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Classic White Palace Wedding

Happy Thursday, everyone!  The last November wedding of the year is here and it’s a classic one with lots of festive colors and it ended at the White Palace in Wheeling, WV!  That’s right!  The second to last wedding of the year is on the blog RIGHT NOW!! EEEEK!!! I so was looking forward to this one, I tell ya!  I love Kristen dearly and I knew from their engagement session (HERE) that Adam was a total gentleman!  So, here we go!! Let’s do this! May I present to you…a classic White Palace wedding! It’s just SO pretty!  Enjoy!

Classic White Wedding Invitation Photo

So, I started the day off checking the weather.  I was calm about it.  I’d already talked to Kristen earlier in the week and she was calm and cool and said, “it’s going to be…what it’s going to be.”  Whewww.  Awesome!  I mean, most brides say that…and then panic when it actually happens (who wouldn’t freak on their wedding day?!).  It ended up being me though.  That’s right!  I’ll tell you all about that this in a bit.  This will now forever be the wedding Lacey said, “I’ve never seen you so stressed before and I didn’t know how to help you!”.  But yea…I STARTED the day off calm, cool, collected, and so pumped up.  It wasn’t that way mid day though! HA!  But anyway, I made a quick call to Oglebay’s Stifle Center that morning when I saw the forecast for rain and got permission to use their beautiful porch! Rain plan – CHECK!  So, off we went!  We headed to Lawrencefield Chapel in Wheeling, WV and it VERY quickly became one of our favorite churches yet!! I mean, I’m a big, stone, Catholic church kind of gal but this one really tugged at my wedding photographer heart strings.  Lacey and Sam immediately fell in love too and proclaimed it to definitely be their favorite!! Ash is a woman of few words…so I’m still not sure what she thought!  But that’s right!  This here is another wedding that gave us all a little bit of our favorite wedding things! I MEAN……LOOOOOOOOOK!  LOOK AT IT! AHHHH!

Lawrencefield Chapel Wheeling Outside Photos

The inside is JUST as pretty!  It kind of reminds me of the little chapels you see in period films and movies (here I go again).

Lawrencefield Chapel Wheeling Inside Photos

That dress though! EEEKKK!! So much squealing with delight on our end with this one!  If any of you remember Sam’s wedding gown from last year, this one was really close and I could see the excitement all over Sam’s face.  It’s classic and gorgeous and fit for a princess!  Ooo man…I just have so much to say!  Can you tell?!  Kristen said she wanted a simple bottom with a “wow” factor on the top!! She nailed it!

Wedding Dress Hanging in Wheeling Church

So, we met up with the ladies who were getting ready in the basement.  I was especially excited to meet Kristen’s bestie, “Hack”, who is now one of my favorite people ever.  Kristen said I’d love her and she was SO right!  She’s fun.  She’s hilarious.  She’s oddly calm while still being wild.  If you know her, you know exactly what I’m talking about!!  If you don’t know her, you’re about to get to know her REAL well!

Ladies Getting Ready at Lawrencefield Chapel in Wheeling

We went right into details and I love love love that Kristen wore Rothys!  We wear Rothys too at weddings!

Rothys Wedding Shoes

OoOo man.  I was loving all over these details and we had to do them pretty quick!  Sorry, Lacey…I totally hogged the details.  I hogged her camera too! HA! These flowers had me feeling all the holiday feels too!  They definitely fit the “classic wedding” feel that was going on!

Meanwhile, Hack was having some dress malfunctions.  The things coming out of her mouth were cracking me up and she kept telling me she wasn’t usually a hot mess like this but things just kept on happening to her.  This is important to note because one of the BEST moments I’ve EVER seen at a wedding happened later in the day (thanks to this gal) and I’m about to tell you all about it!

I was finishing up on the details while the girls were finishing getting their dresses on and I do love a good perfume shot!

Bridal Perfume Shot

…and a good ring/invitation shot. I know…I know…I already showed you this one but I’m a classic wedding kind of gal so I HAVE to show you lots!

Classic White Wedding Invitation Photo

Then, we had to get this beautiful bride ready!

It’s so simple and was NOT posed but it’s definitely one of my favorites (below).

Black and White Wedding Photo of Bride by Window

Then, we took her out to get some photos! AHHHHHHH!!! Isn’t it all so perfect?!  And darn…I forgot to mention Lacey was second shooting for me!! Half of these photos are hers, of course!! Gotta give credit where credit is due, right?!  Ok…so now for the bride outside!! EEEK!
Formal Bridal Photos at Classic White Palace Wedding

I mean, how can you NOT smile when looking at all these ladies!?  Seriously , doesn’t it make you feel all warm and festive inside?!

