My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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December Engagement Session

Happy Friday, everyone!  This is the last engagement/wedding blog for the year!  Can you believe it?!  The last wedding of the year will be the first one for January.  Don’t worry…I didn’t forget!  So, let’s celebrate!  I have a new couple for you to meet!  This is Brittney and Justin and I haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG time!! They’re amazing!  You just wait and see!! Enjoy!

I’ve been chatting with Brittney via email and back and forth on IG for some time now!  I kind of felt like I knew her and I definitely got the “fabulous vibes” from her.  I mean, she even got her nails done for this session!! EEEKKKK!  I was right too!! She’s got a fabulous personality to top it all off even though she said she was nervous.  Justin, on the other hand, walked right up and was ready for these photos!  He didn’t even mind the idea! WOOOOOOOO!!  He doesn’t know but he just landed himself lots of photo time on the wedding day!  That’s right!  So…let me tell you about these two now!  These two met through Britt’s hairdresser!  They texted just a bit in 2016 but the sparks didn’t really start flying until 2017!  I’ll tell you all about their engagement story here in a bit too!  Check them out!!

I don’t usually post outtakes in the engagement blog but these two were too much fun to not post the few I had taken!  If anyone has worked with me, you know I’m not the nicest to my gear and it drives my assistants bonkers.  Well, I don’t have assistants as engagement sessions usually so it’s even worse!  HA!  My flashes fall all the time (and I can’t believe none have broken yet).  I literally have my umbrellas on order all the time.  So, I set my lighting gear up since it was an overcast day and warned them it WOULD fall eventually and not to worry.  I hadn’t even finished my sentence and off it went….right as I was taking this photo.  Britt’s face cracks me up!!  I, on the other hand, was calm as a cucumber and dying laughing!  Justin was calm too…and as photo ready as ever!! LOVE IT!

Alright!  Back to these two!  They got engaged at Soergel’s orchid last year!  It was Brittney’s birthday and they were galavanting around with friends and family (and some other orchard enjoyers who happened to get to witness this proposal).  Justin wanted to take a photo in one of those cutout things you stick your head in and take a photo.  Britt didn’t want to get down on her knees in the wetness but she did give in…only to find Justin telling her she should wear “this” for the next photo!! That’s right!! It was a ring!  Britt said “YES”…and cried.  Another mother and daughter standing by and watching cried too!! I love these stories!  AHHHH!

THIS is the ring!  Isn’t is a beauty!?! Funny story about this.  I was literally telling these two (while I was taking these photos) how people like to stand around and watch me take photos sometimes…because I look so ridiculous.  I KNOW I look ridiculous, people, and I’m not shy so I don’t care.  So, there I was squatting on the ground taking a photo of this ring when I heard Britt and Justin giggling.  They were giggling because a couple was walking through the parking lot and taking a side look and probably thinking, “what the heck is that woman doing….?”  Well, I was taking these beauties!! EEEK!

We did some walking and snuggling!  We laughed….the WHOLE time…seriously!  Brittney said she was nervous in the beginning.  I think her nerves had gone right out the door at this point!  YAY!

I told them to walk back and dance.  Because you know…we always dance at Hannah Barlow Photography sessions!

These two took it to a whole new level though and LITERALLY danced and busted those moves and my heart was SO happy!! I mean…you ALL know how high strung I am and how sometimes I worry I’m too much for people.  These two rolled with it and confirmed their wedding is going to be SO much fun!! SO MUCH!  Looking at these makes me want to dance all over again!

OooOo they were snuggling…in black and white!!

I mean really…you can’t get better than two people so in love they can’t stop laughing…AND in front of my camera!

I told her to show me her fabulous self…and she did!  You look good too, Justin! HA!  We’re going to have no issues at this wedding!  Nope!

OooOoo but there’s more!  They wanted to do their smiles from their childhood!  I couldn’t quit laughing and actually retook this because the first round I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even keep them centered on my camera!

…and Britt was kind enough to humor me and send me the vintage version.  She’s still got it…minus that gap, she said! HA!  She said she had a mullet too!!  Alright, Justin…time for your photo!! I’ll add it!! Don’t hold back now!

Did you smile the whole time?!  I sure hope so!  These two are getting married next year in October.  I can assure you their big day is going to be full of laughter and outtakes and a LONG blog!  YAY!  They said after this session they are SO excited to spend the day taking photos….OooOoo my goodness me!! AHHHHH!!! You two don’t know what you just did! HA!  A thousand photos for everyone!! Let’s do this!

Check back soon for the end of year blogs!! That’s right!! It’s that time of year again!! YAY!

Happy Friday!  Thanks for reading!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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