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Heaven Sent Farms Wedding Photos

Hey Hey! Happy Thursday!  I’m totally high fiving myself in the comfort of my editing office today because I busted out a boudoir session this week (Yep!  Brides! I do those too!) and then I finished this wedding and after this is posted I’m heading over (figuratively) to get started on an engagement session!  It’s all kinds of wedding and couple and lovey goodness this week!  BUT FIRST, all you pumpkin spice lovers (or sunflower lovers) need to feast your eyes on my next wedding! Haley and Derrick tied the knot at Heaven Sent Farms last Saturday!  It was a perfect weather day for a wedding (FINALLY!) and we haven’t had many of those this year so that was definitely a breath of fresh air!  They are now Mr. & Mrs. Murdock so please enjoy their fall wedding photos and give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  ENJOY! You autumn lovers are really going to enjoy this one!

Fall Wedding Invitation with Sunflowers and Rings

Lacey was on board for this wedding (and you’re going to be seeing A LOT more of her here in the next few weeks).  We started off at the barn to take some reception detail photos!

Heaven Sent Farms Wedding Photos

It really makes you realize Fall is here, right?!  So pretty!

Heaven Sent Farms Inside the Barn Reception Decor

I kind of REALLY loved their “S’more” favors!  SooOoO cute and I think I took about five different shots of JUST the favors! HA!

Smores Wedding Favors at Heaven Sent Farms

Seriously, it was everything  a Fall wedding or rustic vibe lover would want!  The flowers and colors were to die for.  The bride wore BOOTs…and not just any boots…WEDDING BOOTS.  She even gave me that little tree trunk/log to use as decoration! AHH!

Rustic Autumn Wedding Detail Collage

I channelled my inner Kari here and put the rings in the flowers! OoOo my goodness me…I was loving ALL over these flowers!

Wedding Rings displayed in Rustic Wedding Bouquet

Once all the ladies were all dolled up and I was finished with details, we did some plaid shirt photos!  My signature “Ha! Ha! Haaaaaa!” got them REALLY laughing!  Someone a couple weddings ago told me I sound like a rooster! HA!  Maybe I do because these ladies got a huge kick out of it!

Ladies in Plaid Robes at Heaven Sent Farms

I told Lacey before we arrived…I JUST KNEW she’d be a stunning bride!! I KNEW IT!  I KNEW IT!  I was not disappointed!

Black and White Photos of Bride Getting Ready at Heaven Sent Farms

Per the usual, credit is due when your assistants take photos like this one below!  Please note…just like all the Hannah Barlow Photography blogs, these are always a great mix of my photos and whoever shoots with me!  Lacey nailed this one below and it wasn’t staged!  It’s one of my favorites!

Black and White Photo of Bride Holding Veil

I was loving the family dynamic this afternoon.  All the ladies were willing to help.  Mom jumped right in too!! Then, Step Dad, Nick, jumped in to help his daughter get her necklace on!  The sweet moments were pouring right into my camera!

Step Dad Helping Bride Put on Necklack

Then, Haley elected to wear her grandmother’s bracelet and got some more assistance from mom!

Mother of Bride Helping Put on Bracelet

THE EMOTIONS!  They were getting everyone!

Mother of Bride Getting Emotional

Then, Haley’s dad came in to see her as a bride for the first time!

Father of the Bride and Bride First Look

…AND HE BROUGHT A PENNY!  I don’t know if Haley knew this was going to happen but it was the SWEETEST moment!! It was so sweet I actually made them do it again JUST to make sure we got it (because it originally happened so fast).  We nailed it though!! Both Lacey and I got it the first round so that’s what I put in their wedding gallery, of  course!

Father of the Bride Putting Penny in the Shoe

Then, we headed back to the barn to photograph the guys.  Do you all remember their engagement session? (HERE)  It was NO secret Derrick didn’t like photos so I was prepared going into this wedding to pull all my tricks!  I kid you not, he saw me coming this day and literally told me I’d have to wait and ran away! HA!  I insisted though and he went with it so we knocked these photos out real quick!! You know I’m all about my timelines…there was no waiting! Nope!

Groom and Groomsmen at Heaven Sent Farms

Just a Dad with his boys!

Grooms with Sons at Heaven Sent Farms

I know he didn’t want to do it but I assured him his future wife would appreciate some photos of him by himself! YAY!

Groom Wedding Photo at Heaven Sent Farms

He even did some mock “getting ready” photos for me!  He did give me the, “HANNNNNAHHHHHHHHHH….” the whole time but it’s definitely not the first time I’ve heard that from a groom! HA!

Black and White Groom Getting Ready Photos at Heaven Sent Farms

Lickety split, we were done!  Just like that and it was time for the ceremony!! I have A LOT to say about this ceremony too!

Heaven Sent Farms Ceremony Prep

RIGHT before the ceremony got started, the groom’s sister, Megan (Hey, girl!) had a moment with her brother and then before she got too sentimental and made him cry, he shooed her away!  It was a sweet moment I was glad I caught!  I also had a moment where I told Derrick he lined up on the wrong side.  He said, “HANNAH!  I was at the rehearsal.  You were not!” And I just shrugged and said, “Yep! You are right!” and off we went!  BUT, inquiring minds need to know.  Haley!  Did he line up on the right side?!