Classic White Palace Wedding Photos of Bridesmaids

We snapped some with Kristen’s mom, Tess, too!  Fun Fact: Tess owns on of my grandmother’s Labrador  retrievers!  It’s a small world after all!! SING IT!

Bride and Mother of the Bride Posing for Photos

Then, we sent the girls back inside and grabbed the guys.  Speaking of the guys, I forgot to show you we actually met up with them FIRST at the beginning of the day!! Whoops!  These were at Oglebay and before we met up with the ladies at the church!  I knew right then and there we were going to have a great time with this group and that was even before I’d met up with Kristen and Hack and the rest of the ladies!

Groomsmen Getting Ready in Oglebay Suite

I mean…can’t you just feel the love?!  And you can probably hear us giggling too!

Adam got some help putting on his tie…until we realized he put it on backwards! HA!

ALRIGHT!! TAKE TWO, please!  We got it this time!  Poor Adam!  He was such a great sport about all this!

Alright.  Now that we’re back on track…let’s fast forward a few hours and here they are!  Let’s do the groom first!

OooO my goodness me.  The personalities in this bridal party made for a very good time, great memories, and amazingly entertaining photos!  I mean, they clean up real well and I have a feeling this group isn’t always dressed so classy and prim and proper!  Maybe I’m wrong though!  They do make the GQ shot look real good though and with their own twist on it! This may be one of my favorites!

Then, it was time for the ceremony and it was a packed house!! PACKED! They even had additional chairs set up on the side aisles next to the wall and Lacey made the joke there was no way her pregnant belly was going to fit up that aisle!  This comes after the last wedding when she was standing on the side and her belly kept rubbing one of the guests! HA!  So, we had a plan she would creep up and stay put…but that didn’t exactly pan out because at the last minute she got trapped!  It was totally fine though…especially since she got to witness Hack JUMP a chair during the processional.  That’s right!  While all the bridesmaids were making their walk down the aisle, Hack was being the best maid of honor ever and fixing Kristen’s dress only to find out it was her turn to walk.  So, she took off running (which we all got to witness through those windows) and then jumped a chair and then CALMLY slid to the center and was ever so serious as she walked.

She did giggle JUST a bit though!  It was one of the best moments EVER!

Then, it was time for the grand march!  Adam’s an emotional guy but he held it together!

Wedding Processional Photos

Riiiighhhhttttt until he got to grab Kristen’s hand.  It was the sweetest moment!

Father Handing off Bride to Groom

These moments happen so fast and I’m so glad I get to be front and center to capture them…even if Adam was trying to hide from us! 🙂

I mean really…could this church BE any more perfect (I said that in my Chandler Bing voice for all my Friends fans out there)?!  Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler, everyone!

Lawrencefield Chapel Wedding Photos

OoOO the joy!  BUBBLES!  Bubbles were a HUGE wedding hit for 2019!  I also love that my very last shot of this feels very paparazzi! Right?!

