My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Golden Hour Love

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I’m so excited for you to meet Megan and Jordan!  They’re my newest couple on the blog today! YAY!  I met these two back at Addie and Camden’s wedding in June (See it HERE).  We got to chatting that morning and she told me about her beautiful wedding happening at one of my favorite venues in Dennison, Ohio – Bella Amore (let’s all just swoon here for a minute).  I told her she’d have an amazing wedding there and talked about all the things I loved about it and the owners, Celeste and Ryan!! You know me…I’m a talker and we had some time that morning while Addie was getting finished up with hair and makeup!  Well, a few days later (it may have even been the next day), I got an email from Megan asking if we could meet at the studio! So, we met on a Sunday morning right after they picked up their fur baby, Ovie!  He even came to the studio to meet me and was the perfect angel while he slept on the floor!  Now, here we are!  I’ll be their wedding photographer come April (it will seriously be here before we know it).  Ovie won’t be attending though (they think he’s a little high strung but I think he’s fine…I understand that personality flaw…HA!…This is me we are talking about after all).  So, he got to come for their engagement session instead!  Meet, Megan, Jordan, and Ovie, everyone!  Please give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!

Also, I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Jordan’s mom for coming and being Ovie’s distractor…or the person who actually made him sit, stay on task, and look RIGHT at me!! She rocked it!  Ovie’s a big fan of cheese too…so he was willing to sit for a few pieces!  So, THANK YOU!  She also babysat him while we finished this session!

We had originally gone went back and forth on location when planning this engagement session.  We even talked about doing it at WVU!  In the end, we decided on Oglebay but not in my usual spots because we were going to look for some stone to kind of match Bella Amore and their wedding.  Well, I saw this beautiful light and all those original ideas went RIGHT out the window! I mean…how could I ignore this light?!

Jordan and Megan have definitely been easy to be around from the beginning.  Megan is easy to photograph (I knew this from when she was Addie’s bridesmaid) and Jordan makes me laugh constantly (we had some great laughs during conversations at our pre-booking consult too).  This day they both basically told me to boss them around and pose them however I want.  Well, if you say so…let’s do this!  LET’S DANCE!

Jordan describes his wife-to-be as warm, bubbly, funny, and a beautiful woman!  Megan followed it up in the survey stating Jordan is very loving, charismatic, fun and an all around wonderful man.  I can see all of that and I can see they are very similar in a lot of ways while having some very obvious differences.  For example, Jordan claims Megan has two left feet…even when they are pretend dancing for me! HA!  Well…well…well…I expect some EPIC dance moves from Jordan come the wedding!  It’s happening!  You can’t call out your girl and then now show us your stuff!! Blog material coming soon!  They do take an amazing photo together though, right?!

So, let’s talk about how they got here in the first place!  Jordan surprised Megan on her birthday not just with a local birthday dinner but with a dinner in Pittsburgh at The Melting Pot.  She arrived with a huge surprise of roses and champagne at their seats.  They made it all the way through dinner before Jordan handed over her gift…complete with lots of doggie toys!  BUT…there was a box in there and Megan knew before he even got all the way down on his knee what was happening.  So, she burst out in tears and said, “YES”, of course!  And now you can see this beautiful ring (which was recently lost and found in the cheese drawer…still haven’t figured that whole story out..HA!).  I also hear there are proposal photos and I’m waiting on those…eagerly! AHHH!!

We did some walking and snuggling in this AMAZING light!

We also did some close ups!

This location was so random but was giving us so much goodness!  Here’s a black and white goodie!

Then, being as random as I am…we finally made it to the stone where I ORIGINALLY thought we were going to take photos! HA!  I mean…it all circles back around, right!?

…and just like that…their wedding will be the next time they are on the blog!  These two are going to have romantic and fabulous wedding at Bella Amore right after Easter!  They are calling it “rustic chique” and OoO my goodness me I am so excited about that!  AHHH!  I haven’t been around that new white gazebo at Bella Amore yet either and I’m just so stinking excited about it!! Celeste and Ryan are two of my favorite wedding venue owners and we always have A BLAST!  I think Lacey’s going to come back from maternity leave and shoot this one with me too!  She did Addie and Camden’s wedding with me so I always like to give my assistants credit where credit is due and also give my client’s an overall great experience with friendly faces they recognize!! So, check back next year because it’s going to be amazing AND just the second Hannah Barlow Photography wedding of the year! AND right before I go to Aruba with Sarah (US Travel Corp).  Sing it!…” Aruba..Jamaica…OoOo I want to take ya” . If you follow my IG feed, you know what’s happening here! I’m going to be singing that song the WHOLE trip.  I’ll be luck if she doesn’t leave me there!  I also tried to talk these two into coming with us but they are already going to Italy!! WAAAAAAA!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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