My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Here we go!  The second to last post for the WHERE ARE THEY NOW series is here!  NOVEMBER WEDDINGS!  WoooOOoo!  I’ve got THREE to show you!  Let’s do it!! First up, Laura and Bryan! AHHH!! I was just SO thrilled when she emailed me and said she wanted to be a part of this!! I haven’t heard from them since right after the wedding so this was just so exciting!  Remember their engagement session and sweet Carla (THE QUEEN)?!  That dog has so much personality and I love her to pieces!

We had so much fun on this sunny day!  Oooo the laughter!

They’re a great looking couple!  And Laura died her hair dark after this and confused the heck out of me come the wedding day! HA!

Then, their wedding!! EEEK!  AH!  Laura’s details were classic and elegant and just felt very much “WEDDING”.  This was right around the time when I was letting Kari take the reins with detail shots and she nailed it!

Once we got to the church and met up with the guys, we decided some groom shots were needed!! Kari did these all by herself and I do believe this was the first time she did them without me taking one photo myself and I was all kinds of nervous hovering (which I didn’t even need to do).  Look at it!! It was a turning point for us!! AHHH!! I love looking back!

Getting ready shots were in order!

See her dark hair?  It’s like she’s a whole new person!! I’m a lucky photographer and she was a STUNNING bride!

To this day,  I think this is still only one of two weddings I have in the vault that has not one outdoor photo.  I remember it being record low temps (in the 20s) with HIGH winds.  It was going to be impossible to keep her hair and veil out of her face so we talked about it and opted to do them all inside.  We made it work!! Look!

They rolled into their reception with class and style!

Their first dance was sweet and perfect.  I still absolutely LOVE when Bryan dipped her!  That shot (below) makes me giggle to this day!

Holy moly was it a partyyyyyy!!!!!  AHHH!! Laura!  Thank you so much for reaching out and doing this!! It made me smile the whole time going through all of these!

So, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!  Of course, they honeymooned in Disney!! Laura LOVES Disney!  They also went during Christmas decoration time (a girl after my own heart).  Bryan’s work has taken him all over the world.  Canada to the UK including but not limited to Spain and Israel!  He’s been out of the country for both their wedding anniversaries (I feel ya, girl…been there) but he should be home for their three year this year!  Laura is still working in the pharmacy!  This past January, they welcomed their baby boy Callum James into their family!  He was a BIG boy at 9 lbs and 14 ounces!  Carla wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of having a brother but they tell me she is still very much the QUEEN still and came around.  Now, they are best buds!  Laura and Bryan were supposed to be attending weddings this past March and April…but you know…COVID and all that!  CONGRATS AGAIN TO THE RAYS!


Next up, OooOo Jen and Ethan!! JEN AND ETHAN!  Where do I even begin?  I think out of all my couples…I’ve photographed them the most!  I met them back at Amanda and Tom’s wedding in 2017 (check a few blogs back).  Then, Ethan had me shoot their proposal (which you can see below).  Then, I shot their engagement session…and then their own wedding…and what else am I missing?!  AHHH!! I was with them at a wedding last winter too!! So yea, I’ve spent A LOT of time with these two!  OOO man!  This proposal was one for the books.  It was my first and only one and gosh I was SO nervous!! AHHHHH!

But it ALL Worked out and it made for an amazing story!!!!  Then, we did their engagement photos!

I laugh with these two more than I laugh with anyone else (probably because I see them so much)!

I will never…EVER…forget when Ethan dipped her!  I was laughing so hard I had to take a break from photos!

…but they photograph so dang well!! AHH!

Then, their wedding!  Jen is one of my top fans (not only is she a loyal blog reader but she also attends all my wedding workshops as a past bride).  So, as you can imagine, I was a wee bit nervous at her wedding because the bar was set REAL high and Jen was so stinkin’ calm about it all and was making me more nervous! HA!

