My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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A Harley-Davidson COVID Wedding

Happy Wednesday, indeed!! I have another COVID wedding to show you AND with a twist…a Harley Davidson twist!  Nope.  There was no white dress or black tux or bouquet of flowers at this Hannah Barlow Photography wedding.  Joanna and Geoff kept it simple because getting married after all these years of being together was what mattered most to them – COVID or not!! Don’t worry…they’ll be doing the whole shebang next June (and I really can’t WAIT to see these two all dolled up) but they definitely wanted to make it official on their original wedding date!  You know what I love about these two?  They are 100% themselves ALWAYS and they’re amazing people inside and out!  Joanna and I have had plenty of laughs over the years (that’s right…years…she hired me wayyyyyyyy back in 2018, I think!).  She’s also stressed out just like most brides and I’m guessing cried a bit through all of this and she 100% makes me smile and laugh when I talk her down off that wedding stress cliff!  So, this has been a LONG time coming, as you can see!  AHHHHHH!!! I was so excited she asked me to be here for their COVID ceremony!  AND do you remember their engagement  session, right?  It was unlike anything I’d ever done and I still have one of those babies hanging in my studio!

So, on this day last weekend, they made it very much the same!!  Geoff and I talked bikes (I come from a biker family, as well).  I got to chat with the moms  too.  Joanna’s mother, in particular, and I had a great conversation about when she first met Geoff and how he was all serious at first!  Jay Morris was chatting with Geoff about how he proposed and I had a good joke with him saying, “CLEARLY, you didn’t read the engagement blog, Jay!” and he bantered back with “After the 16th page, Hannah…I lose my place.” HA!  Goodness gracious, it felt SO good to be with people again!  Before things got started, it just felt good.  Mingling…chatting…PEOPLE.  AHHHH!!!  So, please enjoy Joanna and Geoff’s COVID wedding!  Congrats to the Violets!  There was no lack of happiness last Saturday and I needed it down to my bones!

The details at this wedding weren’t what I’d originally expected when I thought of their May 30th Harley wedding, but it tells a story…masks and ALL!  I love it!  I DID expect bikes though…and I got one…so I was a happy happy gal!

Jay Morris of Jay Morris Video Productions was doing his thing!  Given this is the beginning of the blog, I’m sure he’ll get to this point!! Hi, Jay!

Then, we got right down to their ceremony.  It all worked out.  WOW!  The weather could NOT have been more perfect…not too hot…hot humid.  The lighting was absolutely on point without me even having to manipulate it with a flash (which you all know I often do).  I teared up for a minute too because I was just so dang happy to be experiencing those feelings again!  COVID made me an emotional wedding photographer! GAH!

Who would have thought we’d be here on May 30th?  It’s CRAZY…and I kind of love it so much.  My couples are embracing it and really digging deep into what marriage is all about!

I know I mentioned it in the sneak peek but many officiants try to step out during the first kiss and every once in a while (like the photo below), they don’t quite make it out BUT you get to see their happiness and joy for the couples!  It was a small group who came to this wedding but I can 100% confirm that EVERYONE was enjoying this moment with this couple!

Then, we did some quick bride and groom formals before they headed off to their back yard barbecue to celebrate!

Can you feel it?!! AHHH!! Can you feel the absolute joy these two were experiencing?  Joanna stressed about her big wedding and then she was so adorably nervous this day for their small ceremony!!  Gosh!! AND Girl…just think…we get to continue to do this again for a whole extra year now!! WEEEEEEE!! I’m excited!  I’m also giggling while imagining her reading this!  It’ll be FINE!!! YAY!

We did a little walking and snuggling before we took off for the grand finale!

I yelled, “Someone call Harley!  We’ve got a cover photo!”  This was completely unprompted (below).  We were waiting on Geoff as he said “goodbye” to a few of his friends and family!

Just a few more!! This bike IS a beauty!

Seriously, can’t you just feel it?!  THEY’RE MARRIED!  THEY DID IT!! WEEEEEEEEE!

…and right before we took off, Jay asked me if I’d drive him around to follow the couple on their way out!! I mean, OF COURSE!  I died laughing the whole time and even took this gem before we left!! IT JUST FEELS SOOOOOOO DANG GOOD TO BE BACK AT IT.   I don’t even care if it’s different.  It’s about love and marriage and spending time with my couples and it’s the best thing that’s happened since March and all this COVID nonsense!

That’s it!  That’s a wrap!


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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