So, we did family photos and the whole time I was hoping it wasn’t raining yet…but it was.  No big deal, right?!  I had a rain plan secured!  So, off we went to the Oglebay Stifle Center!  Kristen originally suggested the game room at Oglebay Lodge but with the lights traffic and all the people who are usually in that room plus the drive and the Santa thrown they currently have in there…the problems that could arise made me real nervous.  Plus, the Stifle Center was on the way and with the sunset so early these days, it was our best option!  I did say to the girls, “If we come around this corner and there’s another bridal party there, I’m not sure what I’m doing to do…”  AND wouldn’t you know it…THERE WAS ANOTHER BRIDAL PARTY THERE.  The wedding Gods had left the building, people…heck, they’d left the PLANET!  Cue my immediate panic.  I wasn’t about to run that bridal party out…that would be the epitome of rude, right?!  So, we started Googling.  The issue was that it was 4 o’clock.  The sun sets at 5 o’clock.  We didn’t have much time to drive anywhere else not to mention the amount of covered locations that are public are extremely limited.  So, Lacey was literally dialing numbers of businesses locally who had big pretty porches.  She was dialing…I was begging…literally begging people.  “I just need a dry place for 15 minutes.  We won’t be a bother, I promise.  I’m desperate for this couple to have wedding photos.”  I actually told two local nursing homes I was desperate for a dry front porch and would do anything….they all told me “no” ….WAAAAHHHHH!! And that’s when the true panic set in.  I just kept saying “What am I going to do?!”  And trust me, there were some explicit words thrown in there.  I mean, it was POURING.  What was I going to do?!  I tried to call Kristen.  I was pulling my contract out to pull my “emergency” numbers for other friends/family (which I’ve never used before) right when the trolley pulled up.  It drove right by me which squashed my plan to jump on the trolley….and do what?  I’m not sure what I was going to do honestly.  So, it pulled right up to the building and they started getting off and I’m in pure panic now.  Not only do I not have another location in mind…I also don’t want the other photographer to get angry we’re raining on her parade….literally.  Well, turns out my couple knew the photographer – Riley of Riley Lynn Photography!  She actually did my couple’s proposal photos! AHHHHHH!  The wedding Gods were coming back to Earth!  So, I went over and introduced myself and promised her we would be going (as my bridal party starts to mix with her bridal party…Oy).  She assured me it was fine.  I’m still panicking.  All while this is happening on my end, Kristen….YES….the bride, Kristen, had pulled Lacey to the side and told her to calm me down and tell me it was fine and not to worry.  Never in my life did I think a bride would be calming me down…but it happened.  I was still freaking out a bit.  I mean, the sun was setting and covered by rain clouds and it was so wet and Kristen told me to chill.  She said if she got just 10 minutes of photos…she’d be happy.  Or come to my studio.  It helped…but in my head, I was thinking…”OOOOOO NO YOU DON’T, GIRLFRIEND.  WE’RE STILL GETTING HANNAH BARLOW PHOTOGRAPHY PICTURES….TODAY…ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, IT’S HAPPENING!”  I think I even hugged her because I was literally so relieved to see and hear her calmness.  THANK YOU, GIRL!!!  HUGE shoutout to Riley, as well!  I even reached out to her afterward to let her know how much I appreciated her sharing this very small porch with us!  I also want to drive west and hug my flash instructors.  I’m serious……it was DARK but my knowledge of light and flash saved me and these photos!! JUST LOOOOOKKKKKK!!!! AHHHHHHHH!  OoOoo and in my panic, I added to the stains on the bottom of Kristen’s dress when I stepped on it….Oy!  Don’t worry!! I photoshopped them out!  Anddddd…let’s do this!

I love couples like this so much!! I couldn’t have been more lucky to end my month with these two!

So, while I’m still trying to take deep breaths and calm myself (which I need to do again right now after reliving my stress while typing this)…these two are doing their famous hand shake they’ve done since the beginning of their relationship.  It’s dark and rainy on their wedding day….and they’re doing this!! How could you not be happy along with them?!  So, we went right into more photos!!

…and I can’t say it enough…this bridal party was everything!! The whole time we’re taking these they were cheering us on and making us laugh!  Kristen’s fur wrap was a HIT too!  This guy wore it more than she did! HA!  Shoutout to Lacey for this gem!

Shoutout to Ashleigh for the veil throw too!  If you follow me on IG, you probably saw in my stories I had to photoshop her out! HA! There wasn’t really a good place for her to run…I’ll give her that!

Black and White Wedding Photos of Bride

Hack even offered to help me here and hold the veil!  I told her it’s sometimes easier for me to do it myself since I can see in the viewfinder…but I look ridiculous while doing it, I assure you!

Seriously, this shawl was very popular!

All hail to one of the most personality packed and fun bridal parties we’ve “partied” with yet!

MORE bride and groom photos, please! AHHHHHH!!!!!

Bride and Groom Formal Photos at Night

Shoutouts for everyone!  Adam nailed it with a perfectly executed dip!! He even did “fast hands” and let go of her for a second and she didn’t even move!! AHHHH!! THIS COUPLE!

Then, for a hot second I had this bright idea I was going to go OUT in the rain.  At this point, I think everyone on the HBP team was ready to strangle me with this idea!  See those dots?  Yep.  Those are rain drops!  I always tell couples there is a certain amount of rain I just can’t shoot through…this is that amount of rain!! I still kind of love it though!  We were literally using towels to dry off our lenses before the reception because of this but it’s all good!! LOOK!

Night Rain Bride and Groom Photo

Feels like royalty, right?!  That dress is just everything….I love it SO MUCH!

…and the whole time this is happening, she’s just laughing her heart out!!!  Kristen joked they think they’re a power couple.  Yeaaaaaaa…I’m going to have to agree!  This wedding was amazing!

Bride and Groom Walking at Night

We just kept going and going!  HUGE shoutouts to my team.  OooO man.  I’m not sure we could have pulled all this off if we hadn’t just done 20+ weddings together this year.  We literally know each other’s next moves at this point and what’s next on the list and I was literally stealing equipment and assistance and they were just going with the flow!  It’s always what I’ve wanted for my company and my couples!! YAY!

