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Summer Wheeling COVID Wedding

Happy Wednesday, everyone!! I’m here to show you Becky and Matt’s summer COVID wedding in Wheeling, WV last weekend!  Originally, just like most couples, they were going for the whole shebang…but then..COVID and all that “jazz”.  I wasn’t available for their new reception date so we made this an “elopement” kind of day!  I mean, even the weather was perfect.  I kept looking at this photo thinking, “Someone is going to think that sky is photoshopped.”  Nope.  It was just THAT perfect and I was so stinking excited to see everyone!   Remember, I photographed Becky’s sister’s wedding a few years ago so there were LOTS of familiar faces!

Do you remember their engagement session? You can see it HERE!  Matt was SO full of energy back then and I 100% played off of it when taking those photos.  So, you can just imagine my Hannah excitement when I met Donna (Matt’s mom) in person.  We’d talked on the phone leading up to this so it was so nice to meet her in person finally.  What’s better?  She did NOT miss a beat.  I had just walked up the stairs to introduce myself and she struck this post (it wasn’t the first either…or the last).  I KNEW right then and there where Matt gets a lot of his personality from and I just knew it was going to be an amazing day!

I was dying to see Becky dressed up as a bride!!  I caught her getting out of the car before she had even seen me!! Can you just feel her excitement and joy?!

Every wedding has one – a dress disaster!  These ladies have ALWAYS been the best sports and they just laughed their way through it.  Eventually, they did come to me for a safety pin!  The volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul were AMAZING!  Holy moly!  I got to meet and chat with many of them.  One lady was actually the person who came to me for the safety pin wondering if I had any on me or in my bag.  I laughed and told her I pretty much have EVERYTHING in my bag!  This is (I hope) my last wedding alone too.  I have been doing all the running and photographing by myself!  I miss having a buddy with me!

We’re living in such strange times – masks, pews roped off, x’s on the floor…you name it.  That did NOT stop Becky and Matt from making sure they got married and it most certainly did NOT stop them from smiling.  Being by myself, I had to change up where I would normally stand…also…social distancing and all that!  So, I parked it in the center so I could get all the shots!  I always love when I catch the doors opening up!

I would just love to know what was being whispered here!  You too?!

The beauty of me being in the center in a pew is that I can get all the angles!! I particularly loved this one.  I DO have one without Joe (videographer) in the background but I wanted to give him some spotlight and mention him!  I found this one funny though.  Look at that concentration!  He was a GREAT sport.  It’s the first time I’d met him!! I’ll tag his information below!

Color coordinating masks?  If we must…yes, please!!

St. Vincent de Paul in Wheeling is always beautiful.  I had myself laughing.  At first, I was appalled by the new additional of that projector.  It was most certainly a “Hannah moment”.  It wasn’t until about halfway through the ceremony that I actually read it! HA!  THEN, it all made sense!! This was also the first time I met Father Joseph.  I don’t think he knew what to think of me at first!

Becky and Matt have never been shy with my camera.  I thought I was using my best 007 moves but they kept finding me and I kind of love it so much!

I know I shared this one in the sneak peek but I’d still like to title it, “Take that COVID…you ain’t stoppin’ us!”  These two are SO animated.  I should have been more prepared.  I had my LONG paparazzi lens on so I could get them coming at me from way down the aisle.  Well, once they got close to me they stopped…and I had to lean WAY back to even get my camera to focus.  I even remember saying, “AH!!! You’re so close to me!” HA!  You photographers know what I’m talking about!

Continuing on with the animation, Matt asked if they could do a hand shake.  Becky couldn’t stop giggling and it made my wedding photographer heart happy to see these two embracing it…especially since the church’s air conditioning was broken.  With masks?  We were just a little warm, I tell ya!

Hey Hey!  Who recognizes these two?!  They’ve been married for TWO years already!  Over two years now actually!! EEEKK!

The Beiter family has definitely added some family members since that last wedding.  This is JUST Becky’s parents, siblings, in-laws, and nieces and nephews!  It’s a BIG family!  Can you imagine Christmas?!

One last photo of this bunch!  Matt asked me to take this one.  Meet Monkey Boy and Shadow.  Donna bought these for her children when they were young and then she brought them to watch Matt get married.  It’s a sign of good luck in their family as Monkey Boy also attended all of Matt’s wrestling tournaments as good luck!  Matt says in many ways he could be looked at as a “best friend” so he REALLY needed to be at the wedding!  Now, I want to know if he always has that suit on! HA!

Then, we were off for formal photos!! Look at these pretty ladies!! My seven year old daughter is obsessed with the purple and green and drove me bonkers while editing!  Remember Matt called them “Barney colors” last year when I asked about their wedding but these most certainly are NOT Barney colors!!

Ooo Becky.  You make SUCH a beautiful bride!! AHHH!!!

Houston…we have a photo bomber!  I couldn’t quit laughing!  Becky’s just being all beautiful for her bridal shot and Matt inched his way in there! HA!

…but Matt’s a true gem of a groom.  He had “an idea” and jumped right in to this photo while I was doing Becky’s formal photos!  He ALWAYS makes her laugh and these are some of my favorite moments with them!

I love a good, classic, bridal party photo!

I told ya…he does NOT mind my camera!

HUGE shoutout to Becky’s sister Sarah for being my helper!  She had the idea for them to go under the veil and we died laughing the whole time!

Sarah helped me with this shot too and we nailed it!! *digital high fives*  Veil shots for the win!

Aren’t the colors just so light and pleasing and beautiful?!

We took a little walk for the videographers!

I did my very best to stay back and out of the video footage but Matt did this again (which he also did at their engagement session) and I couldn’t NOT take the shot…and laugh the whole time!

It was Matt’s idea to position himself in this way and I do love it so much!! I love those Oglebay gates too!

Then, we headed off to West Liberty to get a few photos of where they first met!

I mean, what a way to end the blog, right?!  RIGHT?!  AHHHHHHHH!! They’re just perfect!

Well, that’s it!  That’s a wrap on this one!  My goodness ME!  I was so happy to see these two again AND to see the Beiter family again.  I finally got to meet the Dixons too!  I may not be able to be at their reception this fall but my wedding photographer heart is full.  I knew these two would make an amazing bride and groom on their wedding day and they did NOT disappoint!  Congrats to the Dixons!  They did it!

Dress: David’s Bridal

Church: St. Vincent de Paul

Videographer: Legendary Celebrations

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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