My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Hello Hello Hello!  The LAST wedding blog of the “WHERE ARE THEY NOW” series is HERE! WEEEEE!! I’ve got two December couples for you!  As a December bride myself, this gets me excited especially given I haven’t done any December weddings for a few years because I’ve been super busy the month of December with personal trips!  First up, Jaime and Eric!  They were my 2017 December wedding couple and we shot these very chilly, spring engagement photos in early 2017!

Jaimee and Eric’s faith is very important to them so we were sure to incorporate that to tell their story!  You’ll see more in the wedding photos too!

I do love this location!  It’s been a while since I’ve been there!  Actually, this may have been the last time I was there – three years ago!! WHAT?!

They are always so cute and cuddly!  Don’t let these pictures fool you.  We were cold!

Then, Kari and I were off to their wedding at the end of 2017!  I LOVE these details so much!! Kari and I had stuffed ourselves in an office at the church to get the perfect light for these!

Then, they did their first look and it was amazing!  This was one of the few weddings we never went outside for photos!! This day had LOTS of rain and it was COLD!  Can’t you just feel their joy in these photos?!  AND CHRISTMAS…I do love Christmas!

We went right into formal photos!! I was actually surprised these two opted for a first look but I am so glad they did!!  It was very private at the time and sweet!

If you remember their blog (I’ll post the link at the bottom), Jamiee’s parents were married at this church as well! So, we replicated their own wedding photo and I made mine look aged.  I did put them side by side in the original blog and it was a Hannah Barlow Photography first and I loved it so much!

I remember just squealing quieting and politely as they had a moment reading some scripture.  I loved these black and white images so much!! STILL DO!  Kari and I were the ultimate creepers at this moment!

Their ceremony had ALLLLL the emotions flowing!

This is STILL one of my favorites!!! AHHHHHHH!!! I actually want to go back and put this on my website again!

Then, we were off to their wedding reception at the Holiday Inn in Weirton, WV!  It wasn’t your “traditional” wedding reception.  And I hate that word “traditional” because I feel like this WAS traditional!  No crazy dancing or partying…just good, old family and friend time with mingling and so much love!! To this day, this is still one of my favorite photos!

See what I mean?!

…and before we knew it, they were off and running out of their reception!! I caught them on the way out and this was the PERFECT way to end the night (AND 2017 wedding season)!  I just remember it being the PERFECT closure for the best wedding year I’d had yet!!

So, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!   Well, Jaimee opened her private practice, Dynamic Dyslexia and Speech!  She said it’s been absolutely amazing being able to help both children and adults in our area!  Eric still works as a diesel mechanic and is now the office manage/computer technician/maintenance man/ikea furniture builder and so on for Dynamic Dyslexia and Speech! HA! That made me giggle!  I feel like my husband would very much relate to that one!  They’re still living in the same place and enjoying the same hobbies!  Being a business woman takes it out of you!! I know it!  CONGRATS AGAIN TO THE FISHERS!

Next up, Lisa and Dan!! Boy OooO boy…the cold and wind LOVES these two, I tell ya!  Their engagement session was most certainly windy and a little chilly!  We powered through though!


GAH!  I missed the tulips this year and while I don’t miss photoshopping out those electric fences, I’m dying knowing I missed the opportunity to capture their beauty in 2020…thanks, COVID! GAH!

Ooo Lisa and Dan!  You make me smile when I look at these!

Silhouettes for the win!

Next up, their Pittsburgh December wedding in 2018!  GROOM details!! I do believe these were the first details I turned Lacey loose on! YAY!! I love looking back!

OoO my goodness me.  Kari killed it with Lisa’s details!  Those pearls on the shoes are STILL some of my favorites and I even have one of those photos in the studio!

AHHHH!! A blog with TWO first looks!  I love it so much!  Hannah Barlow Photography couples rarely do first looks so it gets me super excited (and nervous) when I get to do them…HA!

Then, we went outside and do NOT let these photos tell a different story.  It was 20ish degrees and windy and COLD!  How in the world they managed to look warm….I still don’t know!

…BUT LOOK!  AHHHHHHH!!!! We did it and I was so happy…especially thrilled too that I had hand warmers in my pockets! HA!  I think I even gave one to Lisa at one point so her fingers didn’t turn purple!

This shot (below) has become a signature Lacey shot!! She always shoots through the details and gets the cake in focus and I.LOVE.IT.SO.MUCH.  I love it so much I’m “mad” I didn’t think of it first!

This party was INSANE and the ending was amazing!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!  What a way to go out of 2018!  WITH A BANG and with an amazing couples like Lisa and Dan!

SO, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?!  Right after their wedding they went to Barbados for their honeymoon and had an absolute BLAST!  They also traveled to Las Vegas for Dan’s 30th birthday!  They’ve been busy working on their house to do some updates to make it more of a “home”!  For their first anniversary, they went to a nice restaurant and found a bottle of wine they BOTH like…which I’m told is NOT an easy task.  It’s Lisa’s goal to put on her dress every anniversary so she did that.  They popped champagne and cut their cake (which she says was still delicious) and danced to their first song.  Dan is still working for GA industries where he has gotten promoted to supervisor!  Lisa switched teams at PNC And loves it! Dan has been enjoying golfing and the shooting range.  Lisa likes to drive golf balls, as well!  She also got back into reading especially romance books (OooO too, girl) and crime/thrillers!  They still have their dog, Macy, too!

OoOOO YEA! They also have another big announcement! WOOOOO!! I keep tellin’ ya…it’s a Hannah Barlow Photography baby boom!!! AHHHHHH!!!  CONGRATS TO THE PETRAGLIAS!

THAT’S IT!  THAT’S A WRAP FOR THIS BLOG SERIES! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have read them!  This crazy time during COVID has left my heart rather empty watching all these weddings that would have been come and go…with no photos and no blogs.  So, this was a great way to keep my wedding photographer heart happy!! THANK YOU!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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