My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Autumn Foliage Engagement Photos

It’s blog MADNESS Wednesday!  Is that a thing?! Maybe!  I guess it should be “Blog Madness Monday” because it’s catchy!  I’m a creature of habit though and I RARELY blog on Mondays SO, “Blog Madness Wednesday” it is today!  Nonetheless, I’ve got three blogs coming at you today and this is the second one!  I’ve got a new couple for you to meet – Ashley and Brandon!  We shot their autumn foliage (her request because of her love for fall) engagement photos last week! Enjoy!  They’ll also be having their wedding NEXT fall…and hopefully COVID free!

First things first, this couple’s “how we first met” story MAY be my favorite!  That’s right!  Are you ready?!  Ashley was working as an x-ray tech in the emergency department and Brandon had some drunken injuries that needed checked out…sooooooo that’s when they first laid eyes on each other!  I can’t quit giggling and I love it so much!  I love the honesty of it all and I love that they love to tell that story!  They were comfy and cozy in front of my camera right out of the gates!

Honestly though, that meeting in the emergency department wasn’t when they started dating.  Years later they met up again and THAT is when they hit it off.    They tell me they are both outgoing (with Ashley being a little more outgoing than Brandon).  She also tells me she was super pumped for the photos and that Brandon may need some guidance.  THAT is not how I remember it though!  They jumped right out of the car and were ready to go (or at least faking it).  They even arrived early which always gets you extra brownie points AND extra photos!  Wooooo!  Brandon also had to correct Ashley a few times on my posing prompts so we gave her a little bit of a hard time just for fun and laughed through it.  I didn’t expect him to say much but he had a few suggestions and it made it all the more fun!  The girl takes a great photo too!  We even had some light pop out for us!

I found this curvy little path and kind of loved it for walking and snuggling!

AHHHHH!! I don’t normally have my couples sit but I was feeling this SO much!

They even snuggle on the picnic table well!! AHHHH!!

Then, I found this little spot right off to the side.  It takes trust from my clients to let me put them in these random spots and these two never even batted an eyelash!  Nope!  And I kind of love these sets the most! RIGHT?!

Alright!  A little bit about this ring, shall we?!  Ashley wanted to get engaged at Deep Creek.  So, Brandon…being clever…told her the ring didn’t come in due to COVID and wanted to “let her down easy” since they were going to Deep Creek soon and she would be expecting it.  That next day he got her good and asked her to be his wife on top of a waterfall with their friends and this beauty!

Dancing in the woods, anyone?!  Yea?!  YESSS!  The colors are so great!

They were a little hesitant on this one but to me they just felt like the right kind of couple for this kind of shot!  AHHHH!  They nailed it!

And they nailed the dip too!! Can you just picture this next year with her gown?! AAHHHHHHHHH!!  It’s going to be amazing…a perfect way to end this engagement blog, right?!

These two are planning a “largeeee” <— her words AND exciting wedding and party next year! WOOOOO!  Sounds like my kind of shin dig!  They’re going to make it fancier with a more relaxed ceremony and it all sounds like pure perfection!  If next fall is anything like this fall, these two are in for a very long wedding blog!  Check back next year!! Thanks for reading #2 blog for the day!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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