My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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A Rainy Oglebay Engagement Love Story

We’re all in this crazy life together and we’re all different but sometimes you run across people you just feel good around.  I’m so blessed people like these two pick me to be their wedding (and engagement) photographer!  Brooke and Cody were so easy to be around from the moment they stepped out of the car.  Despite the weatherman’s predictions for clear (and dry) skies, we weren’t buying what they were selling and we ran for cover before the first drop of rain even fell from the sky.  These two were so calm and took it all in stride.  We laughed…a lot!  We got creative and we made it happen!  I wasn’t stressed because they weren’t stressed!  It was perfect – rain and all!  So, please meet Brooke and Cody and enjoy their rainy Oglebay engagement photos!  Happy FRIDAY (FRIYAY), everyone!  This was my last session to edit before I add tomorrow’s wedding to the list! WOOO HOOOO!

Aren’t they adorable together?! I love those pictures (above).  I definitely think they are some of my favorites!  THAT is not how this session started though!  It rained.  NO!  IT POURED!  So, let’s go back about 30 minutes.

Yep.  You can see from that photo above we had to stay under cover when it started to sprinkle…but then it REALLY poured.  It was raining so hard it basically looked dark outside.  Good grief!

But as you can see, they weren’t letting it get them down and I couldn’t have loved that more!! I even extended their session because I wanted them to have some pretty (not under cover) photos too!! All my crossables were crossed the rain would clear for just a bit!  Even though they had a few hour drive home, they were game and stuck around!  As you can see, a TORRENTIAL downpour behind them!

Ok.  So now that I’ve complained about the rain but cheered my couple on, let me tell you more about them!  These two met CLEAR back in 2003 in middle school.  They went to different schools but had mutual friends who were “dating” (remember what dating was like in middle school?!  I’m totally giggling).  Cody even said he wished he could pull his AIM history!  So, they all went to a movie together.  Cody swears he knew he would marry Brooke one day…at the age of 14.  I totally buy it!  I started dating my husband back in 2002 and even then…at 15 years old, I was pretty sure we were compatible and would make a great team and get married one day!  Well, years later (17.5 years later to be exact) we’re still happy as ever!! So yea…I totally believe he knew it…love at first site and all that jazz!! What makes this story even more fun is that they didn’t actually start dating until 2017!  Do the math!  That’s 14 years later…crazy, right?!  Talk about patience!

If you know me well, you know I make it a habit to NOT read the couple’s fun fact survey until after I meet them and only when I go to blog.  Well, I was texting Brooke this morning squealing via text after I read what these two said about one another!  Brooke had told me previously when we were chatting about this session via email (and about the potential for rain) that Cody is always calm and kind.  She told me later her grandmother once told her “Looks fade.  Nice doesn’t” and told me she’s so lucky to have a good looking AND nice guy to spend her life with!! *swooning* . I couldn’t agree more!  Cody’s going to be one of those grooms I take full advantage of the niceness (shame on me) and take WAY too many photos of him, as a result! HA!  I can’t help it!  Cody…get your details ready!! I want to photograph IT ALL next May!

Then, I read what Cody said about Brooke and I felt like I was in a fairytale.  I could really sit here and type it all out but I want you all to use your imagination and then remember that he said…and I quote…”this box isn’t big enough for all the adjectives she deserves” and then followed it up with, “…and did I mention she’s kind of cute?”  *mic drop* OoOOo Cody.  You’re making us all look bad!  How did we all get so lucky?!  How do these people end up on the Hannah Barlow Photography blog?! AHHHHH!!!

This one below may be one of my favorites!  Here is a funny fact about this photo.  Of course, I had them do eskimo kisses.  Then, Cody taught me something new…butterfly kisses!! Apparently that’s when you rub or blink eyelashes together!  We didn’t try it because I was panicking about the rain coming back…but now that I’m thinking about it, we’re going to test run it on their wedding day!! And probably die laughing…but that’s ok.  I get the feeling their blog is going to be a long one anyway!

Walking and snugging is ALWAYS a must!

Then, I got my hands on this ring!  AHHHH!  Cody was actually the one who suggested we put it on the rainy leaf.  It took me a few good tries because the leaf was blowing in the wind and you all know it’s not easy to photograph a close up, moving subject!  I did it though and I couldn’t be more excited about this ring photo…and all the other ones!!  Did I mention I got to see their proposal?!  Via video?!  Yep!! That’s right!  Cody surprised Brooke at the bottom of a ski slope.  He encouraged her to go up and then come down (she took it as a challenge thinking he thought she wouldn’t be able to remain upright the whole way).  I can’t even tell you how adorable the whole thing was….especially since he was down on one knee and she blew right by him then squealing with excitement and surprise when she realized what was happening!!  She had to backtrack and Cody was kind enough to get up, move over, and then get back down on one knee!  After she managed to get her gloves off, she said YES!

So yea…it had stopped raining at this point but I wanted them to have real memories of the rain so we busted out the umbrella!

Their wedding photos are going to be perfection!  I have visions already!

…and she was worried about looking awkward.  Pffffftt!! GET OUT!

…and just to sum it all up…I yelled “Grand Finale SHOT!” and she opened her arms up real wide just like this and kissed him! COME ON! It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Well, that’s it!! That’s a wrap on these rainy Oglebay engagement photos!  After this one, I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming 2020 weddings!! This couple is going to hit it out of the park AND I’m totally excited about their wedding and “feel” and color palette!  I’m going to keep those little secrets all to myself though so you’ll all have to check back next year to see it for yourself!! IT’S GOING TO BE AMMMAAAZZING!

CONGRATS to the future Mr. & Mrs. McCormick!  You both ROCK!  Thanks for being yourselves and being amazing!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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