My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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WoooooooOo hoooo!! We’re plugging right along with these blogs, aren’t we?!  You want to know what’s even better?!?  I’m going to cap these WHERE ARE THEY NOW BLOGS off next week BECAUUUUSSSEEEEE I get to go out and start doing regular sessions and small weddings again so those will be on the blog and I’m just so stinking excited! AHHHH!!  So, November and December brides…YOU ARE UP!  Get a hold of me!!  October posts Monday! WOOO!

So, we’re going to throw back to just last September with both of these and both are SUCH goodies!!!! WEEEEEE!  Abby and Todd are up first!  They got married about two weeks before Marissa and Chris (who will be the wedding below this one).  Abby and Todd got married on Friday the 13th last year and it was all kinds of things to tell you about.  BUT FIRST…their engagement session!! I love how different their engagement session was in comparison to their wedding.  Poor Todd…he had just worked night shift and then was having to put up with us women (even Lacey who was still training at that point).  He was SUCH a trooper though!

Engagement Session by Lake

This one below was always one of my favorites!

Couple Cuddling for Engagement Photos by Lake

It’s been so long since I’ve been back to this spot!! AHHHH!! I can’t even wait for “normal” to be back to “normal”!! I refuse to believe there is a “new normal”.  Nope.  NO way!  Temporary normal, right?!  I want to really BE with my couples again!

Couple Posing for Engagement Photos by Lake

Just a few more!!  Gosh, this feels like SO long ago!  I’ve been stuck in the house too long, I tell ya!

Engagement Photos with Pickup Truck

Then, it was time for their Friday the 13th wedding!  Abby was the epitome of “if it can go wrong, it will go wrong”!  She had everything seem to go wrong including the dress shop catching on fire (with her dress in the store).  Oy!! It survived though and she pulled off the most flawless wedding and no one would have EVER known of all the behind the scenes troubles!  Her details spoke to my glamorous, glitzy heart!

Blush Pink Bridal Details

There can never be too many glitzy ring shots, in my opinion! Nope!

Ooooo June!! She gets to be a big sister here soon…Ooo whoops!! More on that later! 🙂

Let’s pop some bubbly!  These girls were so fun!  We had a GREAT time!

Sam and I were love love loving all these reception details!

The Vineyard at Pine Lake Wedding Reception Details

OOoO Abby.  You made SUCH a beautiful bride!

Bridal Portraits Vineyards at Pine Lake

Wind and all…WOW!  I just can’t even!  That VEIL…AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Veil for dayyyyys!

Bridal Portrait by Pine Lake

Here come the gals!

This ceremony at the vineyards was absolutely GORGEOUS!

We were moving SO FAST for formal photos but managed to get alllllllll these beauties!

Wedding Photo of Bride and Groom at The Vineyard on Pine Lake

It was my first time photographing in a vineyard and I loved it SO much!

…a full moon…Friday the 13th…maybe THAT is where all the pre-wedding blunders originated but boy did it make for a GREAT photo!

Full Moon Wedding Photos Vineyards at Pine lake

Their reception was rocking too!

Abby is one of those brides who has kept in touch.  She texts me frequently so I get to keep up with them and I love that SO much!! I can’t even WAIT to show you their wedding album when we finally order it! AHHHH!!! We’ve been revising it like crazy people and it’s going to be epic amazing!  But anyway, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!   Well, after their wedding they went to their honeymoon in Hawaii!  I’ll share some pictures she sent me below!  Todd’s still working in the coal mine during all this craziness but Abby is stuck at home (which isn’t such a bad thing since she’s pregnant…that’s right…and gets to spend the time with June).  That baby is due the end of June!! WEEEEE!  Congrats to Abby and Todd for alllll the amazing things that are happening in their family this year!

Next up, Marissa and Chris!! AHHHHHH!!! OoooO my goodness…I just gotta let all the Hannah excitement out!  Their engagement was epic exciting!  I don’t even need to explain!  JUST LOOK!  It’s ironic.  At the time, Marissa said she liked fences but we didn’t spend much time there because the lighting was weird.  We did a little of everything and it turned out SO good…SO GREAT!

Couple By Fence for Engagement Photos

We galavanted around this beautiful location and took the most epic photos! AHHH!! For real though, it’s been almost two years and I still haven’t gotten over it!

I mean…COME ON!  Can you get much better than this?!  It’s a fairy tale!

Fiance carrying Bride through Field

They even humored me and did “the baywatch”!  That’s when you run through the field, of course!

