My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Causal Evening Engagement Session

Happy Friday, everyone!  I got to spend last evening with two great people – Madison and Derek!  This wasn’t my first time meeting them either.  They were my first couple to meet in the studio this past summer after all the COVID quarantine so it was extra special to be with people like these two again!  So, everyone give them your usual Hannah Barlow Photography welcome and all your love!  They are on the blog today!

I joked with these two that it was super hard to choose a location because they are so dang picky…and I say that with the utmost sarcasm because they’re actually some of my most easy going clients!  I told them their wedding would be an absolute breeze because they are so laid back!  Posing was super easy for them too!! They didn’t seem hesitant in the least which is funny after reading their couples fun fact survey!  More on that later!

These two met way back in grade school and didn’t start dating until Junior High!  She admitted he was actually looking for girl advice about someone else when talking to her but…never ended up needing that advice because then he started to like Madison herself!  They said the SWEETEST things about one another too.  Derek describes Madison as beautiful, energetic, captivating (I can totally see that), and smart!  Madison described Derek as lovable, handsome, and funny.  She said he is the greatest gentleman (you all know I love a good gentleman).  These two definitely like to laugh and have fun too!! I totally saw it while we were taking these photos!

Fun fact!  These two will celebrate their 9 year anniversary being together the day after they get married next year!

I was so relaxed photographing these two!  Then, I told Madison to give Derek a kiss and his feet came up like this (below) and I squealed like the squealing machine I am!

Ooooo that golden light was peeking in and I HAD to get some ooey gooey golden light photos…with this beautiful ring!

Madison’s length and hair color give me total hair envy!  Then, that light lit them both up and it was magical!  They were dancing here.  Derek got to lead but Madison told me she found out recently (from her dad) that she has the habit of trying to lead! HA!  She let him take the reins this time but we did get some funny photos of it the other way around!

Even the black and white photos were dreamy!

Alright!  Let’s talk about this ring!  Derek popped the question during Christmas time (MY FAVORITE).  Madison says she actually planned this proposal…but didn’t know she had planned it!  She made plans with friends to have a night in Pittsburgh at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  They hadn’t made a reservation so they had to wait a while BUT once they got in there…her friend requested a photo and next thing she knew…Derek was down on one knee!! EEEEKKK!! I’m a serious Christmas lover and Madison tells me she is too!!  I love this!

It didn’t matter where we went…or what kind of light we had…the consistency of this session was amazing AND these two said they were nervous at first!! You can NOT tell!

Then, they changed outfits and went with the WVU theme!  Madison is currently attending PA school there too!  I knew I loved this little location but when I saw the yellow flowers….I loved it even more!  EEEEK!

This is when I really knew they’d gotten comfortable!

We’d already done ALL the poses.  They rocked them!  So, I had them walk to our next location…while I creeped and took photos of them, of course!

I could tell these two LOVE to dance!  I kept yelling at them for “being cute” and doing things while I was checking my camera! HA!  I finally was on to them and starting catching all this!

I mean…my couples are killing it with the dips!! PERFECTLY executed!  This is going to look amazing with they are dressed for their wedding!

…and I mean…you can probably guess how I’m going to end this one…RIGHT?!  THAT’S RIGHT!  We’re going to end it with a sunset!  2020 has brought a lot of things…but one majorly amazing good thing is the clouds and sunsets it’s given me!  What a way to end it, right?!

Next year is going to be AMAZING! AAAMMMMAZING, I tell ya!  These two will be celebrating in August!  They tell me it is going to be a “relatively large” (Yes…Yes…YES!) bash full of love, laughter and romance!! It sounds like it’s RIGHT down my alley!  Thanks for reading!  Happy Friday, everyone!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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