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A Winter Blue Wheeling Wedding

Hello Hello Hello!!  It’s officially the middle of November and we’re three weddings down with two more to go! Woooo!  So, happy FRIDAY, everyone! We sailed into this past weekend with a double header -Saturday and Sunday weddings at Oglebay and both with THE DJ Brian Oliver which got us super pumped up!  Courtney and Matt were first up on our list and her winter, blue, November wedding in Wheeling had my winter, wedding heart leaping with joy when I walked into this reception!! Remember…I was a December bride 11 years ago and I also had green pine and pinecones so this made me REALLY happy.  Lacey was especially happy to see the silver glitz too.  I never thought of it but we don’t really get to see silver all that much.  Gold is ALL the rage right now so I’m high fiving Courtney right now for doing something different!  Enjoy!

We started our day at the Pine Room at Oglebay in Wheeling to get those very important reception details!

We didn’t spend much time there though before we headed off to Warwood to meet up with the couple before the ceremony!  Off to Corpus Christi Catholic Church we went! These outdoor photos are compliments of Lacey!

From day one, Courtney was my easy…no fuss…bride!! I wanted her details to be just like that!  OoOOo and if this wedding didn’t incorporate everything Courtney and Matt love, I don’t know what would have!  Check it out!  Yes…that’s a garter with a flask!  Yes…they did actually use it!  More on that later!

Lacey nailed the dress shots!  That side one may be mine…who knows!! At this point, no one knows!

Wheeling Wedding Dress Shot at Church

I was SO EXCITED about this blue!! AHHHH!! BLUEEEE finally!  I love a different color palette!  Huge shoutout to Ashleigh too for being my reflector holder lady!!

Blue Flower Ring Shot

…and while this was definitely an elegant wedding, Courtney didn’t let her personality get squashed.  Nope.  I was cracking up laughing when she whipped Matt’s head out of her bag!! HA!! One of her friends made this for her and I couldn’t have laughed harder!!  LOVE IT!

This was a difficult area to shoot because we didn’t have anywhere that was super “bridal”.  But who says you can’t take elegant photos of the bride getting ready in a church bathroom?!

I did take some “Hannah photos” like the one above but I also took some Courtney photos too!  So, here we are laughing hysterically while her good friend gets the deodorant balls off her armpits! HA!  I mean…this IS what really happens at weddings!

I headed into the church to get set up for the ceremony and found Matt!  Courtney requested some photos and I can’t pass up a good opportunity to get some good black and white groom photos!  Thanks, Matt!

Then, the couple opted for a little moment together.  You wouldn’t know it from these photos but it was COLD this day!! SO COLD!  Courtney rocked it like a champ and Matt kept reminding me the guys would be fine!  The guys were definitely a hoot and totally on board with photo time too!! You just wait and see!

Then, it was time for the ceremony! This little man brought the littlest flower girl down the aisle in a cart!! I think this is my first time seeing this happen in person!! AHHHH!! Loving it!

I thought maybe it was just me but even the guests were getting a kick out of this ceremony.  It was a short and sweet Catholic ceremony (which we’re not used to lately) AND Courtney and Matt threw in some pretty funny facial expressions and moments that had us all smiling!! I think we can probably all agree this was the most entertaining ceremony we’ve been to in a long time (and guests were confirming it in the bubble line).

This little one was the most dedicated flower girl I’ve ever met.  She made sure those flower petals were scattered juuuuussssttt right throughout the whole ceremony and she definitely caught everyone’s attention there for a minute!

There was soooo much laughter as Courtney became Mrs. Rush.  It was so sweet too because after this and all through the day Matt kept calling her “Mrs. Rush” and I loved it so much!

Speaking of the bubble line…they gave me the best kiss right at the end!! I shared it over there on Instagram too!  Follow me HERE if you haven’t already!  I share different photos than what I share on Facebook and stories and all that jazz!

Wheeling Winter Wedding Bubbles

We flew right into family formals (huge shoutout to the Priest for allowing us to stay) and then we were off to the suspension bridge.  It was SO NICE for a change not to have to fight traffic.  I mean, it’s a bummer it isn’t open to vehicles now but boy OoOO boy did it make photo time easier and this is all Courtney really wanted…pretty bridge photos!  So, I present to you…a whole bridal party on the bridge! But first…we had to figure out the dress situation! I can’t stop laughing.  This bridal party was a hoot!  Addie from back in June can relate!

Here is the Bridal Party…minus one guy.  It’s a hilarious story!  More on that later!

Then, we went straight into formal photos!  Again, I had to do some of my traditional “Hannah Photos”!  Seriously, it was so nice not having to run from traffic!

…but we definitely had to allow their personalities to shine!  I knew from their engagement session that Courtney prefers the fun photos and lots of outtakes!  Ask and you shall receive, girl!

They did some casual walking on the bridge…there AND back!

…and so much laughing!

Seriously, it was SO cold!  How she managed not to look frozen is beyond me!

Then, we headed off to Oglebay to finish up the formal photos!  They swung around to grab their flannels.  If I didn’t emphasize it enough, I loooooveeeeee these colors!

I knew they’d nail the personality shots…and they did!

Courtney may not love photos of herself but she sure does make a BEAUTIFUL bride!! I was also in love with the elegance of that bouquet!

Now, for the gentleman!

Groom photos were a must!

The guys did not disappoint on their personality shots either!

This limo service always does a champagne toast for their couple!! Of course, I had to get a photo of it!

Courtney was cracking me up when she downed this while I think Matt didn’t let it touch his lips!

Then, we switched it up!

More bride and groom formals!!!! YAY!!!