Couple Running Through Field

I squealed with delight…they laughed…it was pure perfection…and put a WHOLE lot of pressure for me come their wedding.  I mean, their wedding photos NEEDED to be equal or better to their engagement session and that was setting the bar REAL high with these photos!

So…now, fast forward to their wedding.  I was a whole lot of stressed…AHHHH!! It was calling for not just rain BUT thunderstorms.  Oy.  And it was one of those mornings where just one thing after another seemed to be going wrong.  I actually don’t think that I ever told Marissa that!  I had even left early for this day because I was so stinking excited but it didn’t matter…little things were just going wrong all over the place for me and then we left a bag in the reception hall and it got locked in there and we had to find someone for the key.  And then when we were trying to get into the church all the doors were locked and it took me extra time to get all my gear inside (while it started to rain)….AHHHHHH!! Top it off with all the weather being called for that afternoon and I was stressed to the tenth power!  Once I finally got in the church, I calmed down though especially when I got my hands on these beautiful details. AND Marissa saved me some greenery and it was just pure perfection!

Green and White Romantic Wedding Invitation

You really just can’t go wrong here!

Romantic White, Ivory, and Green Wedding Details

It’s SO hard to keep this blog shorter than the original.  Oy.  So, I’m forcing myself to skip over the getting ready portion (Kari was under a table getting epic shots even).  It was amazing, but for sake of length…let’s go to the ceremony!

St. Vincent De Paul wedding ceremony in Wheeling WV

Marissa and Chris gave us MORE than enough time for photos and we gobbled it all up.  I’m not sure I’ve EVER had this much fun with a rowdy group of guys!  Remember them?!  I had a HUGE gallery for this couple and these gentleman were a huge part of it!

I told you!  We were having a BLAST and with Jay Morris while he used his drone!

You can’t get much better than this…greenery…brick…this set of ladies!

Bridesmaids At Ebbert Farms Market

…and THEN…*cue dramatic music*.  The storm clouds were literally rolling in.  The sun was still blasting us.  The wind was blowing…and somehow…the wedding Gods wrapped me up in their arms and gave me portraits that were even better than their engagement photos!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!

Bride and Groom Formal Photos in Field Bride and Groom Photo in Ebbert Farms Field

Weddings Gods: “Let me just help you with that wind and veil”.

Bride and Groom Photos at Ebbert Farms Market Veil Blowing in Wind

Jay has worked a lot of weddings with me and he even said he’s never seen me so excited!  Kari gets all the credit for half of these formal bride and groom photos too!

Bride's Veil Blowing in Wind at Ebbert Farms Market Wedding

The storm was coming…the venue owners were calling us back and we made the best of it!

…the result of all those beautiful photos was bugs…bugs…and more bugs!  If you remember, we spent a good 15 minutes picking them all out!

Once the reception started, my squealing didn’t stop.  Nope.  Not even a little bit!  Chris picked her up and swung her around during their first dance and I just couldn’t contain myself!  I KNOW some guests behind me were giggling!

Do you all remember this epic and hilarious moment that Chris’s twin brother had a moment when he saw his brother dancing with his mom?!  His speech was epic amazing too…but again…length of this blog.  GAH!  It’s so hard!

It was quite the party too!! Holy Moly!!!!!

…and of course, we got a selfie with this couple AND they put it in their album which warmed my heart to pieces!  WAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I NEED to get back to weddings!!!!  This is really the best medicine for me!  Weddings Gods…talk to the corona virus!! PLEASE!

OooO man…I loved that wedding SO much!  SO MUCH!  So, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!  After their wedding, they went on a honeymoon to Sandals Royal Bahamas and had planned to go back in September again this year (COVID allowing, of course).  In December, they took a red eye to NYC!  It was Chris’s first time in the Big Apple.  They went on a carriage ride (of course they did…falling right into my fairy tale dreams of them), visited the MoMa, and saw the Rockettes!  They still have their beloved fur baby, Indy, and also added a goldendoodle puppy to the family (who they get in about a week).  Remember Heather and Nathan from the bridal party?!  They’re having a baby this summer making Marissa and Chris an aunt and uncle!  Catherine and Kyle are also getting married in November!! That bridal party is BUSY! WOOOOOOOOO!  CONGRATS TO THE STEPHENS!


If you want to view the blogs in their entirety, please use the blinks below!! AHHH!! This was such a goodies, wasn’t it?!

Abby & Todd

Marissa & Chris

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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