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Are you ready to do it again?!  WHERE ARE THEY NOW – JUNE WEDDINGS- TAKE 2 IS HERE!  Let’s do it!!! WEEEEE!

OOooooOoOo Jane.  MY GIRL, Jane!  This wedding definitely goes down in the archives.  There is just SO much to say about it!  It was one of my firsts (in the first ten I ever did).  From our first meeting together back in 2016 then to meeting Zac and then even to the memories way after the wedding was over, it’s just nostalgia to the tenth power, I tell ya!  Well, you can probably see I could go real crazy here already and go on and on and on!  So, let’s start it off with that first meeting, shall we?!  I was a brand spanking new wedding photographer (having been in business less than a year) so sealing the deal at pre-consultation meetings was critical.  Getting couples to trust me to photograph their wedding with little to no experience isn’t easy and if I was a client, I wouldn’t want a new photographer myself!  So, Jane asked for a meeting.  We met at Tim Hortons in Wheeling, WV and spent two hours (maybe more) just sitting there and chatting.  It was like we’d known each other for years!! She hired me on the spot (and I remember calling my mom on my way home to tell her) and the rest is history!  It’s SO crazy how this journey began for me so that’s why I get allllll the feels looking back on these!

First, let’s talk about their engagement session.  These were taken in 2016!! WHAAATTTT?! This session was everything and I loved it SO MUCH but Zac and I got off to a rough (and hysterical now) start.  I actually don’t know if ANYONE has ever heard this story!  So, the day of this session, I pulled into their driveway at their home.  Little did I know, Zac had JUST gotten into his truck (the one I pulled right behind).  He threw it into reverse (not seeing me) and ALMOST took out my car!  Oy.  What a way to introduce each other, right?  Instead of “Hi, How are ya?  Nice to meet you.”, it was me blowing on my horn and throwing my car into reverse so we didn’t collide.  OooO boy.  So, we got through that! HA!  I was pretty nervous after all that but I was still so excited.  Even though Jane had warned me Zac would hate every second, I was confident we could make magic.  Her ideas were so unique and beautiful but she’d NEVER had professional photos taken before…not even senior photos!! Talk about pressure!  And remember, Zac wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with this but was willing…for Jane!  He’ll still shake his head about all this, I’m sure!  Our relationship came a long way though!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  I seriously don’t blame him though as I’m someone who doesn’t like to have her picture taken and…most grooms don’t either!  Little did I know, he was on a whole new level and I didn’t find this out until much later.  Jane said he was mumbling under his breath the entire time I took these photos! HA!  BUTTTT you wouldn’t know it…goodness!!  These pictures are still some of my very very very very favorites! Enjoy it!  They’re SO GOOD! AHHHHHHH!

I remember thinking (and I think I said it in the blog back then) that he may not like having his picture taken but he LOVEEESSS Jane.  He loves her like you read about in story books so a sure fire way to get him to smile was to get him to look at his bride to be…and it worked! AHHHHH!!! Just look at these beauties!

We spent SO much time together and Zac was a total gentleman giving me some of my best poses ever!  I had SO much fun and loved these photos SO much!  Jane’s ideas were AMAZING!  Isn’t the variety great?!  For a new photographer like me at the time, THESE were portfolio GOLD!

Alright, let’s fast forward to June 2017.  I think these two were my 8th wedding ever.  I was prepared.  Jane had texted me a ton throughout the time leading up to this wedding so I had a real good feel on her visions and how the day would go.  I remember her telling me that morning just to leave the guys be and not worry about photos too much.  Works for me!  I notoriously don’t bother the guys too much unless they LOVE photos.  Well, I will NEVER…EVER…forget the moment I was taking these detail shots in the lobby of the hotel and Zac came in.  I said my usual “hello” with every intent of just continuing on but he stopped to chat and got the plan for the day.  Honestly, he was more on the ball that morning and focused than most of my grooms have been to date!  I just remember thinking…”YESSSSSS!!!  A groom with a mission…. it’s going to be a GREAT day!”  And it was…Ooo my goodness…IT WAS!

This is the photo I was taking when Zac showed up!! Isn’t it crazy how those things stick in my head?!

I remember telling Jane she had cheek bones…TO.DIE.FOR! AHHHHHH!!!  I was just SO excited for her to be a bride in my photos!! She’d waited for this day for so long and she was so excited about photos (because remember…she hadn’t had any professional photos done except her engagement photos)…and I mean…LOOK AT HER!  GAH!

She looks like a painting!  Ooo my goodness me!!! Also, she’s probably got some of the BEST makeup I’ve EVER seen.  Look at that liner and those lashes…Ooo My goodness ME!!  I’ve said that a lot, huh?  AAHHH!  Can’t help it!  Sorry!  Also, this was a vintage themed wedding and Jane NAILED IT, didn’t she?!