Then, we headed to the reception and I had to take photos of this cake because it’s blue and we haven’t gotten that color palette this year!  I was also loving that blinging cake stand!  OOoO the details!  Also, HUGE shoutout to all my assistants this day for being the BEST EVER!  It was a little crazy leading up to the reception start to get everything and ready to go settled!  I also got to meet Cassie finally who is one of the new coordinators at Oglebay in Wheeling!  She’ll get her blog moment here in a second!  I warned her…you can’t escape the Hannah Barlow Photography blogs! NOPE!

We chatted it up with THE DJ Brian Oliver and took just a few more before the bridal party was announced!

Then, Brian welcomed everyone and gave them the low down on the bathroom situation at the Pine Room.  He paces when he talks so this is the best I could do! HA!  Also, please note his matching attire!! He does this!  I WAS going to give him a hard time about the blue not being “exact” but with him…he’s witty…you never know what might come back at you AND he’s the one with the mic…Ooo boy! Cassie!! Call her if you want to have an Oglebay wedding and then tell her you want Hannah and Brian too! HA! She even struck a pose…she’s a girl after my wedding vendor heart!!!  We’ve got SO many weddings coming up next year too and I’m sooooo stinking pumped up about it!

Ok!  So…the missing groomsman story!  He actually didn’t realize he needed to pick up his tux in Morgantown before coming to the wedding in Wheeling.  So, he had showed up about 30 minutes before the ceremony realizing he had nothing to wear!  Boy…some brides would have freaked out.  Courtney laughed it off and that was that!! She even told us she didn’t care if he was still announced without his tux so they totally did and I loved it so much!  It’s a great story and a “first” for a Hannah Barlow Photography wedding!

Mr. and Mrs. Rush, everyone!

We did the traditional things with speeches and then had a bite to eat and then it was time to cut the cake.  You see, they had a bet going on about who was going to get to smash the cake in the other’s face.  It was unclear though.  There were two jars at the guest book table.  One was dressed as a bride and the other a groom.  Guests put money in the jar but it was unclear if the jar with the most cash got to smash the cake in the face OR if the one with the most money in the jar got to be the one who got cake in the face.  Everyone was convinced Matt would get cake in the face.

Let’s review.  You see, Lacey and Sam and Ashleigh and I had this conversation WAY back in the morning.  I’m left handed so my brain functions a bit differently (it’s been an issue my whole life) but apparently all the guests were wondering too!  It was kind of fun to watch!  Lots of conversation at that table, I tell ya!  What do YOU think?  I thought the person with the most cash would get to smash the cake in the other’s face.  Sam and Lacey didn’t agree.

…but in true Brian Oliver fashion, he switched it up!  This is what I LOVE about weddings and he prepared me ahead of time for what he was going to do.  He always thinks of these things on the fly and I LOVE IT!  His receptions are never boring, as a result!  So, he gave the guests the opportunity to decide what they thought the deal was with the jars!  Courtney was on board for about 15 seconds.  I’m dying laughing right now reliving the moment!

Yep.  That 15 seconds was about it  for her being on board with this fun plan and I was laughing so hard.  You can see Matt saw this may turn to his favor.

…she was getting really worried too!  At one point, I thought, “She’s going to go over there and smack Brian if he doesn’t stop it.”  Guests were discussing and hooting!  Everyone had a different opinion!  Brian didn’t tell them which jar had more money so it could have really gone any way!

In the end, it was determined the person with the most money in the jar got the cake in the face…so Matt lost!

…and he took it like a man!  AND made sure he got a bite while he was at at it! HA!

Then, they went into first dances and had a grand time as husband and wife!

Then, the party got started and it was quite the party!

Brian rejected my first selfie so we took another!  The whole HBP team loves Brian Oliver weddings now!! This was the first time Sam got to experience it!

Then, the party just kept on going!! Everyone took a turn on the dance floor!  EVERYONE!

Then, it was time for the garter removal!! This may be my favorite part of a Brian Oliver wedding, I tell ya!  He makes the groom back WAY up and then drops a beat (I couldn’t tell you the song..sorry..I’m the worst).

…but then he stopped the music and told Matt he could do better!

Magic Mike style!! WOOOOOO!!!!

Then, they put that garter to good use and it was another Hannah Barlow Photography first!!

We stayed about 15 minutes longer to catch all the moments of the money dance!

…and right before I left…I HAD to get the bottoms of these beer coozies.  None of us knew the story but I guess this goes way back to the “County Law Lady”.  Matt had me Google it and I could not stop laughing!  Apparently, Matt’s been known to yell this at weddings in the past when a couple ties the knot.  He said it’s something that just stuck!  I can NOT believe no one returned the favor at his wedding but I still love that they included this in the details!  UPDATE:  Apparently, they DID yell it!! Courtney said she heard it and one of their friends commented below and said he did it!! Matt and I didn’t hear it!! HA!  Crazy!! The video will tell, I guess…right?!?!

These two gentleman were more than willing to put their drinks up so I could get a photo!!  Thanks, guys!

So yea…I love that Courtney and Matt didn’t let this wedding cover any parts of their personalities.  Sometimes that happens but these two did a fabulous job incorporating their humor and lives in an elegant, winter blue Wheeling wedding!  I THINK this was wedding #20 for the year and it’s all wrapped up now!  Huge thanks to Courtney and Matt for trusting me and the team to capture their wedding memories!!  It’s definitely one I will NEVER forget!


Three more to go…four more to blog!  Let’s do this!


Bride’s Gown – Suzanne’s

Bridesmaids’ Attire – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Daniels of Morgantown

Hair/Makeup – Cirque de Cheveux

Florist – I Do

Cake – Sweet Notes

DJ – Brian Oliver

Ceremony – Corpus Christi Catholic Parish

Reception Venue/Catering – Oglebay Weddings

Limo – First Class Limo


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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