Groom Having Moment with Sister Before Wedding Ceremony

This is ALWAYS one of my favorite moments of the day! ALWAYS!

Heaven Sent Farms Farms Wedding Ceremony

That sun though!  It kept coming and going and I’m proud of all of the bridal party for remaining upright!

Heaven Sent Farms Wedding Ceremony with Priest

They chose to write their own vows and Derrick had to take a moment to remind everyone that he was NOT a public speaker!! I had to laugh then and I’m giggling now!

Groom Reading Vows at Heaven Sent Farms

Then, he got to reading them and they were so sweet and sentimental.  I don’t think he’s one to openly (and publicly) share his feelings so hearing this had A LOT of people tearing up!

Wedding Vows at Heaven Sent Farms

I told you!

Bridesmaids Crying During Ceremony at Heaven Sent Farms

Then, there was a sentence in his vows that got everyone chuckling.  He said the moment he met Haley he knew he was going to marry her.  He had also told Haley’s cousin, Megan, this same thing.  Megan made sure to remind everyone that she had, in fact, told him, “No, you won’t!” HA!  Boy was she wrong though because look where we were this day!  Everyone got a great laugh out of it and it made it all the more sweet!

Bridesmaids Lined Up at Heaven Sent Farms

Look at the love shining in her eyes!

Bride Looking at Groom During Ceremony at Heaven Sent Farms

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what’s going on here but this photo looks like a serious blooper!  I think this was the point Haley realized she didn’t have her own vows to read!

Bride and Groom Laughing at Heaven Sent Farms

Or maybe a bird pooped on his tux!! I really have no idea!  NO IDEA!

Wedding Couple Laughing at Heaven Sent Farms

…but seriously, Haley DIDN’T have her vows!! Apparently, she’d given them to her Step Dad and he hadn’t realized what they were so he placed them on the table.  So, here he is scrambling to find the table where he left them!  I kind of really love these kinds of memories though!! It makes every wedding unique!

I’d like to caption this, “Daughter, you really should have been more clear when you handed these to me!”  It was such a sweet moment though and I was so happy I was fast enough to grab these!

Alright!! We’re back at it!

Lacey’s angles vs. my angles!  We’ve got this down pat!

Bride Reading Vows at Heaven Sent Farms

Then, they exchanged rings!

Wedding Ceremony Photos Heaven Sent Farms

They also included the boys in a sand ceremony now that Haley is officially their step mom!  She even included them in her vows which I thought was so sweet!

Wedding Sand Ceremony at Heaven Sent Farms


Newly Married Couple at Heaven Sent Farms

Poor Haley, I wasted NO TIME getting her by herself for some photos!  Nope!! I could’t stand It!  I know she was dying in that dress too!! Also, her bouquet may be my favorite Fall bouquet to date!

We tag teamed family photos and bridal party photos!! Check out these beautiful ladies!

Bridesmaid Photos at Heaven Sent Farms

ALRIGHT!  I’m going to admit something I NEVER thought I would admit.  I actually like a re-Pinterest created photo I took!!  WHATTTT?!  It’s never happened before but Haley sent me one Pinterest photo she wanted me to take.  I wrote it on the list as “Bouquets Around Bride’s Head” and I actually really love it!  Who would have thought?!  Also, for such a fun and rowdy bridal party, I told them their “Wooooo” photo needed some work! HA!  So, you’re seeing take two of that one!

Bridal Party Photos at Heaven Sent Farms

Now, it’s time for my favorite part of the blog…the bride and groom wedding photos! YAY!  I didn’t get to take formal photos at Heaven Sent Farms when I did the last wedding here so I was totally excited!  But first, Derrick wanted to pose with the farm cat! HA!  This cat became my friend…but I’m a cat person so it’s understandable!

Groom Holding Cat at Heaven Sent Farms

The cat didn’t want to leave either so I let him photobomb a few (not shown) and then we got RIGHT down to it!  These two were so hot from standing in the sun for their ceremony so we tried to make this quick!

Bride and Groom Formal Wedding Photos at Heaven Sent Farms

It’s been a while wince we’ve had tan tuxes and it made this wedding feel even more fall and amazing!

Close Up Fall Wedding Photos at Heaven Sent Farms Wedding Photos in front of Barn at Heaven Sent Farms

Seriously, the cats are SO friendly here!

Fall weddings and fall colors at Heaven Sent Farms call for barn photos!! OooO yea!

Bride and Groom Formal Wedding Fall Photos at Heaven Sent Farms

I had them walk and snuggle.  Remember last year when I had to have a code word for Joe?  It was whiskey and I’d yell it any time Joe got off track.  Well, I probably should have given Derrick a code word too!  HA!  This photo below makes me laugh because I remember yelling at him!

