My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Fall Wellsburg Engagement Photos

Hello Hello Hello! OooO my goodness ME!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Terry and Jordan are on the blog today and I am SO excited to show you their Fall Wellsburg Engagement Photos!! Oooo good grief!! They are SO GOOD! SO GOOODD!  Enjoy!

I just can’t get over these photos!  I also learned something funny about myself while editing these.  Sam happened to be in the office too when I was sorting and starting the editing process and she said, “That’s a whole lot of fall” AND I responded with, “OoO I know.  And they are going to make the most beautiful wedding photos!”  It made us laugh.  You know how people always say, “They’re going to make the most beautiful babies” ?  Well, that’s true for these two too if they decide to go and do that one day (and I’ve seen Terry’s daughter so any future siblings are going to have to realize the bar has been set high).  BUT it’s funny how I caught myself saying they’d make the most beautiful wedding photos…which couldn’t be more true!! I do talk to myself in the office so it’s fun to have Sam here every once in a while to share in all the craziness and excitement!  I mean…LOOK!  It’s the wedding photographer in me and I’m just SO excited to photograph these two again next year (even though Terry is probably less than thrilled! HA!).

When Jordan and I started planning this engagement session, she knew she wanted fall and they definitely needed a Sunday (which I was VERY short on during the busy fall season).  So, we settled for this past Sunday.  I know she was super nervous about a November date but I assured her some of my most “fall” photos are always the beginning of November.  So, she trusted me…for a hot second!  I’m giggling while typing this.  She emailed me in September in a panic because the leaves were starting to change.  I assured her it would still be very green in October and we’d be fine.  Well, I watched it all happen…the leaves were doing exactly what I thought they’d do and it was positively BEAUTIFUL five days before this session…until we got that awful storm on Halloween.  *face palm*  That day I watched the horrid wind and rain storm not only flood my basement at the studio (oy) but blow all the leaves off the trees.  Not going to lie…it broke my heart a lot and sent me into a little bit of a panic.  I mean…I PROMISED HER!  Oy.  It’s just about as bad as the year we got a really late frost and killed all the spring flowers for my sessions! secret spot (not so secret really) at Brooke Hills Park didn’t let me down!!  We may have had to hike a little bit in some unorthodox places, but I think we definitely met the “fall photo” mark!  Even the black and whites are amazing though!!! AHHHHHH!!!

So, I learned that Terry hates photos just about as much as most grooms do!  It’s totally ok with me!  Jordan also was afraid she’d feel the poses would be awkward (AND I’m just now really learning this from their survey).  Girlllll, you are both CRAZY!! Just look how good you look for even the test shots (below)!  I can’t even!  Seriously, you all are going to make the most beautiful wedding photos next year!

Fall Wellsburg Engagement Photos

There is NO awkwardness here!! Nope…nope…I was squealing…as you can imagine!  These photos were getting me all excited!  The story of how they met is pretty sweet too!! Jordan first laid eyes on Terry back in high school.  She “awkwardly” and accidentally told his cousin she thought Terry was good looking.  I can picture it happening.  She asked her teammate who he was…her teammate happened to be cousins with Terry.  Jordan proceeded to tell her how bad she felt for her because she wouldn’t be able to date him then!  OooO high school crushes, I miss those days (kind of).  HA!  They didn’t start dating there though…and they didn’t start dating in college either!! Nope!  Fast forward about a half decade and Terry got caught creeping on Jordan’s facebook page.  Jordan hadn’t changed any photos on her page for a while (like two years for her profile photo) but Terry started liking them…BUSTED.  So, Jordan reached out (I love a bold gal).  They FINALLY started talking and eventually started hanging out and NOW they are on my blog and going to be married next year! WEE!  Can’t you picture it all unfolding over the years?!

You all know I don’t allow any “dead arms” in my photos!  As much as Terry says he hated photo time, he was definitely on the ball when it came to posing!!  I think he noticed and “felt” it before I even said anything!  We did a “re do” for this and I want to show you all the difference.  Huge, right?!  They nailed it round two!

I’m not usually big on black and white but I was feeling both color and black and white while editing these!!

I was channeling all the fall in the most random locations!  They even make “gazing off in the distance” look good!

Check out this ring!  AHHH!  Terry gave this beauty to Jordan and asked her to be his wife while they were vacationing in Mexico!  I love a guy who is willing to do it in front of family and friends!! I hear there are pictures and a video too!! I’ll try and get my hands on those, I promise!

Then, they did an outfit change and Jordan loved the look of this rustic building!  I can’t tell you how much fun I had photographing these two and I’m kind of glad I didn’t know about their nerves going into this!  I mean…my goodness!! They just take such amazing photos!! I can’t even imagine what we’ll be able to do on their wedding day!  Sorry, Terry…there’s no getting out of this!! There are LOTS of photos of you coming in 2020!  Ooo it’s happening!

Seriously, 2020 is going to rock!  I couldn’t go wrong with a pose for these two!

Then, we did some walking and snuggling, of course!!  The sun was starting to set and it was getting a little chilly but I just couldn’t get enough!! I soaked up every second I could with these two!  I’m not sorry AT ALL!

Grand finale shot!! WooooOoOoo!!!!!

If you needed a little dose of fall, I hope you got it!  I know Lacey will be all over this blog, FOR SURE!  While I’m not necessarily a big lover of the fall foliage, this session was everything and I’m so happy some of the trees held strong (literally) and allowed me to give Jordan the fall photos she wanted!  The combination of light and leaves warmed me right up!  I hope they love them as much as I do!! EEKKKK!  That was me…the whole time I shot these…and sorted them…and edited them…and now while I’m posting them!!

Yep!  You’ll be seeing these two on the blog next August!  Seriously, it’s going to be AMAZING!  They have big families and lots of friends so it’s going to be a BIG wedding!  Jordan’s planning a classic wedding with a rustic feel…and now my assistants will fight over who gets this one! HA!  Team HBP!  Let’s do this!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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