My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Fall Engagement Photos w/ a Pop of Blue

This is it and I’m so excited!! Blog #3 for the day is HERE!  One more couple for you to “ooOooo” and “ahhhh” over!  Sarah and Jake are on the blog right now!  Enjoy their fall engagement photos!  I was pretty pumped up when I saw that they followed the style guide and wore those “pops” of color I recommend!! AHHH!  You all know I love a good pop of color!! Here it is!  This blue though…it was pure perfection for fall!  Enjoy!

Sarah and Jake hit that dreaded Oglebay exit traffic! GAH!  So, we had to work fast but these two didn’t seen to falter a bit!  I’m telling you, their color choices got me all amped up! SEE the difference?! It’s amazing…the pop does it all!  These two seem super laid back too so that’s a win for my crazy personality racing the light of the day!  We went right into it!  They wanted fall and they wanted flowers…”fall” first and CHECK!

I always tell my couples it’s going to feel super weird and awkward when walking and snuggling but it’ll make sense when they see the photos!  Sarah giggled and confirmed it did feel weird but these photos make it all worth it!  They tell me they first met back at their first jobs out of college.  They worked together and shared a cube for THREE years.  They started off as friends…going out with the group…until one time is wasn’t the group.  Just them…and now here we are and the rest is history!

Now, for the flowers…we had to check those off which is a little more tricky this time of year and Sarah told me her mom wanted a sitting shot with Jake behind her!  Mom!  If you’re reading this…first, “HELLO”!  Second, I hope this is what you wanted and if not, I promise we’ll talk at the wedding and make it happen!  They’re going to have lots and lots of flowers and greenery at their wedding too and you all know I’m going to take a ton of photos and have a lot to say about all that! Yes! Absolutely!

When describing each other, they said all the nice things about each other and I was cracking up when “bad driver” popped in there along with smart, fun, beautiful, adventurous…you name it.  But Jake slid “bad driver” in there and I’m dying!  I can see we’re going to have a lot of laughs at this wedding!  Sarah described Jake with some of the best adjectives too including handsome, cute, fun, smart…she even threw in there that he’s an overthinker but good with money.  Hmmmmm…I feel like those two things go together.  Yea?!

Sarah and Jake said they have similiar personalities and I can totally see that after meeting them that evening last week!

Jake gave Sarah this ring when he asked her to marry him at a New Years Eve get together with friends this past winter in Cincinnati, Ohio!  They were out to dinner with everyone and went to the zoo for their light up night!  They walked around and once Jake got in that light tunnel he got down on one knee!  What shape is that diamond called?!  I can’t think of it but I love it because we don’t see it all that often!

Sarah requested some pillar photos and with the light behind them…I was happy to do it!  I can definitely see us going back to this location for their wedding given they’ve already painted a pretty picture in my head (no pun intended).  They said it’s going to be “romantic, rustic, and traditional”…with a little mix of it all!  YESSSS you two are killing me with anticipation!

And I mean…this wasn’t requested but the sky was doing pretty things so we ended this session with a silhouette shot!! YAY!  It’s really become the 2020 thing for the Hannah Barlow Photography blogs, right?!  I’m loving it!

Wooooo!!! I feel GREAT today!  I got so much done and I’m almost caught up!  Come back next year to celebrate with me and these two!  It’s a double header weekend all at Oglebay AND both with Brian Oliver and it’s going to be AMAZING!  Happy Wednesday, everyone!! If you got through all three blogs today, you’re my hero!  Let me know about it!! I do gift my loyal blog readers here and there  so please let me know if you’re one of them!  Have a GREAT night!  Congrats to the future Timmermans!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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