Adam does a fantastic “manly lean”…that’s what I call it!  Kristen cuddled right up in there with him!!! My wedding photographer heart is so happy right now!

You probably saw this one (below) in the sneak peek!  Aren’t they cozy?!  I thought this was the perfect way to end it!

Black and White Bride and Groom Formals by Brick

Then, it was ALL hands on deck to bustle this beauty and it may have been my favorite bustle EVER!  It was fit for the classic theme of this whole wedding and made the dress look perfect!! A bonus?  It stayed bustled ALL NIGHT which never happens!

Alright.  WHEWWWWW.  This was the point in the night we got to breath (and dry off ourselves and our gear).  I looked like a drown rat…Oy!  We also got to enjoy the beauty that was the reception hall all lit up!! YAY!  AND can we just talk about that cake?!?!?!!? AHHHHHHH!!  It’s classic, wedding white and so amazing!  Masterpieces NAILED IT!

These two came in as the newly married couple with a BANG!  They included their famous handshake again and proved again why we all love them so much!

That fur shawl was still getting all the attention!! We were still having an absolute blast!  Sometimes we get bridal parties we just “get’ and we mesh with so well….THIS was one of those bridal parties!

It did not matter who was speaking, there was not a dry eye up there!  More reminders of why Kristen and Adam are so lovable!

It broke my heart a little to see this beauty cut but their joy and excitement made all the difference!

Especially when they were so cute and kind the first round and then both went in for it a second time! HA!

Then, we had some first dance moments… in black and white for your viewing pleasure!

Then, the party got started!! Kristen told me she REALLY wanted some good, old, dancing photos…so, we got bunches!  If you look real closely at one of those photos….YES!  Those are most certainly two cat cutouts on the dance floor and as a cat mom and lover myself, I loved it SO MUCH!

The fur shawl…still going!

…even in the conga line! HA!

Sam and I were the last women standing…so we documented it!  Sam and I did ALL five weddings together this month with Kari, Ashleigh, and Lacey playing backup!  We miss you Kari.  Jeesh.  She cut out the beginning of this month and isn’t back until MAY!  Pffffffttttt.  She doesn’t read these either.  So, she won’t know I’m even giving her a hard time!

We stayed the whole night with this crew and the party just kept going and going!

I don’t know the significance behind Josh Turner’s “Long Black Train” and Adam.  I can only guess it has something to do with their voices?  Maybe!! Maybe not!  Someone sent out this song to him and someone else handed him a microphone and they sang together!

…and they ended the night on this note…true WV style!  AHHHHHHHH!!  I’m not ready for this one for be over!

All good things must come to an end though, right?!  This was definitely a goodie and one I’m SO happy to have been a part of!  I’m such a lucky gal to get to experience all types of weddings with all types of different people!! I’m SO glad I didn’t take the advice of others in the past and only book the weddings that were exactly my style with people exactly like the Hannah Barlow Photography team.  But boy OooO boy…sometimes weddings like this are just perfect and give us all our favorite things in a wedding and have wonderful people we feel like we’ve known for years to top it all off!  It’s one I’ll always want to shoot.  I can do without the rain though, of course.  It did, however, make for great memories and it was an experience I’ll NEVER forget!  I’m sending warm hugs to all of Kristen and Adam’s families and friends….AND…Kristen and Adam!  I hope you enjoy this blog and it gives you all the warm fuzzies it gave me while reliving this day!

These two are honeymooning at Hocking Hills in Ohio!  I sure hope they have wifi so they can see this!! EKKKK!

Wedding #23 is complete! WOOO!  One more to go!  Happy Thursday!



Bride’s Gown – Bridal Beginning

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – Bridal Beginning

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Shoes – Rothy’s

Jewelry/Rings – Wallace Jeweler

Hair/Makeup – La Carezza De Cielo (Maggie Turak)

Florist – Wheeling Flower

Cake – Masterpieces of Old Town

DJ – SoundTech DJ Services – Jay Yelenic and Sean Caldwell

Catering – Wheeling Park

Venue – White Palace at Wheeling Park

Transportation – Oglebay Trolley

Invitations – RSQP

Officiant – Richard Skaggs

Photobooth – Oh Snap Photography

One last note!  I’m officially booked ALL Saturdays available for 2020.  Friday and Sunday weddings are still welcome!  I’m booking all of 2021 weddings too so if you know anyone recently engaged…send them my way!


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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