Bride and Groom Walking at Heaven Sent Farms

He was just being goofy though and we got right back on track!  Look at these ones below!! I love how relaxed they look!

Bride and Groom Wedding Photos in Field at Heaven Sent Farms

We kept working our way around the barn to where they would eventually be announced for the reception!  That sky was making me SO happy!

Bride and Groom by Tractor at Heaven Sent Farms

Just a few more!

Bride and Groom by Fence Heaven Sent Farms Wedding Photos

We made it!  Wheww!  I did have Haley sit down for a minute and I think Lacey ran and got her water!  THANKS, LACEY!  I know Lacey ran and got me water too!  I couldn’t do it without these girls!  I had to snap a rehydration photo too!

It was time to PARTY and even G was super excited about it!! I was taking photos of this sign when she photobombed me! HA!

The place where they put the cake was so beautiful and unique!

Everyone was announced and Derrick took a moment to lift his bride up real high to celebrate!! Lacey was crouched down on the ground (squishing the poor baby) and managed to get this one!

Then, the new Murdocks danced their first dance as husband and wife and Lacey nailed the epic silhouette shot!  Lacey isn’t one to get “front and center” so when I saw her creep to the middle of the dance floor…I got my butt right out of the way!! SO GLAD I DID!

First Dance Wedding Reception Photos at Heaven Sent Farms

Then, we had an amazingly delicious dinner from Vito’s 2 and while I was eating I spotted the wine bottles!! I HAD to get a photo of them, of course!

Then, Megan had a surprise for her brother and her new sister-in-law.  Apparently, as children, Derrick and Megan would make up songs!  So, Megan made one up and RAPPED IT…in front of EVERYONE!  OMG!

The crowd went WILD!  We’ve never had that happen at a wedding before so that was super fun!! Look at DJ Mike getting into it too!  I would totally show you the video but I couldn’t download it off her private page! WAAA!! MAYBE I can share it in the comments!

Things just kept on happening!  These two cut the cake and did NOT give each other ANY slack!

Even with cake up their noses, they still showed their love!

Then, the reception got started!! The weather was cooling down at this point so people took this opportunity to mingle!

Guests Mingling at Heaven Sent Farms

It didn’t take long for the dancing to get started though!! This was my second wedding with DJ Mike and he has thrown a great party both times!

Reception Dancing at Heaven Sent Farms

Then, it was time for Derrick to remove the garter!! He shocked me when he chose the “Magic Mike” nontraditional method!  He nailed it!

Garter Removal at Heaven Sent Farms

You’re going to notice a dress change now.  This was not planned, however.  It was so hot that Haley HAD to get out of that dress so her brother was kind enough to go get her rehearsal dinner dress and it worked out PERFECTLY!

Reception Party Dancing at Heaven Sent Farms

Before the night ended, they danced the traditional John Denver WV dance!  I always love it!  They did this a little early so family could catch the last shuttle!

Last Song and Dance at Heaven Sent Farms

So, we still had 30 minutes of partying to do!  I stayed the whole time per Haley’s request and I’m so glad I did!  THIS photo below was going to be my last photo of the night but then Haley texted me today and said it would be too funny to do a “before and after” of the bride and groom!

Guests Dancing at Heaven Sent Farms

I mean…I always do what my brides ask, right?!  Ask and you shall receive!! I present to you for the very first time…Hannah Barlow Photography before and after wedding photos! HA!  I’m dying laughing right now!  I feel like Derrick got the short end of the stick.  It was NOT his fault his shirt looked like that!! I personally witnessed a groomsmen (*cough* Scott *cough*) rip his shirt!  But I mean..Haley asked! Bahahahahaha!

Well, that’s it on ANOTHER Hannah Barlow Photography wedding of the year!! Jeesh!! I knew I had a lot this year but they just keep coming and going like the Energizer Bunny, I tell ya!  This wedding was like a high school reunion for me!! I don’t do a whole lot of local weddings and this venue is only about 10 minutes from my house!! It was so nice to be close to home for a change and to see so many familiar faces!  I thank Haley for asking me to be her wedding photographer and for having such beautiful fall details to make my photographer heart so happy!  They’ll be honeymooning next March on a cruise ship thanks to my sister-in-law!  You all need to share photos because I’m trying to get Sarah on the blog train!! Honeymoon blogs…can you imagine?! AHHHHHH!!! We need to make this happen!  I love me some blogs!

Thanks again for reading this Heaven Sent Farms Wedding Photo Blog and one more HUGE congrats to the new Murdock family!  Give them all your love in the comments!


Bride’s Gown – David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Weisberger’s Clothing 

Hair/Makeup – Clutch Salon

Florist – Follansbee Flower Shop

Videographer – TYL Video

Cake/Other Desserts – Susie Marmon

DJ/Band – DJ Mike Music Express

Catering – Vito’s 

Save the Dates/Invitations/Programs – Etsy

Venue – Heaven Sent Farms

Officiant – Father Phil Van Dam

Other – Linda Burkey (Decorator)

Travel Agent – Sarah Barlow – US Travel Corp

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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