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Moundsville Country Farm Wedding

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Charley and Gage are on the blog today! WOOOO!  They definitely…most certainly…get the 2020 Hannah Barlow Photography award for “Most Laid Back Couple of the Year!”  I’m going to tell you ALL about it!  Enjoy their Moundsville Country Farm Wedding that happened this past weekend!

First things first, we stopped at the reception venue to catch all those details and we also got to say “Hi” to the DJ – Brian Oliver!  This is our last wedding together for 2020…we survived!!! WEEEE!

Then, we headed to the Harts’ home!  They welcomed us like they’ve known us for years!! This was also the same location for their engagement session (you can see it HERE).  They even had a salon chair handy…I kid you not!  Her hair was a work of art, I tell ya!  I ended up telling her later that that hairspray was magic.  Even with all the crazy wind…Charley’s hair stayed perfect!

…and OooOOo my goodness ME!  These details SCREAMED “fall” and “rustic”!  You can’t go wrong!  This table was available tucked in a back bedroom and that doily was there too and it was all so perfect!! We took soooo many detail shots!

For real…SO many!  Ashleigh was with me this day but I KNEW Lacey would see these and just love the colors!  AND she did! HA!

Then, I went outside to find the best location for the bridal party formal photos and I felt like I was being watched.  I looked over and got a little spooked and then realized the President was watching me! HA!  Don’t get all political on me either.  I can’t take it!  I don’t care what side you are on…this is funny!  There will be NO negativity on the Hannah Barlow Photography page.  Nope!! Just happiness and love!

Then, it was time for the guys’ photos!  OooO fall…and pretty skies…you have been SO good to me in 2020!

To be clear and fair, Gage was the only one who didn’t have a drink so I sent someone back inside to grab him one just for sake of the “fun photos”! HA!  They were definitely fun!! This group of guys was amazing to work with…and so easy.  For real!  Even the bridal party was laid back!

Then, I headed back inside and found the gals finishing up the bride’s makeup!

Then, we got her ready!  I had straps added to my dress 12 years ago and they did NOT look this amazing!! I was so obsessed with the way they attached these straps in the back to her dress!!

We took lots of elegant black and white photos…and lots of laughing outtakes!

There is nothing better than a “bride by the window” shot!! Isn’t she beautiful?!

…but again…with the outtakes! HA!

Charley has definitely been my least vocal…least picky…MOST laid back bride!! We basically just followed her around and creeped and got these beauties!

…and they ARE all beautiful!  These little flower girls rocked it too!! The smallest one loved to mimic my sounds and I loved it soooooo much!!  Future Hannah Barlow Photography employee?  MAYBE!  She did it all day and had us CRACKING up!

While we were doing those, this side by side flew up!  I didn’t know that Charley had sent him to go get some leaves for the flower girls’ baskets!

He didn’t just bring a few…he brought a whole load and we were dying laughing!

These colors though!  FALL IS HERE!  Per the usual, we took a TON of photos of the bride!

Then, we headed off to the ceremony location!  LOOK at that view! AHHHHH!

Vendor appreciation shout out.  You all know I talk about my favorite vendors and DJ Brian Oliver is definitely one of my favorites…BUT…not just because of the music, parties, and uplighting.  Like me, he truly cares for his couples and wants their day to be stress free!  I hadn’t even parked my car yet and my phone started ringing…it was Brian.  So, I rolled down my window and yelled, “WHAT?!”  He was calling me because he was concerned about where to park the cars so it wouldn’t affect my photos.  That’s right.  Read it again.  He’s the DJ…and he was concerned about MY photos and parking the cars so they wouldn’t be in them.  It’s team work with the right vendors!  It takes a great team ALL working together to make the BEST happen at weddings.  So, here he is…parking the cars!

So, then I paid him back!  He was concerned about the sound and the wind so he hid the mic in the flowers.  I helped with sound check!

Look who showed up to the ceremony!! I can’t stop laughing!

Almost time!  Those clouds were stressing me out.  I had checked the weather hourly.  It was clear.  No rain.  I started to panic a bit so Brian pulled up the radar…again…clear!  No rain!  I didn’t believe it though!  My wedding photographer spidey senses were pinging!

Trump mingled with everyone too! HA!

Ashleigh’s angle of the little ring bearer cracked me up!  He was hanging on for dear life! HA!

Here comes the bride!!! AHHHH!! It’s always one of my favorite parts of the day!  I really don’t think I’ve had a wedding with a better view than this!

You may now kiss the bride!

Mr. & Mrs. Gage Brown, everyone!! I love when people reach out to congratulate them as they come back down the aisle!

…and then…it rained.  IT RAINED.  Not a spot on the radar…and it rained!! HOW?!  Just how?!  I knew those clouds were going to fail me! UGH!  But Charley and Gage didn’t miss a beat.  I was freaking!  They were not!  So, we continued on with bridal party photos after the ceremony and family photos.  Trump jumped in for a photo too!!

Then, we went down to the pond and got some more group photos with a side of some shenanigans!

Rylee, the littlest flower girl had nailed my sounds at this point!  I caught her with a funny face doing it!  We all couldn’t stop laughing!

Gage wasn’t getting out of photos by himself!  Nope!  Ashleigh said she loved the shot gun shell boutonnières!

THEN, it was time for bride and groom portraits!

We definitely wanted some reflection!  Half of these are Ashleigh’s, of course!  I’m sure you can guess which ones!  She’s always creeping in the weeds…or bushes…or whatever!! I can’t wait until the end of the year to post all of them! HA!

Walking and snuggling for the win!

Then, it was time to head up out of there!  I went the round about way so it wasn’t so steep but we did get these fun photos!  I don’t know how Ashleigh managed to get them in focus while we were moving…but she did!

Here they come!  Ashleigh took ALL these behind the scenes shots!

Just a few more!!! Ashleigh threw the train for me!

Let’s go party!! All formal photos are DONE! WOOOOO!

Back to the reception we go!  Alright, future couples…listen up!! GET THE UPLIGHTING!  DO IT!  I’m telling you!  These cake photos wouldn’t have looked so great had there not be uplighting and spot lighting!  It just jazzes up the photos so nicely and it’s so dang pretty, right?!

Introductions were made!  Speeches were said!  They even played the shoe game!! Kari will be sad she missed it!  It’s her favorite!

Then, we had some of the best BBQ wedding food we’ve EVER eaten!  Seriously!  Charley’s step dad and his crew made it and it was absolutely delicious!  I highly recommend them!

Charley and Gage got to dance their first dances!

Then, we turned them loose to PARTY!

Seriously, they were MOST calm couple of the year!  I feel like it came and went so fast because of that!  I had even emailed Charley this summer because I hadn’t heard from her and wanted to see what the plans were given this year has been nuts with COVID and all that jazz!  She said, “No matter what…we’re getting married!” and they did!  I got to see some familiar faces and it turns out this group knows just about everyone.  That’s the thing about us country folks…we don’t let things get us a down and “family” and get togethers are a big deal!  I’m so happy it worked out for them!  Congrats to the new Browns!!!!!

Bride’s Gown – Maggie Sottero from Suzanne’s Fashion and Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Azazie

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Jewelry – Kay

Hair – Beth Williams from First Impression Salon

Cake – Groom’s Aunt Carla Ferris

Catering – Smoking Gunn’s BBQ and Rotisserie

DJ, Uplighting, Spotlighting – DJ Brian Oliver

Invitations – Zazzle

Officiant – Jim Higginson

Bridal Party Gifts, Favors, Signs, and Guest Book by S&D Creations

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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