Their ceremony was beautiful.  The bells were ringing and these two were MARRIED!  Also, they painted those doors red a few years back so I’m SO happy I got to photograph them when they were brown!  And that photo of Jane winking (below) was just pure luck and it makes me squeal!

SEEEEE?!  I’m so glad those doors were brown or this would have been a very different photo!  Zac, you dip like no other man dips – WITH A PURPOSE!

Zac may hate photos but he was a true star in my book this day!! This photo (below) still hangs in my studio!

This was my first wedding experiencing all the glitz and glam, I think!!!  They were a BEAUTIFUL bridal party!

The guys didn’t allow the ladies to show them up either!!

More bride and groom beauties!

Jane, MY GIRL.  Seriously…you were SUCH a beautiful bride inside and out!  Zac?  You’re still one of my favorite grooms EVER and I know I’m not supposed to say that but I have some of the BEST memories with you from our first meeting until the many more after that!  More on that later!

Then, we were off to the reception to party it up with Kyle Mac!  It’s funny.  Remember that other blog when I gave Derrick my camera?  Well, apparently it’s a thing with this group.  This is the same group of guests! HA!  I had promised this little flower girl that if she let me take pictures of her earlier in the day she could take pictures of me later!  I always live up to my reception promises!

Remember that super serious groom we had?  Yea.  He let it ALL go at this wedding reception!  I remember Jane coming over and telling me this was NOT his normal (and I can attest to that seeing him at other weddings).  He’s not much of a dancer but he let it ALL loose at this own wedding and I made sure to capture it ALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!  This wedding reception was rocking!  That’s Jane’s dad, by the way (below)! HA!

Here is their friend on a chair! HA! Remember him from the other blog?  It happens at EVER wedding!  It’s an ACDC song, I think!

This was “THE moment” that will go down in the Hannah Barlow Photography vault.  I remember keeping a close eye on Zac.  EVERYONE was so pumped up and partying their hearts out when he was busting moves all over the dance floor.  They were just feeding off his energy…and then he busted out the worm and I HIT THE GROUND like I was being shot at for these beauties.  It’s also become “the thing” I make sure I capture at EVERY wedding he is a part of!! HA!

…and we ended the night on a HIGH note – so much dancing!  My goodness…this reception was ROCKING!! AHHH!! It was amazing!  Then, that winter after this wedding I photographed Kassandra and Derrick’s wedding and Zac was there.  I remember setting up lights at the reception and Kari started giggling and pointing.  I looked over and Zac was standing just three feet from me just watching and laughing.  I grabbed him up…he grabbed me and we hugged it out!  I also made the two of them take a photo with me because it was our running joke how much he hated my camera and I told him he was getting ALLLLL the Hannah Barlow Photography photos for years to come because I just love him and he takes such a darn good photo!  So, we got a group photo!  I always tell Jane he probably hates it (my craziness) but he is the epitome of a gentleman and he puts up with me!  It is so funny to think back to that first uncomfortable meeting in their driveway until now.  I LOVE seeing these two (and I run into them at a good bit of weddings).  They just feel like friends!  I love these two DEARLY!  He even humored me and did the worm AGAIN at Sara and Brandon’s wedding last year (from the January blogs)!  I mean…for a groom who HATES to let me take pictures of him, he sure does let me take a lot of pictures of him!  I’m totally giggling while typing this!  See why he’s one of my favorites?!   Our photographer/client story is just TOO GOOD not to share!  I sooooOooOOo hope to see them soon!

SO, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!  Well, Jane says not much has changed!  She’s recently had a family emergency so we communicated via text today to get some quick details!  They still have Scout, their beautiful,Dalmatian fur baby!  Jane is still practicing as a nurse (all hail medical professionals these days) but has changed positions since their wedding and loves where she is now!  Zac’s working in the mine and he’s purchased land they eventually want to build their forever home on!  I told Jane we need to get together and redo that coffee meeting!  Thank you BOTH for being a part of these blogs.  Reliving your wedding made my whole day!

OooO my!! This blog has all kinds of nostalgia for me!! NOW, we move on to last June 2019 and Jenna and Jack!  If you remember, I did her sister’s wedding in 2017 (Nicole and Jim’s wedding was reposted in the May WHERE ARE THEY NOW blogs).  AHHHHHH!!!  I was SO excited to shoot this wedding and see these people and these families again!  So, let’s do it!!  Jack was military at the time so I wasn’t able to do their engagement session as they were out of town but that didn’t take away from ANYTHING!  Her wedding had a beach theme and it was BEAUTIFUL!  I remember when she hired, I knew it would be an epic day!

Beach Wedding Details

Hannah Barlow Photography Wedding Invitation Photo Youngstown Ohio Wedding

…and this DRESS.  Ooo my goodness me!  I haven’t ever photographed a dress like this one.  It fit her LIKE.A.GLOVE!  IS SHE NOT GORGEOUS?!

