year old on her parent’s wedding day and she is simply the cutest.  She’s also not afraid of the camera!

It was a very laid back morning and I was itching to take photos of the reception hall and meet up with the guys but first we needed to go out and celebrate in the backyard WITH champagne!  I always love the facial expressions when they pop champagne!

Then, off we went to The Vineyards on Pine Lake!  Bottom photo by Sam!! I have GOT to remember to give her credit where credit is due!  Being that Kari was supposed to be at this wedding and she’s my veteran, I can imagine Sam felt a lot of pressure but I kept telling her she’d be fine and she did NOT disappoint!

The Vineyards at Pine Lake Wedding

Then, we found where we were going and walked into this beautiful reception hall.  I had actually forgotten that my wedding vendor friend, Ashley, was doing the cake and decorating!  I KNEW it was going to beautiful (there I go again with that adjective)!  Just look!

The Vineyard at Pine Lake Wedding Reception Details

After I got that out of my system (seriously, classic and timeless and ballroom has always been my favorite), we got this beautiful bride ready!! I’m sure it was quite hilarious to watch two photographers and two videographers and the rest of the ladies of the bridal party AND the moms trying to all squeeze into this little area while still not catching anyone in that mirror! HA!  We managed though and just look at this beautiful bride! AHH!  I present to you a huge collage of black and white getting ready photos! Yes! YES! YESSS!  It’s a great mix of my photos and Sam’s photos!  I was more to Abby’s right and Sam was directly behind her!

Black and White Photos of Bride Getting Ready at the Vineyards at Pine Lake

You know what makes my wedding photographer heart SO HAPPY?!  When the bride has a veil that’s so dang long and dramatic she needs not one…not two…but almost the WHOLE bridal party of ladies helping her! YESSSSS!! *clapping with so much excitement*.  I need a GIF RIGHT HERE!

Bride Getting Veil On Vineyards at Pink Lake

Next on the list…photos of the ladies!  I was love love loving these bridesmaid dresses!

Bridesmaids at The Vineyards at Pine Lake

…but I really could NOT get enough of photographing Abby!  THAT VEIL THOUGH! AHHH!  It was windy, as you can see, but Abby didn’t seem to have a care in the world and she just flowed right along with it!  I took double (maybe triple) the bridal shots I usually do because it was all coming together so perfectly!

Bridal Portraits Vineyards at Pine Lake

Seriously, so classy, right?!

Bridal Portraits in Front of The Vineyards at Pine Lake

Sam joked that Kari was with me all day!  I kept mentioning, “What would Kari do?!  She’d say go romantic!”  It’s always nice to have an array of brains on a wedding day!  Well, I think Sam channeled Kari too or just has a knack for this because we were tag teaming these photos like we’ve being doing it for years together! AHHHH!!

Bridal Portrait by Pine Lake

Then, the men arrived!  We were trying to take advantage of every single area of this vineyard wedding so we decided to take advantage of this area with the wine barrels in the background!

Guests were starting to arrive after a bit so I did move them over next to this pond.  I didn’t know how Todd would feel about this part of the day (most men HATE IT) but he NAILED IT!  OMG!  Seriously!  I usually tell the guys to do a GQ shot and they usually look at me like I’m nuts.  Cassie, the videographer, told him to stand with his jacket off and he got so into it!! I know we were cheering him on for everyone to hear but come on…he killed it!

Ok.  A few more shots of the guys! Why not?!

Then, Todd asked for a few photos with his dad and they had a real, genuine moment and I loved it so much!

And just like that, it was time for the ceremony.  This was Sam’s second wedding as sole second shooter (she’d done others but she was usually the third).  No pressure at all, right?!! HA!  OoO my goodness me!  She took photos I’ve NEVER had (or taken myself) at a wedding ceremony and I couldn’t have been more excited!! This happy couple had a sweet, intimate ceremony and they got a ton of ceremony photos from every and all angle!  I even texted Sam the morning I edited and saved them all because I was so excited!  AND…it’s just so beautiful! EEEKKKK!!!

I especially love this sign carried by the daughters!

Abby hadn’t even walked down the aisle yet and everyone was losing it!  There was so much going on I didn’t know what angle or who to shoot! HA!  You know it’s going to be a great ceremony when this is already happening!

CUTENESS ALERT!  Ooo my goodness.  This little man was so adorable and when the flower girl kept dropping her petals, he was very concerned.  He kept saying, “But you’re dropping them all!”…and he kept saying this the whole way down the aisle! HA!  We all had a good chuckle over it!

Then, it was time for the bridal processional and everyone was getting ready.  Abby had a long walk too!

It was so amazing though! AHHHH!

I forget what they actually called it but this reminded me of a hand-fasting ceremony.  Seriously, I watch so many period films and shows!! Can you tell?!  Those of your who watch Outlander know what I’m talking about! You do!  The piece of fabric they used was from Grandma June’s dress and I do believe that is who Abby and Todd’s little one is named after!

I mean…they even teared up at the same time!

…and little June was such a ham! Oo my goodness!! Sam caught so many sweet moments with her!

The Vineyards at Pine Lake was SUCH an amazing venue for a wedding photographer like me!  It’s all so easy on the eyes and I seriously loved editing this ceremony so much because it was all just so perfect!  Let me introduce to you…Mr. & Mrs. Harding, everyone!  Can’t you just feel the joy through these photos!?

Abby had me cracking up during family formals.  I was trying to collect all essential family members and then I ran off to get the couple.  Abby looked right at me when I found her and asked if family formals were over…to which I replied..”Ummmmm…No. YOU’RE IN THESE PHOTOS!” HA!  So, off we went and I love how they all turned out!  Here’s a little sneak peek!

