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Fall Williams Country Club Engagement Photos

Good Morning!! It’s early and it’s chilly but I wanted to end this week on a high note!  Blog #3 for the week goes to…these fall Williams Country Club engagement photos!  And OoOO my goodness me.  If this girl isn’t fabulous enough, her fiancé  (who hates pictures more than you know) just made this engagement session complete!  Cheyenne is so fabulous I can’t stand it!! I even asked her to be my personal stylist (I was kidding…not really)!  We’re going to have to work something out because she NAILED the outfit choices! NAILED IT!  So, I’m rambling right out of the gates and you know what that means!  Please meet Cheyenne and Jamey and give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography welcomes!

I met Cheyenne and her mom, Lisa, about a month ago at a pre-booking consultation at my studio!  They were photographer and DJ shopping so we had a nice chat and off they went!! It wasn’t but a few minutes after they left I got a call they wanted to book and I couldn’t have been more excited! AH!  I can feel it in my bones.  This is going to be “one of those weddings” where we have too much fun with amazing families and the blog is ridiculously long!  AHHH!  I mean…just look at these two! Jamey’s a fantastic actor.  He wanted to run for the hills during these photos, I assure you.  He and my husband are totally on the same page when it comes to picture time, I tell ya!  What I do love about him is that he was a total gentleman and acted the part in order for his future wife, Cheyenne, and his wedding photographer, me, to get these amazing photos!! ANDDDD we did it!! Cheyenne was also one of my brides who wanted fall badly and she said “these are so fally” when I sent her a sneak peek…I couldn’t agree more!  Did Weirton Country Club not get the wind from Halloween?!  How is this possible?!  It’s so pretty still!  There are no leaves left at my house!  NONE!

Collage of Fall Engagement Photos at Williams Country Club

I asked Cheyenne later after this session if Jamey REALLY hated this session as much as he said…and she confirmed he did! HA!  BUT…look how happy they are in these walking photos!  All I see is love and happiness and I just have so much to say about these two!  They were introduced by a mutual friend.  Cheyenne says she definitely did NOT see him coming.  After a few days of chatting, they decided to meet up for some food and a movie.  They ended up spending five full hours getting to know each other without the TV having been turned on once.  It didn’t take long for them to realize they were meant for each other!  It all makes sense though.  She told me Jamey is very old fashioned and a total gentleman from the old days.  When those kinds of men know, they know…I happen to be married to one of those guys!

Couple Walking at Williams Country Club for Fall Engagement Photos

oooOooo my goodness ME!  I know I’ve been saying that a lot this week but really…she’s JUST fabulous!  My couples are killing it this week!  I really did tell her I wanted her to be my personal stylist.  She responded I could be her personal photographer…it really sounds like a GRAND plan!  I even texted my super trendy sister in law and “warned” her she would love the “next girl on my blog because she’s fabulous”.  Cheyenne was even afraid the outfits would be too “matchy” because she read my tips and tricks engagement pamphlet (my couples get serious brownie points for reading those) but somehow she pulled this off flawlessly!  Just look…they even match the trees!! EKKKK!

Williams Country Club Fall Engagement Photos of Future Bride and Groom

I definitely wanted to get up close and personal for some of these!  Can you just picture what I’m going to be able to do with her dressed as a bride?! AHHH!

Close Up Engagement Photo of Girl at Williams Country Club

Cheyenne tells me Jamey is very patient and calm…and said, “he’s the perfect example of an old school man back in the day”.  That’s her words…not mine!  OooO it’s a fairytale…you know me and my love for books and novels and TV shows and movies of “back in the day”.  I’m just getting to live this in real life through my couples.  Jamey had a lot to say about his future wife too!  He said she’s an amazing cook, housewife and is incredibly supportive and nurturing.  He also said she drives him crazy with her “what if” questions and hypothetical questions…OooO boy.  Now I’m kind of glad he and my husband do not know each other.  As soon as I say, “I’ve got a question…” I get that look…because it’s usually something ridiculous!  Girl, I can totally relate!!  But doesn’t their love just shine through this photo below!

Fall Engagement Photo of couple cuddling at Williams Country Club

She kept worrying about that hat and holding it and I told her to just keep on doing what she was doing because it makes the photos all the more real and it just looked SO GOOD!  They were literally just walking and laughing!

Couple Walking at Williams Country Club in the Fall

I just can’t even with these two!  2020 is seriously going to ROCK!

Fall Engagement Photo of Woman Looking Back While Walking

It really didn’t matter which way they were going!

Couple Walking in the Fall at Williams Country Club

Then, we did an outfit change!  Cheyenne did it again with the styling!!!  I know she literally styled this because Jamey and I had to take tags off his shirt and then she complimented him on his outfit.  HA!  Apparently, he’s never worn this kind of thing before!! Killing it, I tell ya!  Don’t they look so cozy?!

Going back to the old school gentleman thing…Jamey put a lot of thought into his proposal.  On Sept. 21st, it was their two year anniversary.  Cheyenne woke up early to go take a test to get into the nursing program.  Jamey handed her his card and told her to go treat herself to a spa day…including everything…even her nails!  While she was doing that, he was preparing a dinner for them at home.  She walked into candles, dinner…the whole shebang!  He cooked her favorite dinner (crab legs and steak…CRAB LEGS…who does that?! OMG!!).  And after it was all over, he asked her to become his wife!! OooOoo my goodness me!! I feel like there needs to be a movie about all this!  AMAZING!  High five, Jamey!  You may not like photos…but I’m totally love love loving all of this!  I’ll take it!  THANK YOU!

Fall Engagement Photos in the Forest

The sun was starting to set so we were trying to make the best out of all locations.  I refused to go inside this stone area though because I have VISIONS and DREAMS of their wedding photos next year.  THAT’S RIGHT!  We’re coming back to this BEAUTIFUL location at Williams Country Club to do their wedding photos.  This is actually close to where their ceremony will be held!! AHHHHHHHH!!! I’m going to be squealing like no other!! I can already feel it!

Kind of looks like a magazine, right?!

We did just a few more at this overlook!  Us girls were coming up with all kinds of crazy ideas!  Jamey was just putting up with us at this point!  Most guys would have said, “enough already”…but not him! WOOOO!

Fall Engagement Photos at Williams Country Club Overlook

…and I just couldn’t end this session without one more amazing walking photo with Cheyenne looking at her husband to be! AHH!

That’s it!  This is the last blog of the week!  Whewwww!! Don’t worry!! There are so many more to come this month!  These two beautiful humans are going to be celebrating their love for one another and tying the knot next September!   The ceremony will be outside at Williams Country Club!  Then, we’re heading to the Pepsi Cola Roadhouse to celebrate and party the night away!! Cheyenne tells me there will be warm lighting with candles and flowers everywhere with hanging lights! OooOoo my!! I can’t even wait!

A HUGE shoutout to Ragan at Williams Country Club for granting us permission to do Cheyenne and Jamey’s engagement photos on their property.  PHOTOGRAPHERS:  WE DID CALL AND ASK PERMISSION.  Please be courteous!

Ooo and one last thing..Jamey said he would rather army crawl butt naked on broken glass for five miles than take these pictures.  Bahahahahahaha!  I can’t even quit laughing.  But Jamey…from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!  I couldn’t love these photos more!! You’re a gem and Cheyenne is a lucky gal!

HAPPY FRIDAY!  WE’RE OFF TO A DOUBLE HEADER THIS WEEKEND – Saturday and Sunday!  All hands on deck!  BYE!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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