We have lots and lots of funny stories about her getting ready!  At one point, I jumped right in there to help get her dress buttoned up!

These bridesmaid dresses are STILL some of my favorites (definitely in the top five).  And…when I said we laugh…A LOT…I mean it!  Jen’s laugh is contagious!

Their ceremony was BEAUTIFUL!

You want to see a good looking bridal party?  Here you go!

Ethan jokes that we have a “donkey and Shrek” relationship.  If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about and you KNOW who I am, of course!

Her laugh…I’m telling ya…can’t.ever.get.enough!  She’s become a great friend!  These pictures make me SO happy!

Ethan nailed the dip once more and even added a little flair to it! HA!

Jen was one of only two brides that year who got a truly “fall” wedding and I’m pretty sure that’s not even what she was going for!

Holy moly…their wedding reception was dancing…and partying…and more dancing…and Ooo my goodness me!! There was SO much going on!

I even got out there with her dad (his choice…not mine)…HA!

I mean, this pretty much sums up the party!

SO, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!  First things first, Jen said she wants to get together after all this and I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! AHHHHH! Let’s do it, girl!! And Ethan…although he’s probably on the fence if he wants to listen to me talk over dinner.  HA!  Remember, people said we have a Shrek and donkey relationship! But anyway, since the wedding they’ve remodeled their home!  They’ve built a new deck and took down their garage.  They are waiting to get carpet to finish the bedroom!  Jen isn’t working for head start anymore and now works at Buckeye South Elementary teaching kindergarten!  Ethan is still the master technician at the Harley shop!  I love these two so much!! They opted NOT to do a cake smash at their wedding…so they did it for their one year instead! LOVE IT!  They also have BIG news to share!! They are expecting baby #1 this fall!! AHHHHH!! It’s a girl too!! I can’t even wait to see Ethan become this giant puddle of mush when he gets to raise a girl!  Her name will be Harley Rose, of course!!  Yep…that’s me down there from a wedding last December!  She sent me a whole slew of other photos but this computer is being wonky with photos that my clients send me right now!! ACK!  CONGRATS TO THE KLIENEKES!  <— Did I get that right? Oy!

Next up, Becca and AJ! Oooo man…OOo man.  Words just can’t even describe the beauty of these photos.  The light loves Becca…and it just wraps the rays all around her!  You’ll see what I mean!  Hollllyyy moly!  I am STILL squealing with delight over these Christmas tree farm photos!

AHHHHH!! I still love them soooo much!

Then, her wedding rolled around at one of my FAVORITE places – Bella Amore in Dennison, Ohio!

What’s not to love?!

Both Becca AND AJ are a DREAM to photograph!

See?! AHHHHHH!!! I still squeal when I see these!

Their ceremony was BEAUTIFUL!  See?  I tell all my November brides to wait for the foliage!  People don’t believe me when I tell them fall isn’t October…but the beginning of November!

See those fall leaves?!  I’m so glad I always have photographic proof! HA!  NOT October…maybe late October but November is always beautiful!

That’s right!! THIS was November!

I told you!  The light LOVES her!  And you too, AJ!

I know Becca wanted a party…she got a party!! Holy moly!  GAH! This wedding just makes my wedding photographer heart SO happy!

So, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!  First, Becca tells me they finally started the top portion of their home to get it finished!  She said they lived in the “bunker” (the foundation) for over three years and are now see that the whole house may be finished by mid summer! WOOOOOO!  They have two fur babies, Oliver and Ember.  AJ wasn’t too thrilled about the idea but their dogs welcomed the kitties so everyone is one big happy family now!  She made me giggle when she said they are hoping to have a few kids in the next couple of years….goats…not humans! HA!  I love that!! CONGRATS TO THE KLEINS!

Alright!! That’s it!! That’s a wrap!  LAST CALL FOR DECEMBER BRIDES!!! WOOOOOO!  We’re coming down the home stretch!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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