Then, with just about 25 minutes to spare…we did bride and groom formal photos which you ALL know are my favorites but also the most important photos of the day, in my opinion.  Let’s be real here…which ones do couples usually hang on the walls?  THESE ONES.  Knowing we were short on time, I told Sam not to feel the pressure…but there was a lot of pressure and I needed her to take as many formal photos as she couple possibly squeeze out so we could give this couple a huge gallery with lots of variety…in 25 minutes!  This is the first time she’s worked on a tight timeline and it’s been a while for me too.  Add in two videographers and a tight vineyard ….Whewww!  WE ALL DID IT!  Just look!  I can NOT believe the variety we got in such a short period of time!! I love love love these!  These two take some seriously great photos AND did you notice the veil change?!

Bride and Groom Photos in the Vineyards at Pine Lake

I needed to show you this one again!  Just because!  This could go in a magazine!

Wedding Photo of Bride and Groom at The Vineyard on Pine Lake

I’m telling you…every single angle we could do in the shortest amount of time…that’s what we did!

I kind of REALLY loved shooting in the vineyard!

Couple Wedding Photos in Vineyard at Pink Lake

The light was being super cooperative too! Sam was shooting those close up photos while I shot the wide angles!  Isn’t is amazing how a little light and a different angle changes the whole feel of a photo?!

I shared one of these on IG already so I’ll give you the black and white versions!! They were dancing in The Vineyards at Pink Lake, y’all!

Black and White Wedding Photos at the Vineyards at Pine Lake

Then, the videographers wanted to do some epic drone shots so I creeped and got all of these!  I have NO IDEA where Sam was located or how she managed but I was sorting these and thinking “Holy crap.  How did she manage to get that?!”  Remember…including the bride and groom, there were SIX of us in this tiny space! HA! I’m giggling thinking back on it!

Everyone needs to walk and snuggle in the vineyard!  Grand finale shot!  Then, we headed to the lake!

The lake didn’t disappoint either!  These were more for the video coverage but we still had to creep from the sides.  I’m not one to miss an opportunity!  Apparently, neither is Sam!

Bride and Groom Photo at Pine Lake

Alright then…let’s get this party STARTED!  Abby…DINNER WAS DELICIOUS!  JUST SAYING!

If you all watched my live video (which Facebook messed up and it would NOT save…WAAAA), I was thinking FULL MOON SHOT.  And when I saw this…I got REAL excited!

So, we had dinner and did speeches and cake cutting.  Then, we headed out for these beauties first!

Bride and Groom at Night on Terrance at Vineyards at Pine Lake

AND THEN…the full moon photos! AHHHH!!! My heart was so happy when I saw these!  Todd was just as excited about the moon as me so you can imagine what I was feeling!

Full Moon Wedding Photos Vineyards at Pine lake

I was in bride and groom formal photo wedding photographer dreamland!  That was a long sentence…I know!  It was all coming together so nicely though!  Then, we all headed back in for first dances and a huge shoutout to the DJ for waiting a few minutes for us to do those photos outside!

Black and White First Dance Photos at the Vineyard at Pine Lake

OooO man.  I feel like this wedding day went SO FAST!  Goodness gracious!  The rest of the night was an open dance floor.  The bride and groom were out there a lot (which we don’t always see) and it was such a nice change!  Sam and I shot the rest of the night until we took off at 10 o’clock!  The ride home was hilarious because it took us all these back roads and my GPS kept losing signal but that just added to these memories!  I can NOT wait to go back to Pine Lake and do it all over again!  Abby…let’s do it again! AND AGAIN!  Think Todd will let us?!

OOooo wait…Sam and I too the obligatory selfie, of course!! She’s the only one who will dance with me!  I love it!

Well, that’s it on another Hannah Barlow Photography wedding!! We’re off to do it all again tomorrow!  Abby, I’m high fiving you over this wedding.  If you’re all reading this, she dealt with A LOT leading up to this big day!  I’ll give you a few tid bits just so you can imagine what it took to get here!  The place where her dress was being held caught fire (article HERE).  HUGE shout out to the bridal salon and all the people who helped rescue all those dresses!  I can NOT even imagine!  The hairdresser had a family emergency.  Kari had a family emergency…I could go on and on and on!  It all worked out though!  Maybe it was the Friday the 13th vibes after all because I did shut my son’s fingers in the car door that morning (he’s ok) and then I forgot my daughter’s folder and realized AS I was getting her on the bus (had to make a special trip).  Then, Sam and I wanted lunch at McDonald’s but it was only 10:00…whomp whomp.  BUT…here we are and it’s beautiful and she’s got photos to prove it and a pretty epic video coming her way!!  I can NOT wait to see that baby!! Abby and Todd…thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer!  Your wedding was everything I love in a wedding and I sooooo enjoyed editing these photos this week!  Enjoy the rest of that honeymoon in Hawaii!

Thanks for reading!  Happy Friday!


Vendor Shout Out

Venue – Vineyards at Pine Lake

Bride’s Gown – Essence of Australia at Toula’s Bridal, in Canfield, OH

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – Christina Wu – Dee’s Country Bridal in Colerain, OH or Cable Creations in Beaver Falls, PA

Men’s Attire – Rondinelli

Shoes – Badgely Mischka

Jewelry/Rings – Kay (Rings)

Hair/Makeup – Rosie Johnson & Brandi Reitter

Videographer – Elite Film Productions

Cake/Reception Decor – Simply Sweet Cakes

DJ/Band – Music Man

Save the Dates/Invitations/Programs – Addressed in White – Kristin Thomas

Officiant – Cindy Figley

Favors – Chocolate Covered Oreas – Jacki Shinoski

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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