…I’ll never…EVER…get enough of these shots side by side!! I was just at the studio and saw Nicole’s photo on the wall and thought, “Yessss…I am going to need another frame.  I need to see these side by side ALL the time”!  I’m sure you remember these photos (on the left is Nicole’s wedding, of course…with Jenna’s on the right).  Do you remember what her dad said? I’ll quote him again…it’s just TOO GOOD not to share!  He said, “I remember installing that window 32 years ago. I was so mad, it came to the house white instead of brown vinyl on the outside. Had to put it back in the box and reorder it. Held the house up for a couple of weeks. Finally got the new one. At the time we only had one child, a 2 year old boy Zach. Never in my wildest dreams did I think both my daughters would get their pictures taken in their wedding gowns in front of that window. You’re both so beautiful.”

You really can’t get any better than that, right?!  OoOo my goodness!  Well, it DOES get better!  The love and feel at this wedding would make ANYONE want to sing love songs ALL DAY LONG!  I can’t even describe it!  You would have had to be there but I’m sure you can see it!

Bride and Groom Walking Down Aisle

This moment Jack showed off his bride may be one of my favorite “holy crap don’t miss it” photos!  Those are those ones where you think you’re done taking photos (so in this case…done taking bubble photos) AND THEN…something happens and you just spray and pray!  Remember that?! HA!  AND I GOT IT!!! WOOOOO!

Jack didn’t mind having his photo taken and I took FULL advantage!  My goodness gracious…could they get any prettier?!  It was SO hot too!  They didn’t miss a beat and nailed it!

Youngstown Ohio Wedding Couple on Bridge

Bride and Groom Wedding Photos by Pond

Ooooo Jenna.  This dress is definitely in my top five favorites!!!  I wonder if long veils are a thing or if I just get lucky with my brides?!

How I Met Your Mother?!  Anyone?!  Isn’t it all so blog worthy and perfect?!?!?!

Then, we headed to their wedding reception and there was NO lack of beach theme there either!!  Lacey came with me to this one and it was her first night EVER away from her kids!

Beach Themed Wedding Details

I could photograph these sisters ALLLLL the time.  I wish you could all meet them and their family!  They welcomed us in there like we were part of the family!

“Livin’ on a praaaayer”! SING IT!  Ooo wait…  Try again, “Pigeon on a chaiiiiiiiir”!! OMG!! I LOVE THIS so much!  She even put this in their album and let me tell you…their album is pure perfection!! WHICH.. Jenna, did we finish that?! HA!  I did so many albums lately I can’t remember us finishing it! EKKKK!! Now, I gotta go look!

At my virtual meetings, I always tell the guys to wear “undergarments that match their pants”.  I also tell them I’ve experienced why…but I don’t give names.  BUT I’m giving it up here…and this is also a photo that ended up in the album…and I just CAN’T stop laughing.  Jack is SUCH a great sport and up for ANY photo and I just love that!!!  Thanks for being my example of what can happen to rented pants! HA!

We ended this wedding on a high…high note, as well!! Ooo my goodness me!!! AHHHHH!!!  I mean…look at that dress…and a black tux!! It’s all my wedding photographer dreams come true!

SO, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!  Well, they’ve been busy busy busy!  Right after the wedding, they moved to Columbus, Ohio!  Jack adjusted just fine having been originally from Chicago but Jenna says the move for her small town girl heart was a little more difficult!  They’ve loving it now and she’s continuing on her path to becoming a veterinarian while studying at OSU!  She’ll be finishing up her first year of doctorate school TOMORROW!! WOOO!! They’re also looking forward to exploring the city even more once we’re all allowed out of the house!  Go away, rona!  Jenna tells me that move was very comical with their entire families coming and visiting (and helping move) in just the few first weeks.  They joked their neighborhood may have been a weeeee bit nervous when they all showed up – 8 humans and 6 dogs – the first night! HA!  Jack is adjusting to civilian life as a floor salesman which has been MUCH different than being an enlisted aircraft mechanic, they tell me!  He’s exploring potentially going back to the air force one day but probably more school first!  These two have made THE BEST out of quarantine.  Even though Jenna is still studying her heart out, they’ve been playing ping pong, roller blading, hiking…with the dogs…you name it!  No new fur babies to report though!  Between their two dogs (who were at the house for wedding photos when I was there) and their two cats, Jenna says Jack would kill her if she brought home anyone else right now! HA!  I’m telling you, these two just make my wedding photographer heart MELT!  They said, virus aside, this has been THE BEST year of their lives!  I believe it!! These two are SO in love…and remember…I met them back in spring of 2017! WEEEEEE!! Jack’s even going to let Jenna cut his hair…fade and all.  GIRRRRLLL, remember…I’m also a military wife.  They’re used to that ooOoo so perfect cut…it ain’t easy!  God speed!

That’s it!  That’s a WRAP!  If you’d like to relive the WHOLE wedding for either of these couples…use the links below!

Jane & Zac

Jenna & Jack


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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